Friday, 22 April 2016

di$count universe

If you desire life as a wallflower and a quiet existance.. di$count universe is not the label for you. Why? If sequins could take out an restraining order, it would be against them. A Melbourne brand, created in 2009 by Nadia Napraychikov and Cami James, they boast an impressive number of celebrities rocking their pieces. Including Britney Spears, Beyonce, Kimbra and Meghan Trainor. This eclectic streetwear seems to be made for the stage, considering how bold and adventurous it is. Almost like a representation of ourselves that we keep repressed inside, it must be released to the universe. Here you will find clothes lavished with sequins and studs with their trademark eyes and eeriness. This is art in its most graphic, unapologetic form. What was once cute and adorable has been twisted upon recognition. Restraint is not a word that exists here. 


I can't help myself from admiring everything about this outfit. From within the swirling depths of chaos, exists harmony. Really, I thought I had condemned sequins to the wonderland of tacky.. looks like I'll be peering through the Looking Glass to unleash it. Not one single element has been dialled down. No, you have textures fighting against the other in an incredible alliance. Sequins, words and distressed denim that has been studded to an inch of its life? Incredible. 

Surprisingly tame. Because we knew there was another use for bronze. To simulate the toll of coffee of course. And safety pins. Are we going to begin an unnecessary analysis now?

Now that's brilliance. I'm going to find an artist to commission one of my favourite manga against the plethora of denim I have hoarded so that I too, will become a fine piece of walking art. 

Because everyone desires to be a mermaid. A mesh dress that seems almost tame compared to everything else. 

Like with ROMANCE WAS BORN, they have done a number of collaborations which may have caused my heart to stop for a few seconds before regaining a disjointed rhythm. Can you believe that they collaborated with the Australian Ballet? With Hello Kitty? Only in the di$count universe fashion of course!

This appears far more practical than the initial image. Although, technically, since your weight is evenly distributed (assuming they're the same height) you could walk on a bed of needles. But for the sake of mind, threading more string through the pointe shoes gives it a utilitarian vibe. As if ballet needs to be proven tougher though, you're dressed in luxury over rippling muscle. 

Hello Kitty. I do not recommend introducing children to this incarnation. This is solely for those that have managed to wean off sleeping with the night light. Although, this may cause a relapse. The trademark eye emblazoned on top with the trade mark ribbon identification. Would there be judgement if I said I am in sudden and heavy need of that shirt? And thigh high silver metallic boots exist and I covet them. 

Deconstructed objects. Feathers. Dominos. Just where do they draw their inspiration from? I think they took my share when a deity created us. Ah honestly, I envy the minds of artists, I wonder how they see the world. It must be more fantastical than the lens I'm currently looking through. 

Seriously, I am annoyed at myself for all that wasted time regarding my avoidance of Australian fashion. Now, I will devour them with a vengeance. 




  1. This brand is so risky I ADORE IT !

    P.s <3 love your writing style

    Much Love,

  2. The purple jacket is seriously amazing!!