Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The alignment of stars.

Hexagonal clutch: $3, Sheike top: $5, By Johnny skirt: $12.50, Assorted rings and bracelets: $3-5

That's essentially how I would summarise thrifting. Fate. Kismet. Being in the right place at the right time. Finding curious things in the least expected of places. .. I'll stop. My hyperbolic nature isn't even a contributing factor, it just is. Whether it be from the unexpected location to the impossible price tag. However you managed to find it, is a force much greater than coincidence. And no, I'm not talking about religion. It's totally magic. So these finds ... are just the embodiment of pure magic. 

Yes, this has graced my Instagram, but something like this deserves further praise. 

My preference to thrift lies in unique elements. Sure my heart pumps disconcertingly loud when I stumble upon an expensive brand for an unbelievable fraction of the price, but that's not all my bounty is limited to. Quality. Eclecticness. And even... time. So even if its cheap, I won't be clearing the store. 

Did I ever mention that I was the most persnickety kid? I loathed deviation from consistency. I ate the same meals everyday, I wore the exact same jeans and shirt in for a good chunk of my teens. When did that change? I'll blame it on Tumblr haha. You could call this a rebellious phase, determinedly trying everything there is. But in hand with the prior staticness, there were certain things in fashion that remained unapproachable territory. 

Tight-fitting clothes was one. So how did that change? Well, you slap on a little nostalgic cartoon-esque print and that'll probably change my mind. I hadn't even heard of the designer when I found it within the rack. Until I did this, researching about various Australian labels did I come across to my surprise, by johnny. I even remembered biting my lip at the price, because it was a bit steep for a thrift shop (hah! If only I knew!), but clearly the print won out over trepidation. This was actually from their Summer 2012 line! Again I'm just stupefied at the circumstance. Did a label like that ever think it would grace a place like Liverpool?

The Sheike top was a bombardment of colour that in my formative years, I would've called tacky. Is it age that's caused me to give things a deeper consideration? The quality is amazing, a whole different stroke from most tops made of chiffon, and thick enough to warrant it worn alone. And its structure! Although I suspect it meant to be worn with a bigger bust but I love it as it falls into line with my preference of bold prints and you'll have to pry it from my hands with a crowbar. 

The hexagonal clutch is an interesting one. As it bloats into a sizeable pouch when necessary, perfect for containing my wallet that is far too fragile for the debris lurking at the depths of my bag. Not going to lie, I thought it was Tory Burch at first but practically wins out everytime.

What's the moral here? Fashion has a cost, but it doesn't need to be a sacrifice. So don't rule out thrifting. I've travelled to thrift and the most unexpected places are the ones that yield these gems. It's time consuming, difficult and can be disheartening but finds like this make it all worthwhile. Plus, you can save enough to splurge on real quality shoes, or that trendy item that's been catching your eye.



Sunday, 27 March 2016

Highlights of Hera Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016

Honestly, the entire week is the highlight. A practically Herculean task to pick favourites. I may have chosen them based on the current items of my wardrobe that perplexed me as to how to style. I'm glad to report that they have been demystified, and I can look at them with renewed vigour. This was just the tip of the iceburg

Chez Heezin

Casual eclectic. Oil slick, the upgraded metallic. The beautiful combination of unicorns, metals and black to create a strikingly futuristic product. It's amazing. Jumpers seem to be the ultimate counterbalance to anything. That's brilliance. As long as there's a jumper over it, I can wear it to class right? I bought this long American Apparel sheer shirt ages ago at the Glebe Markets and it's been stupefying me ever since. The solution is to wear as an outer slightly unbuttoned or layered under tops to force it to behave as a dress. So simple yet stunningly effective. 


Robust prints and collars. No matter how flamboyant. I especially love the windowpane dress with the prints and the winglike sleeves as it just has a soft and feminine feel to it. Here's to wondering when raindrops will become the next mainstream pattern. And the shoes.. cutout bow boots ahh.. someone please invent an app that lets you download people's outfits. 


