Friday, 29 April 2016

30 days

Where do you get the inspiration to form the basis of your style? Or less ambitiously, the outfit for the day? Fashion bloggers? That stylish girl on the street? Models? Celebrities? Movies? Architecture? Art? There's almost no shortage of it is there. The real question here then is .. how motivated are you to seek them? Well look no further.

Would you believe me if I told you there was a place that provided you with 30 days of outfits as far back as April 2012 until now? 30 outfits a month. 360 a year. All on one accessible page without throwing your internet usage through the roof.

Here. 30 Days Coordinate is showcases the outfits that stylists have compiled for the Japanese magazine 'niko and .. ' that provides you with inspiration on how to dress for an entire month. This will save lives. Time! Sleep! Or, it works well as a soothing eye cleanser. The outfits are clean cut, nonchalant, casual.. perfect for the lazy university student. Yes, we all know that we're probably all comprised of Red Bull and coffee at this point, but that doesn't mean we have to visually reflect that. Looking composed and put together whilst being the direct opposite should be everyone's aesthetic. Basically, everyone should adopt normcore or very laidback streetstyle in their fashion.

But the secret weapon to effortlessly elevate it? Simple. Add jarring contrasting colour. Snatch the sun from the sky, and force it into your shirt like in the above.

Tones of khaki. An irreplaceable colour in the casual wardrobe. I love how the effect is still retained whether the fit is oversized or slim. Saves brain cells honestly. 

Or you can go the dark soul route. Play with layered lengths, short atop of long, pushing shirts to their limits as dresses and suspenders because looking dapper is cute as hell. 

Your welcome in advance as your phone gets flooded with saved outfits from this amazing, amazing, godsend of a site



Wednesday, 27 April 2016

cardcaptor sakura

Let me write an ode as to why Kinomoto Sakura is the greatest magical girl of all time. For starters, she has a billion beautiful costumes rather than a uniform through transformation. Secondly, they are designed by her best friend Tomoyo who is in her own right, essentially a textiles engineer. How so? Depending on the type of card to be sealed, some costumes have been modified with special properties which would make capturing them with more ease. Case in point? A water proof costume against The Watery, and against The Thunder (the pink with cat ears) a costume comprised of rubber, an insulator of electricity. She's a genius. Together with Sailor Moon, they conveyed a powerful message to young girls. You're all beautiful, ethereal beings whilst simultaneously formidable warriors that can grind monsters beneath your heel. You are your own hero, saviour and everything that you will come to realise that the media will deny from you.

I am truly fortunate to have resided in the same era as Cardcaptor Sakura. And even more so, with the announcement of a Cardcaptor Sakura manga sequel. Someone hyperventilate with me. Or hold me. Whichever. I'm equally excited and bracing myself for this. Will it be able to carry on its legacy without fault? Only time will tell. And I demand thirty for adorable outfits. Or better yet ..

I want this very real Cardcaptor Sakura-inspired wedding dress. I don't need a wedding, I just want this dress. To sleep in, flounce in, scare strangers down the street with. I don't care. Or even just as I'm reading the new manga!


Saturday, 23 April 2016

mercy in the machine

Camilla & Marc skirt - $10 (Prestons Flea Market)

I can count on one hand how many times I came close to crying this year. I'm sorry to say that one of them was because the 'dry clean' only skirt I possess was machine washed. And that the eyeliner I had for years had finally dried up. All of this can be explained by the very last assignment that lurks just between me and the sweet lull period before finals hell. Just one.. more.. hurdle..

I appreciate.. okay.. I salivate over designer clothes as they're a notch above the rest in terms of quality and avant gardeness (for the most part) but I don't go seeking for them. That's not why I thrift. It's a pleasant surprise, of course. But just because I found it for $5 doesn't make it less precious. In addition to thrift stores, flea markets are my other haunt. Especially if girls with surplus in their designer wardrobes so generously allow an exchange for a very reasonable price. I purchased the Camilla & Marc skirt at such a place for $10 hardly believing my luck. I should've known it would run out as a counterbalance to my procrastination. Lesson learned. 

.. The wrinkles.. will go away at the careful hand of ironing .. right? And the length.. it didn't.. shorten did it? Ahh. I was immediately drawn to the intense cobalt, the functional pockets as well as the gold zipper detailing.. please don't make me hold a funeral. 

I feel like I gradually unlock more crucial sections of the thrift store with every unique thing I find. I've always glossed over the magazines section which turned out to be fatal. Did you know they sell fashion magazines for $1? Incredible. I'm going to dig myself a vintage Vogue next time. 


