Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Alexander Mcqueen RTW Fall 2016

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No list is ever complete without Alexander Mcqueen. Under Sarah Burton's directive, this fall's collection captured the softer elements of the night. Dreams. With the fluttering butterflies, horseshoes and pocket watches. It's remarkable how that it mirrors the symbols utilised throughout this year's Dolce and Gabbana's collection whilst providing an all too different interpretation. 

But despite the theme, it isn't Alexander Mcqueen with its tailored lines and overall toughness juxtaposed unconventionally with chiffon and an ostrich skirt. This season places heavy emphsis on the minute details, brooches and pins for added individuality. Something that is very translatable to our wardrobes and an easy way to rewear the classic blazer or motorcycle jacket. 

Herein lies the sweeping gowns emblazoned with the promised dream motifs. The two presents contrasting silhouettes. A streamlined look to a flare, the other the reverse. Trumpet and peplum, both cuts that have taken the world by storm.

I loved the contrast here between the dreamy chiffon against leather. Right down to the shoes, it embodies its individual theme. Settling delicately against the frame versus power shoulders and defined lines that jut to invade additional space. Never apologise for what you occupy in this world.

These dresses are beautiful beyond belief and full of exquisite detail. Hard pleats softened with see through patterns, power shoulders softened with lace, and the connecting collar details remain harmonious with the complementing tone of pink and butterflies. Emphasis lies on the lace bra on the next with an undercurrent of black that's mellowed due to the nude. The black piping allows its shape to be maintained and to keep it from almost melting into the skin. The last is more conservative. A bustier that is oft worn alone for the daring but paired over chiffon allows it to stay true to the theme. 

And inarguably the epitome of the collection. Against the jacket, the butterflies appear to be taking flight. It's amusing how butterflies in recent context can be construed malevolently. But even then, they still retain their delicate, weightless quality. Fluttering to land on your arm and an infection is spread. The dress itself twirls into a wispiness that is reminiscent of clouds. Who never had that fantasy of clouds being immensely soft to lend itself to being the most comfortable and luxurious bed? Evidently, the person that coined the phrase as soft as a cloud, believed so too. This is the creme de la creme and the final objective is achieved. It's enough to put one to bed serenely. 




  1. Those designs look soooo amazing

  2. These runway looks are gorgeous <3


  3. Great post !


  4. The juxtaposition between the dreamy chiffon & the hard leather is pure perfection. :]

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  5. wow this all looks so amazing! love the contrasts :)

  6. Stunning collection.Alexander Mcqueen never disappoints!
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  7. Alexander Mcqueen is my hero. Never disappoints and always brings something unexpected to the table. <3 Great post!
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    1. I agree. Alexander McQueen was the first indicator that fashion was unabashedly fantastical to me

  8. Amazing collection!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  9. Oh wow!! This event looks truly stunning. I wish I could have attended it. I am going to attend a grand fashion event next month. This event is going to be organized at one of my favorite event venues in DC and looking forward to it.

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