Friday, 25 March 2016

Little Miss Olympia le Tan

Apparently I was too hasty about declaring my love for Olympia le Tan's unique accessories. Their Little Miss collection impales me through the heart. I loved going through the meagre selection that my music school held as I waited to be picked up by my parents when I was a kid. The books were probably 10 pages long yet provided oodles of entertainment. I've only attempted to draw Mr Bounce but apparently even the simplistic designs are too complex for me haha.

Not only is the idea nostalgic fantastic, it'd be a quirky way to interject a certain mood into your outfits. Forget leaving it to colour to dictate.

Little Miss Bad because that's who we all are, no amount of denial will conceal. 

A surefire escape out of jail free card for social situations. 

Little Miss Busy because that's logically what university students are. 

Little Miss Lucky for when finding a four leaf clover is too tedious.

Little Miss Trouble because that's who we really are. 

There's even one that's satirically self aware, one of the Little Miss, toting her own Mr handbag. 

Little Miss Chatterbox is who I am and you cannot turn me into a story plot of change. 

Little Miss Splendid is all of us, yes even you.

But if I'm going to be entirely honest, I am Little Miss Whoops. 




  1. These bags are just so lovely! I remember I had a shirt with Litle Miss Whoops :) I think I wore it at least 3 times per week at some point! x Alona

  2. I love Olympia le Tan and these designs! Had a little miss giggles shirt when I was younger! :3 x

  3. I gave my dad a Mr Strong when I was very little, he has kept it in his glove box of his car ever since as a good luck charm :)