Friday, 22 April 2016

di$count universe

If you desire life as a wallflower and a quiet existance.. di$count universe is not the label for you. Why? If sequins could take out an restraining order, it would be against them. A Melbourne brand, created in 2009 by Nadia Napraychikov and Cami James, they boast an impressive number of celebrities rocking their pieces. Including Britney Spears, Beyonce, Kimbra and Meghan Trainor. This eclectic streetwear seems to be made for the stage, considering how bold and adventurous it is. Almost like a representation of ourselves that we keep repressed inside, it must be released to the universe. Here you will find clothes lavished with sequins and studs with their trademark eyes and eeriness. This is art in its most graphic, unapologetic form. What was once cute and adorable has been twisted upon recognition. Restraint is not a word that exists here. 


I can't help myself from admiring everything about this outfit. From within the swirling depths of chaos, exists harmony. Really, I thought I had condemned sequins to the wonderland of tacky.. looks like I'll be peering through the Looking Glass to unleash it. Not one single element has been dialled down. No, you have textures fighting against the other in an incredible alliance. Sequins, words and distressed denim that has been studded to an inch of its life? Incredible. 

Surprisingly tame. Because we knew there was another use for bronze. To simulate the toll of coffee of course. And safety pins. Are we going to begin an unnecessary analysis now?

Now that's brilliance. I'm going to find an artist to commission one of my favourite manga against the plethora of denim I have hoarded so that I too, will become a fine piece of walking art. 

Because everyone desires to be a mermaid. A mesh dress that seems almost tame compared to everything else. 

Like with ROMANCE WAS BORN, they have done a number of collaborations which may have caused my heart to stop for a few seconds before regaining a disjointed rhythm. Can you believe that they collaborated with the Australian Ballet? With Hello Kitty? Only in the di$count universe fashion of course!

This appears far more practical than the initial image. Although, technically, since your weight is evenly distributed (assuming they're the same height) you could walk on a bed of needles. But for the sake of mind, threading more string through the pointe shoes gives it a utilitarian vibe. As if ballet needs to be proven tougher though, you're dressed in luxury over rippling muscle. 

Hello Kitty. I do not recommend introducing children to this incarnation. This is solely for those that have managed to wean off sleeping with the night light. Although, this may cause a relapse. The trademark eye emblazoned on top with the trade mark ribbon identification. Would there be judgement if I said I am in sudden and heavy need of that shirt? And thigh high silver metallic boots exist and I covet them. 

Deconstructed objects. Feathers. Dominos. Just where do they draw their inspiration from? I think they took my share when a deity created us. Ah honestly, I envy the minds of artists, I wonder how they see the world. It must be more fantastical than the lens I'm currently looking through. 

Seriously, I am annoyed at myself for all that wasted time regarding my avoidance of Australian fashion. Now, I will devour them with a vengeance. 



Tuesday, 19 April 2016

pastel origins

I like my things unrestrained. There is no such thing as a half way, a quarter way or a point that isn't maximum capacity. Adorn each of your fingers with ostentatious rings, layer three belts if you desire pair the most noxious tones of neon together. The world is your runway. There's no such thing as too much embellishment. Why would you separate collars and jumpers or thigh high boots with suspender tights? I hear the notion of soulmates is all the rage lately. 

In saying that, I acknowledge the event where simplicity is the most outrageous blanket you can hide under. Undo all the ornamentation, and strip it back to ground base zero. There's a style I'm not sure about name. It's clean cut, minimalistic but with emphasis on pastels and grey with an underlining hint of the 'Japanese/Korean tumblr aesthetic' of casual tees, maybe adorned with a few ironic katakana and an unobtrusive print in the centre paired with tennis skirts and completed by sneakers. An understated softness that permeates the entire body with a touch of playfulness. The end result is somehow polished and girlish. A style made in heaven for university students. Sometimes.. simplicity is best. 

Ahn Ye Won at SFW Fall 2016 
The perfect balance between soft and quirky. Yellow is particularly attractive to me, and this slightly muted pastel with a cartoon cake splat atop has guaranteed that hours will be spent hunting through the vastness of the internet for it. Perhaps what's so attractive about this look is the juxtaposition of carefree oversize with the slim silhouette. Polished girly comfort is quite possibly the best description.

I apologise for being MIA for awhile. The internet has been as temperamental as is our weather. I'm surprised at how the desire to blog has become an itch in my bones. It has been the greatest joy of distraction in this hell of assessments. 



