Monday, 4 April 2016

Eternal Moon Prism Power

1890s Victorian Amethyst, Rose Cut Diamond and Pearl Pendant - $1395
And here we have irrefutable evidence that Sailor Moon is immortal and that her reign as a hero extended much beyond the 90s, or the 1990s at least haha. I tend to associate things with figments from my childhood. Hopefully, that's adorable nostalgia and not futile reluctance to let the past lie. .. Anyway. I do feel like a sham. I love Sailor Moon as much as the next person, consider this the golden age of anime (I say about the dubbed.. amazing) but I don't love the character herself (she's far too whiny) nor do I know the conclusion after .. decades.  Sailor Venus, however.. probably my first ever favourite character. Her introduction was beyond badass. 
I know that Sailor Moon's the titular character but I wish the other characters had a greater instance to, oh, deal the killing blow rather than act as a means or her to gather her forces to culminate in their downfall. Why else would you have such a large cast with a heavy emphasis on friendship and teamwork? I favour a strong platonic relationship over all, so having a romanticist main lead can get a bit irksome. They were warriors without sacrificing their femininity. Iconic. 
Fantasy-bourne objects seem so divine, like they possibly can't manifest in our reality. I can't believe that Pendant is real.A star within amethyst. What being made it? Imagine if instead of a talking feline, Usagi felt a pull towards the earth instead. She lapses into a dream-like state, continually wandering towards a certain spot. She claws through the earth, bleeding, hands raw and then the last speck of dirt reveals the dull glinting pedant beneath. And thus causes her transformation.And it's through the sacrifice that grants her never-ending life. But at least at the beginning, that's too macabre haha.
Can you imagine the way this necklace would hang just over your heart? Careful, you'd want to remain in your magical form forever.. oh wait, why's that a crime again?   


  1. Cute blog :)!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  2. this is awesome and whimsical - i love it

  3. Love the pendant! So beautiful!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

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  5. Great post, the necklace is so beautiful! Such an interesting story behind it too. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

  6. Love this so much! I also can spend hours reminiscing about my childhood, especially the Asian side of my childhood so Sailor Moon resonates strongly with me too. It would be such a dream to own a piece like this. I don’t usually wear necklaces but I’d never take this one off! Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece!