Friday, 15 April 2016

(in my heart) ROMANCE WAS BORN

I've mentioned endlessly that despite living in Sydney, my eyes would glaze over Australian fashion. I was enamoured to the zaniness and daring that was Harajuku street fashion, to the polished normcore of Seoul fashion that was betwixt with pastel. Hopelessly. So it's no surprise, with it's colourful cacophony that was its 2015 Cooee Couture that I helplessly fell in love with Romance Was Born.

Significance. The weaving of stories into threads. This, Romance Was Born. Created by Anna Plunkett and Luke sales, they feature dazzling prints, painstakingly hand-crafted embroidery and embellishments for an immensely out-of-this world fashion experience. They state that they're more than just a beautiful garment - they provoke emotions. No kidding. Have you ever stumbled across an article of clothing that was so hauntingly beautiful that the universe stutters for a second and shuts down to only include you and it? I have. It's an event like no other. I greatly insist that my thrift finds far outstrip their value, they're as precious as the rarest diamonds.

Unsurprisingly, they've been labelled art itself. They've collaborated with the likes of Marvel and Disney. Isn't there supposed to be a stage of just mild infatuation before it develops into soul-crushing love? No? Someone please send the invoice to my heart. They are two of the greatest things that are a part of my life now. Disney, my childhood, and Marvel my adult life. Each full of magic and pillars of strength that I could ever hope for.


The scenery to Wreck it Ralph. I am deceased. I've changed my mind about being buried in Mcqueen. Someone, some good Samaritan out there.. please.. please track down the Romance Was Born Marvel and Disney collaboration swath me in its layers and bury me in them.  

And thus, the bridge between fashion and art becomes entangled into one. Renowned for their theatrical runways.. why did no one inform me of this brand sooner? As such, it's no surprise they possess the fondness of artists as an expression for individuality. 'A fashion dreamscape exploring vast themes of fantasy steeped in vibrant imagery. The results are breathtaking'. I couldn't agree more. We've been warned that the Devil Wears Prada, what they neglected to inform us was that Satan Dons Romance Was Born.

The latest collection, Mysteria Wysteria is a collaboration between the artist Jess Johnson and 'opens door between the realm of humanity and the realm of the divine'. They are a reflection of her mesmerising tessellations and daunting perspectives that morph into distant horizons. Bat-faced deities, gnost symbols and yogic sleepers are prevalent in her works. A harmony of ancient and futuristic miraculously coexisting.

Not just existent in the prints itself. It also arises from the contemporary textiles, the metallics, the strong pleats and the counterbalance of dainty straps and flow. 

The skirt demands an encore. The juxtaposition from the typically associated softness of lace against the jarring lines, edges and alien sheen. The dress on the other hand is almost ethereal in the way it falls against the body, producing its own gravity. With its colours it almost appears like a peacock coiling in wait. 

I really love the step fashion has taken with silhouettes. I love a trim shape as much as the next person but it isn't the most conducive to comfort. The looser form is more carefree, a partner to freedom.

Romance Was Born.. it may have taken years for our lines to intersect and I refuse to allow you to become a tangent




  1. My universe your review of this brand made me feel in love with fashion even MORE!
    Moth And Poppy

  2. amazing collection

  3. Amazing pictures, so inspiring! I think your blog is great by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x

  4. How have I never heard of this brand before?! Everything is amazing, literal art - those metallic shoes ugh yes <3

  5. Awesome collection, I really loved it. It's always great to see brands trying original concepts.