Friday, 15 April 2016

(in my heart) ROMANCE WAS BORN

I've mentioned endlessly that despite living in Sydney, my eyes would glaze over Australian fashion. I was enamoured to the zaniness and daring that was Harajuku street fashion, to the polished normcore of Seoul fashion that was betwixt with pastel. Hopelessly. So it's no surprise, with it's colourful cacophony that was its 2015 Cooee Couture that I helplessly fell in love with Romance Was Born.

Significance. The weaving of stories into threads. This, Romance Was Born. Created by Anna Plunkett and Luke sales, they feature dazzling prints, painstakingly hand-crafted embroidery and embellishments for an immensely out-of-this world fashion experience. They state that they're more than just a beautiful garment - they provoke emotions. No kidding. Have you ever stumbled across an article of clothing that was so hauntingly beautiful that the universe stutters for a second and shuts down to only include you and it? I have. It's an event like no other. I greatly insist that my thrift finds far outstrip their value, they're as precious as the rarest diamonds.

Unsurprisingly, they've been labelled art itself. They've collaborated with the likes of Marvel and Disney. Isn't there supposed to be a stage of just mild infatuation before it develops into soul-crushing love? No? Someone please send the invoice to my heart. They are two of the greatest things that are a part of my life now. Disney, my childhood, and Marvel my adult life. Each full of magic and pillars of strength that I could ever hope for.


The scenery to Wreck it Ralph. I am deceased. I've changed my mind about being buried in Mcqueen. Someone, some good Samaritan out there.. please.. please track down the Romance Was Born Marvel and Disney collaboration swath me in its layers and bury me in them.  

And thus, the bridge between fashion and art becomes entangled into one. Renowned for their theatrical runways.. why did no one inform me of this brand sooner? As such, it's no surprise they possess the fondness of artists as an expression for individuality. 'A fashion dreamscape exploring vast themes of fantasy steeped in vibrant imagery. The results are breathtaking'. I couldn't agree more. We've been warned that the Devil Wears Prada, what they neglected to inform us was that Satan Dons Romance Was Born.

The latest collection, Mysteria Wysteria is a collaboration between the artist Jess Johnson and 'opens door between the realm of humanity and the realm of the divine'. They are a reflection of her mesmerising tessellations and daunting perspectives that morph into distant horizons. Bat-faced deities, gnost symbols and yogic sleepers are prevalent in her works. A harmony of ancient and futuristic miraculously coexisting.

Not just existent in the prints itself. It also arises from the contemporary textiles, the metallics, the strong pleats and the counterbalance of dainty straps and flow. 

The skirt demands an encore. The juxtaposition from the typically associated softness of lace against the jarring lines, edges and alien sheen. The dress on the other hand is almost ethereal in the way it falls against the body, producing its own gravity. With its colours it almost appears like a peacock coiling in wait. 

I really love the step fashion has taken with silhouettes. I love a trim shape as much as the next person but it isn't the most conducive to comfort. The looser form is more carefree, a partner to freedom.

Romance Was Born.. it may have taken years for our lines to intersect and I refuse to allow you to become a tangent



Thursday, 14 April 2016

Betsey Johnson 90s Flashback

Betsey Johnson Fall/Winter 1996
With the 90s been all the rage lately, let's dial back the clock. 20 years. Fashion is eternal in the sense that no matter what time you're born, eventually, it will cycle back like a mobilis strip that you get to live out decades of fashion past. That is the only thing that should be displaced from history - not the horrendous, pretentious attitude. Remarkably, Betsey Johnson has withstood the test of time. Plaid, mesh, is it comfort to stick to tried ideas or were they truly ahead for their era? Even the makeup isn't gaudy, how remarkable. 

Stripes and plaid now share the same timeless pedestal. Only today, the colours it takes on are far more daring and unmuted, and thankfully, less reminiscent of school uniforms. 

Sequins against mesh. Curiously, more cohesive in execution than in theory. Perhaps because they operate under the same cluster paradigm. The sequins sparkle with the mesh as a subtle backdrop. 

Even the cutouts hint at modern origins. 

So this is the fashion of my time. Now, I'll be able to appreciate it in full. 


Monday, 11 April 2016

Agent Peggy Carter, the hero we all need

Everyone expected that Peggy Carter would be just the superhero love interest... as it turned out, it was the superhero that was to be fridged for her to become the hero that everyone needed. A character lesser than her wouldn't be believed. She is unapologetically a woman in the 1940s, an era where they're seen as weak despite the fact that most worked the jobs that men left behind when they were carted to the war flawlessly. This shows in her knockout lipsticks that's an untamed red that flares even in darkness, her strong eyebrows and nail polish that glistens like blood,  kicking ass in heels and skirt; only wearing pants when the occasion calls for it and the fact she doesn't shy from colour. You'll see her rocking pink against green without losing an once of ferocity.  You don't have to sacrifice being a woman in this world to be equal with men. At all. Not once does she fade away so as not to harm the poor man's feelings, not once does she extinguish her flame. And this is why, goddamn Peggy Carter is my rolemodel.  

