Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The alignment of stars.

Hexagonal clutch: $3, Sheike top: $5, By Johnny skirt: $12.50, Assorted rings and bracelets: $3-5

That's essentially how I would summarise thrifting. Fate. Kismet. Being in the right place at the right time. Finding curious things in the least expected of places. .. I'll stop. My hyperbolic nature isn't even a contributing factor, it just is. Whether it be from the unexpected location to the impossible price tag. However you managed to find it, is a force much greater than coincidence. And no, I'm not talking about religion. It's totally magic. So these finds ... are just the embodiment of pure magic. 

Yes, this has graced my Instagram, but something like this deserves further praise. 

My preference to thrift lies in unique elements. Sure my heart pumps disconcertingly loud when I stumble upon an expensive brand for an unbelievable fraction of the price, but that's not all my bounty is limited to. Quality. Eclecticness. And even... time. So even if its cheap, I won't be clearing the store. 

Did I ever mention that I was the most persnickety kid? I loathed deviation from consistency. I ate the same meals everyday, I wore the exact same jeans and shirt in for a good chunk of my teens. When did that change? I'll blame it on Tumblr haha. You could call this a rebellious phase, determinedly trying everything there is. But in hand with the prior staticness, there were certain things in fashion that remained unapproachable territory. 

Tight-fitting clothes was one. So how did that change? Well, you slap on a little nostalgic cartoon-esque print and that'll probably change my mind. I hadn't even heard of the designer when I found it within the rack. Until I did this, researching about various Australian labels did I come across to my surprise, by johnny. I even remembered biting my lip at the price, because it was a bit steep for a thrift shop (hah! If only I knew!), but clearly the print won out over trepidation. This was actually from their Summer 2012 line! Again I'm just stupefied at the circumstance. Did a label like that ever think it would grace a place like Liverpool?

The Sheike top was a bombardment of colour that in my formative years, I would've called tacky. Is it age that's caused me to give things a deeper consideration? The quality is amazing, a whole different stroke from most tops made of chiffon, and thick enough to warrant it worn alone. And its structure! Although I suspect it meant to be worn with a bigger bust but I love it as it falls into line with my preference of bold prints and you'll have to pry it from my hands with a crowbar. 

The hexagonal clutch is an interesting one. As it bloats into a sizeable pouch when necessary, perfect for containing my wallet that is far too fragile for the debris lurking at the depths of my bag. Not going to lie, I thought it was Tory Burch at first but practically wins out everytime.

What's the moral here? Fashion has a cost, but it doesn't need to be a sacrifice. So don't rule out thrifting. I've travelled to thrift and the most unexpected places are the ones that yield these gems. It's time consuming, difficult and can be disheartening but finds like this make it all worthwhile. Plus, you can save enough to splurge on real quality shoes, or that trendy item that's been catching your eye.




  1. Love your skirt, so special & chic :)

  2. thrifting / op shopping is so great!!

    1. It really is! It's become something of a post-assessment treat, where the universe kinds of halts to a standstill and I can spend however long just browsing through the racks. Very therapeutic. The things I've found have become exceedingly precious to me due to their one of a kind status, so much that in my eyes, they're worth jewels.

      (Someone kick me off my soapbox, I'm digressing again)

  3. Love the way you write <3
    Beautiful skirt. I haven't gone thrifting in quite some time. Looks like you had a lot of luck :)

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

    1. I think I tend to ramble too much though haha. When you get the opportunity, you should! I know I'm in need of it after hell week of assessments. It's funny because I would say I possess the least luck in the universe, perhaps it all goes to thrifting? I'm always envious of American thrift stores and the treasures they yield, but Ive proven the ones in sydney aren't too shabby

  4. Thats awesome! Loving this blog post

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  5. Great post hun!

  6. Thrifting is my absolutely favorite!



  7. Love this fun outfit

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  8. Living for this outfit <3

    xo xo

  9. This is such a cute look

    Hope you having an amazing week!

    Filipa xxx
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  10. totally agree.. thrifting has some gems!! :D

    Have a great day!
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  11. Skirt to die for! am game with such cute peplum!

  12. amazing ! :)
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  13. The skirt is just amazing! Love the outfit :)
    xx Alina

  14. Definitely important to focus on your style by buying pieces you love, and can afford, that can come from varying sources! Glad you are loving your latest finds!

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  15. You are so on point! I love this outfit too!


  16. That is a lovely outfit. Have a great weekend.
    Xo, Christianne

  17. That is a lovely outfit. Have a great weekend.
    Xo, Christianne