Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Chanel Fall RTW 2016

Timelessness is an everlasting association of Chanel. The only thing that would outlast it would probably be a Twinkie, and even then, only just. If there's a recurring theme that I draw, its witch like vibes, light swan imagery swathed in a thick cocoon of pearls because restraint is overrated. 

I can not emphasise my appreciation for the shift in shoes in fashion for the past years. Particularly the shift in elevation to sea level. As gloriously elongated to legs appear in heels, practicality wins out in favour of the flats. I can't help but get a witchy vibe from the first outfit, perhaps its the tartan and wide brimmed hat, but if Hogwarts' uniform was thrust into Chanel's hands, this would be its stylish creation. Only this time, skirt lengths wouldn't be hitched up sooner than you can say 'first-year'. I can't even to begin to break down the second outfit and can only offer, it looks fantastic. If you like clashing patterns in a more toned down manner, dipping into the same palette is instrumental. For the third, we return to the simpler roots of tweed, with a slight trumpet hem that hints at modern touches.

How do you tone down metallics? The well-versed formula, throw a knit over it. Okay, I know, fashion is idiosyncratic and it will cause more harm to be a trend slave. It's hard to justify that when you eventually develop the pluck to experiment with a bold but past trend. But if Chanel does it, I am blinding passerbys with my metallic bronze pleated skirt! I love the second outfit in all its understated nature. Well, save for the generous layering of pearls, but excitement in life is always imperative. Everything about the trench coat/dress hybrid is awe-inducing. From the silhouette, the buttons and the definitely there, overt pockets. 

And here we conclude with the products of angels. Particular care was given to crafting the sleeves, and in the second at least, it does give the impression of a feathery wings, very fitting. Excess? Chanel? You lie! .. Someone.. hide the pearls, don't let .. them know.. 

Chanel is going to remain a far off fantasy for the time being, but at least, its imparted inspiration in spades. 



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