Her style encompasses timeless elements from its silhouettes to its refined sensibilities which is achieved with ease. Think Modcloth, which is more modern retro. Shirts, highwaisted anythings and calf length skirts. Crisp, practical and it's no a wonder how any space can contain the area she's in. Because of the era, skirts are longer and yet, rather than appear stifling, it radiates poise even when paired with a simple t-shirt. And this is why vintage doesn't bow down to contemporary, it enhances it. 

If there's an an item in my closet that should really have a restriction, it's shirts. Shirts in varying lengths, prints and number. Should they really however? They're immensely versatile. Even worn simply with denim is enough for a put together outfit. But paired with skirts? It's elevated to a phenomenal level of chicness. Hatsune Miku has shown me the light. .. I never thought that a shirt could behave as a dress with such a polished casualness. As it turns out, I've been looking in the wrong place when I thrift. The men's section is the perfect place to yield shirts long enough to be worn as a dress and I was duly rewarded for my assumption with a shirt that bore the print that is Tumblr's greatest love - the bathroom tile aesthetic for $6 no less.

High waisted trousers aren't new and a godsend for days when selfconsciouness hits a little strong as it skims over areas you just don't to think about, with the added bonus of providing contrasting shape. I've thought for the longest time that I'd be buried in either my skirts or skinny jeans. Bell bottom trousers or anything similar just struck me as something ungainly and frumpy. Oh how times have changed and how it can be one of the most easiest ways to incorporate unchallenged sophistication. 

And here I thought sailor suits were completely exiled into costume or tackiness. Of course it would be Peggy Carter to prove me wrong. But blue would cause it to fall into the trap of school uniform bracket. 

Coincidentally, I stumbled across a pair of pumps very similar to hers in a thrift store years ago. Reminiscent of this period, the heel is thicker so that one could operate seamlessly and who are we to argue with added balance and support? 

The time for shying away has passed. No one should feel the need to hide away. Ever. So we reunite the trifecta of red, in our lips, on our nails and atop our crowns and conquer the world. 

Have you accepted Peggy Carter as your supreme icon?



Saturday, 9 April 2016

universe over heart

An expert guide on things to expect when stargazing. Step 1, descend into a melancholic mood where escapism seems to be forefront emotion. Step 2, Feign ignorance at the presence of insects that lay in the grass beneath the blanket that you set out. Step 3, gaze wondrously in the space above you, at the wide, dark canopy interrupted with bright, twinkling lights. Step 4, feel incredibly insignificant and small yet paradoxically at peace. Step 5, reach out towards the sky and pluck one of the stars to keep over your heart for constant reassurance. Or well.. try anyway. 

In steps in Betty Yates to satisfy your fantasies or becoming a part of constellations. She's an American jewellery designer who makes contemporary and geometric pieces. Think taking the interpretation of physical objects in our plane and converting them to their barest form. Like how the Deathy Hallows wes reduced to triangles and a series of lines, or how Adrian Monk very cleanly perceives clouds as circles. Her gyroscopes are a sight to behold, almost like a planet in orbit, the focal point fashioned of crystals and gemstones, as if the form alone isn't a comfort, imagine it magnified with the effect of soothing crystals. 

These ones with their geometric shapes are very reminiscent of the Hunger Game symbols aren't they not? The Hunger Games are set in an time discrepancy. After a dystopia ravages the land and leaves the Capitol as the pinnacle of advancement, only small pieces of technology trickle down to the decrepit Districts and mainly to secure the labour that would keep the Capitol afloat. These necklaces wouldn't look out of place in such a setting. 

Look familiar? If Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus were pea-sized. 

Now this one looks like a more fashion interpretation of space. Glitter abounds with swirls o blue, purple and pink nonsensically. 

Crystals in their uncut form. This may be the only way I'll ever be persuaded to wear them, encased with ring upon ring. Although not the best idea for someone as fidgety as me, trust me when I say it'd all I be playing with during class. .. And would exacerbate quivering nervousness just prior to speeches. 

Betty Yate's creations aren't limited to just these though, I say as though they aren't anything but stella (see what I did there?). If you're in the need for unique jewellery with a heavy emphasis of geometric forms, look no further!