Wednesday, 27 April 2016

cardcaptor sakura

Let me write an ode as to why Kinomoto Sakura is the greatest magical girl of all time. For starters, she has a billion beautiful costumes rather than a uniform through transformation. Secondly, they are designed by her best friend Tomoyo who is in her own right, essentially a textiles engineer. How so? Depending on the type of card to be sealed, some costumes have been modified with special properties which would make capturing them with more ease. Case in point? A water proof costume against The Watery, and against The Thunder (the pink with cat ears) a costume comprised of rubber, an insulator of electricity. She's a genius. Together with Sailor Moon, they conveyed a powerful message to young girls. You're all beautiful, ethereal beings whilst simultaneously formidable warriors that can grind monsters beneath your heel. You are your own hero, saviour and everything that you will come to realise that the media will deny from you.

I am truly fortunate to have resided in the same era as Cardcaptor Sakura. And even more so, with the announcement of a Cardcaptor Sakura manga sequel. Someone hyperventilate with me. Or hold me. Whichever. I'm equally excited and bracing myself for this. Will it be able to carry on its legacy without fault? Only time will tell. And I demand thirty for adorable outfits. Or better yet ..

I want this very real Cardcaptor Sakura-inspired wedding dress. I don't need a wedding, I just want this dress. To sleep in, flounce in, scare strangers down the street with. I don't care. Or even just as I'm reading the new manga!



  1. Awww love the costume!


  2. PLS HYPERVENTILATE WITH ME. it's one of the best news i've seen this week T_T YAS TO TOMOYO DA TEXTILE ENGINEER. she's amazing in her own way, helping sakura the most as she can eventhou she doesn't have magic. such a best friend goals. also, sakura thought me that heroine came in different sizes and versions. this one in the petite form T_T and the whole manga taught me to put family first. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL

    1. YES OMG. The fact that Dragonball Z was airing at the same time that Cardcaptor Sakura was .. YOU SEE THESE MEN WITH BULGING MUSCLES THE SIZE OF MT EVEREST STRUGGLE TO SAVE THE WORLD AND YOU HAVE THIS LITTLE GIRL WHOS ALL KINDS OF AMAZING. Anyway. I am really, really curious about the direction they intend to take with this

  3. Cute costume!

  4. Looks like a dress for a fairy!


  5. AMAZING costume! :)