Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fauna Couture

Fashion has looked to many an animal in the inspiration for prints. Tiger. Leopard. Zebra. Reptile  Or even their particular skin, hide, feathers. But so far, it's been rather wild... so why don't we settle for something a bit more tame.. and adorable. A poodle, rabbit and a koala. That sounds like a punchline to a joke doesn't it? But the artist has imagined them in rather modern interpretation of fashion. 

Observe. In the form of tops matched more subdued with fitted skirts or a-line with a belt atop. Perhaps its the added dimension, but I can't believe how polished simply adding a belt it became. I blame the lack of belt loops in hindering even sparks of creativity. Become the tops themselves, why make it a miserly centrestage? I beseech that the material itself be of the softest fabric imaginable. Just.. don't shed. Please. Let's not aggravate allergies. The Rabbit suspender shorts are in all likelihood, my favourite of the bunch. Make it fluffier like a cloud and then have it juxtapose with dark turtlenecks. A match devised in heaven. There's a hint of the softer aomoji kei vibes to it, adding a choker only exemplifies the daring contrast, sophisticated modish with a more mature lovely twist. 

What part of the animal kingdom lurks for us to untap? I vote jellyfish to be the next prevalent print! 




  1. Hehe this is so cute!! I agree. Jellyfish would be pretty neat!

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  2. OMG, too cute! <3 :)