Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dolce & Gabbana RTW Fall 2016 - Fantastical Fairytales

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For this year, Dolce & Gabbana modelled their Fall collection after fairytales. I was already prepared to be whisked off my feet but the theme left me breathless. I love fantasy but perhaps not for the most obvious reason of escapism. I don't love it for the contrived romance or the inevitability of a secured happy ending. I live for the magic and the astronomical nature that sets it apart so adamantly from our own. Although I wouldn't turn down a gifted tiara. But in this case, homage is thrown to the uplifting spirit of fantasy with clear motifs running throughout the pieces. The reassurance of familiar characters is a comforting embrace and it's astounding to see them translated for the modern age. The result is polished, sophisticated garments adorned with playfulness from the emblazoned fairytale symbols, in glitter! for that extra hint of bibbity bobbity boo. 

Ah, I grew up with Disney so this collection already has a place in my heart. My favourite was always Mulan and the voice actress, Ming Na Wen is currently playing a character in a show that I'm currently watching. Oh Mulan, still saving the universe as I grow up.

These looks are the quintessential of a university student. How many of us had a 'not today' moment where we growled ferociously at the sun beaming innocently at our window, followed by grumbling, rolling out of bed, and fingers seeking that reassuring knit? And then thrown over a crisp button down shirt in an attempt to mask our inner laziness. Perhaps it's time I upgrade that look by swapping the denim for tailored trousers instead. Anything that results in a more put together feel despite my mood is always a bonus. And perhaps a pair of boots that give off the appearance that I've run through a field of flowers in a mad attempt to catch the bus. If I didn't loathe the heat too much, it'd cause me to be racked with sobs over the desire of the idea of spring. 

The only thing that was missing was the pumpkin! I love the attention to detail Dolce & Gabbana employs. Intricate collars on dresses, or ornate bows to keep necks from appearing too bare. Did anyone just place an order on Cinderella's dress in 2016? It also comes with the patented glass shoes.

The velvet dress looks a bit unbalanced with the placement of the Snow White motifs. Like someone had haphazardly carrying the icons in their hands before they tripped and landed squarely onto the dress. At least they had a nod to the classic downfall of the Evil Queen's vanity, Who is Most Beautiful? An apple dress. And with a highlight on the apple hips. This is definitely one of the more tongue in cheek pieces, and yet it seems almost summery. Pineapples were a big thing at one point, are apples combing back?

But if you find yourself a little too mature for the overt, almost heavyhanded fairytale theme, here they are in shape alone. Houndstooth is always a classic and keeping true to the theme, there's a nutcracker here, the absolute need for a sense of time and the tragic fate of the frog prince. I just love the effect of a crisp white shirt in its impeccable glory. Add a few bows, extend the length and I'm already contemplating the future of my bank balance. 

Lace is the modern girl's transformation to a princess. No one can refute it's femininity. But it echoes with resounding power when paired with like elements just as combat bats and a well tailored skirt.

Princes are always a familiar part of the story. Moreso as they signify that a happy ending is imminent. Whatever. As flimsy of an excuse they are, there's never one to be had when the military look is involved. How can anyone ignore the strength and impact of a military jacket? 

A more subdued look in contrast to the rest of the collection. With the effect of being the epitome of a tea party in a garden overflowing with flowers. 

Cinderella's white dress will never be iconic as the blue. But there's no reason to let it languish! Dolce & Gabbana incorporated the bouffant sleeves and with the modern bedazzled peterpan collar, segments it as a sweet dress for special occasions. 

It's not Dolce & Gabbana if there isn't a show stopping dress. Arguably the most contemporary piece to grace the collection. The colours of the roses, vibrant individually, practically leap against your skin with the sheer fabric. The thorned roses at the hem, possible an unintended homage to the barrier that ensnared Sleeping Beauty, condemning her to a state that was essentially death. 

How else do you end a show with a parade of beautiful women with their final, fairytale dress transformation? 




  1. That military jackets are everything!
    I just discovered your blog Jeannie & I really like it:)

  2. I loved their show. Have a great night sweetie :)

  3. Gorgeous collection!
    Mademoiselle Coconath