Friday, 29 April 2016

30 days

Where do you get the inspiration to form the basis of your style? Or less ambitiously, the outfit for the day? Fashion bloggers? That stylish girl on the street? Models? Celebrities? Movies? Architecture? Art? There's almost no shortage of it is there. The real question here then is .. how motivated are you to seek them? Well look no further.

Would you believe me if I told you there was a place that provided you with 30 days of outfits as far back as April 2012 until now? 30 outfits a month. 360 a year. All on one accessible page without throwing your internet usage through the roof.

Here. 30 Days Coordinate is showcases the outfits that stylists have compiled for the Japanese magazine 'niko and .. ' that provides you with inspiration on how to dress for an entire month. This will save lives. Time! Sleep! Or, it works well as a soothing eye cleanser. The outfits are clean cut, nonchalant, casual.. perfect for the lazy university student. Yes, we all know that we're probably all comprised of Red Bull and coffee at this point, but that doesn't mean we have to visually reflect that. Looking composed and put together whilst being the direct opposite should be everyone's aesthetic. Basically, everyone should adopt normcore or very laidback streetstyle in their fashion.

But the secret weapon to effortlessly elevate it? Simple. Add jarring contrasting colour. Snatch the sun from the sky, and force it into your shirt like in the above.

Tones of khaki. An irreplaceable colour in the casual wardrobe. I love how the effect is still retained whether the fit is oversized or slim. Saves brain cells honestly. 

Or you can go the dark soul route. Play with layered lengths, short atop of long, pushing shirts to their limits as dresses and suspenders because looking dapper is cute as hell. 

Your welcome in advance as your phone gets flooded with saved outfits from this amazing, amazing, godsend of a site




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  3. hello? yes, i need all of them. all of the wardrobe. with free shipping please thanks