Sunday, 27 March 2016

Highlights of Hera Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016

Honestly, the entire week is the highlight. A practically Herculean task to pick favourites. I may have chosen them based on the current items of my wardrobe that perplexed me as to how to style. I'm glad to report that they have been demystified, and I can look at them with renewed vigour. This was just the tip of the iceburg

Chez Heezin

Casual eclectic. Oil slick, the upgraded metallic. The beautiful combination of unicorns, metals and black to create a strikingly futuristic product. It's amazing. Jumpers seem to be the ultimate counterbalance to anything. That's brilliance. As long as there's a jumper over it, I can wear it to class right? I bought this long American Apparel sheer shirt ages ago at the Glebe Markets and it's been stupefying me ever since. The solution is to wear as an outer slightly unbuttoned or layered under tops to force it to behave as a dress. So simple yet stunningly effective. 


Robust prints and collars. No matter how flamboyant. I especially love the windowpane dress with the prints and the winglike sleeves as it just has a soft and feminine feel to it. Here's to wondering when raindrops will become the next mainstream pattern. And the shoes.. cutout bow boots ahh.. someone please invent an app that lets you download people's outfits. 


Distinguished and refined. Definitely more suited for the runway (or the streets) than cooped up in the office. I love play with dimensions. Whether it be from the result of pairing cropped tops on high waisted bottoms or by having different layers themselves. It looks as though they float on you supported by their own gravity. And mesh interwoven anywhere just gives any item that extra punch of impact whether it to be to casually formalise an outfit or make it more couture. A patterned jumpsuit.. but with a collar! Collars, give me all the collars.

Oddly, I like that in someone of the runways, the models look so happy and generally full of light. This coming from the person that probably smiles maximum three times a year. Seoul Fashion Week was an entirely different game but is it due to Eastern influence? There are hints of the softer pastel minimalism in addition to that cool, chic look that definitely isn't seen elsewhere. In any case, it's exactly my style haha.




  1. Oh I would have loved to gone, it always looks so fantastic.

    One day!!

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  2. nice picks!

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  4. This is so chic and preppy looks
    I love the skirts.

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  5. I love all the fashion forward styles!

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  6. Great catwalks!!


  7. Wonderful blog! I will be very glad if you will come to me )) Kisses