Friday, 8 April 2016

The Fashion World is Hatsune Miku's

Watching a show for the plot and characterisation is half the fun. The character's fashion plays fabulously into the latter, securing a shade of depth without stealing unnecessary dialogue. From the top of my head, Belle French from Once Upon A Time, Joan Watson from Elementary and Peggy Carter from Agent Carter are my ultimate favourites. An amusing pendulum swing between vintage and contemporary which I adore. With animation, there's heavy reliance on 'cartoon around the clock outfits' take Arthur for instance where they're all in their signature clothes, day in and day out. So when a fashion line creates the real life incarnations of these styles... well.. I fall in love. 

This was quite a awhile ago, but Fashion is eternal. Especially normcore. The Japanese fashion company, PIIT collaborated with Crypton Future Media to produce Hatsune Mike inspired clothing. Taking elements from her vibrant persona, to fuse with clothes that's perfect for a casual and effortless style. 

In the above, a long denim shirt is worn simply as a dress, free to accessorise exuberantly or with patterned tights for an edgy look. 


Truthfully, I would've preferred this to be an actual tie rather than a simulation as then it would provide an additional touch over jumpers, but it's a safer option, open to versatility without being too stuffy. And it's a white collared shirt! How can you go wrong? Blended seamlessly with light denim, and contrasted with a red bow and heels. a simple, no fuss outfit with an air of nonchalance.


The epitome of casual lies in pairing a white tank with skinny jeans. The length allows it to just float over the waistband or allowed to be tucked in for a floaty appearance. The clean feel that only white emits allows it to be a reliable snap decision in getting out the door within 5 minutes.


I have a deep fondness for skirts considering my deep aversion for it in my formative years. Worn with a basic tee, it's the easiest, soft feminine look one could achieve. The length gives it a mature counterpoint without aging the outfit too excessively. The subtle pattern provides a quirkiness that doesn't steal from the achieved minimalism.

In summary, Hatsune Mike is a better fashion blogger than you. Is it because it has the quality of being restful for the eyes? I'm enamoured with minimalist looks like these that scream high fashion. It isn't even because of the time friendly manner to compose outfits. It just looks so clean and put together. Elegant, effortless street fashion at its finest.



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  2. I love when fashion companies collaborate with geeky companies. I'm not familiar with Hatsune Mike but she's adorable and has great style ;D

  3. I love how simple, yet structured this is.

  4. amazing ! :)

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  5. Amazing idea!
    Love the denim shirt ♡