Distinguished and refined. Definitely more suited for the runway (or the streets) than cooped up in the office. I love play with dimensions. Whether it be from the result of pairing cropped tops on high waisted bottoms or by having different layers themselves. It looks as though they float on you supported by their own gravity. And mesh interwoven anywhere just gives any item that extra punch of impact whether it to be to casually formalise an outfit or make it more couture. A patterned jumpsuit.. but with a collar! Collars, give me all the collars.

Oddly, I like that in someone of the runways, the models look so happy and generally full of light. This coming from the person that probably smiles maximum three times a year. Seoul Fashion Week was an entirely different game but is it due to Eastern influence? There are hints of the softer pastel minimalism in addition to that cool, chic look that definitely isn't seen elsewhere. In any case, it's exactly my style haha.



Friday, 25 March 2016

Little Miss Olympia le Tan

Apparently I was too hasty about declaring my love for Olympia le Tan's unique accessories. Their Little Miss collection impales me through the heart. I loved going through the meagre selection that my music school held as I waited to be picked up by my parents when I was a kid. The books were probably 10 pages long yet provided oodles of entertainment. I've only attempted to draw Mr Bounce but apparently even the simplistic designs are too complex for me haha.

Not only is the idea nostalgic fantastic, it'd be a quirky way to interject a certain mood into your outfits. Forget leaving it to colour to dictate.

Little Miss Bad because that's who we all are, no amount of denial will conceal. 

A surefire escape out of jail free card for social situations. 

Little Miss Busy because that's logically what university students are. 

Little Miss Lucky for when finding a four leaf clover is too tedious.

Little Miss Trouble because that's who we really are. 

There's even one that's satirically self aware, one of the Little Miss, toting her own Mr handbag. 

Little Miss Chatterbox is who I am and you cannot turn me into a story plot of change. 

Little Miss Splendid is all of us, yes even you.

But if I'm going to be entirely honest, I am Little Miss Whoops. 



Tuesday, 22 March 2016

With the Sea

Autumn is finally behaving in Sydney. I haven't felt my spirit lift in months which led me to the revelation that my mood is heavily dependant on the ambient temperature. And I've also forgotten how dastardly leaving the bed is early in the morning. Haha, one complaint at a time. But I love the cold, where the air causes your cheeks to become ice, when the air feels as crisp as the apples of the season. But here's a tiny ode to summer. And the most associated location, the beach.

So I hate the heat and everything it represents. Forget coaxing me out from underneath the air conditioning with promises of a beach. I loathe it. And I will loathe you if you keep persisting. But apparently, the way into my heart is this mermaid-esque bikini set. .. I don't even wear bikinis .. or own any swimwear at all. Will the next trend be wearing swimwear as outerwear?

This Krad Lanrete 'Lost at Sea' OP is breathtaking. It can't be simply the print manipulating it. The dress itself seems to float like their pattern, in motion in its lightness and azure colour. There's painstaking detail incorporated within a single dress. From the gold hardware at the edge of the ribbon, bearing Krad Lanrete, the subtle gold stars against the blue with just enough metallic shimmer to emulate it blinking against the vastness of the sea and the solid gold buttons of the moon and stars.. all combine to create a piece that is your sighworthy, precious item of your possession. 

The tights above are a subtler, more understated ombre, and given that it's a pale blue, it seems to be immensely wearable and versatile. Who doesn't want to look like an ethereal creature of the abyss?



Saturday, 19 March 2016

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Pack

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is half the battle. Hilariously, it contributes to a visually pleasing Instagram feed. It's science. Yogurt bowls and scattered vibrant berries accomplish that on both counts. Yogurt, as well as being beneficial for your digestive system, full of protein, calcium, probiotics and vitamin D is an amazing moisturiser. So it's only fitting that Laneige has made a Multiberry Yogurt Pack out of it which promises to keep skin supple, lessen dullness, promote collagen synthesis which thus enhances the defensive capabilities of your skin and the intoxicating fragrance of berries beguiles it's property to deliver antioxidants to eliminate harmful free radicals. 

Just looking at this makes me want to eat it. 

Breakfast is served! In all seriousness, your should not spoon the entire contents of the jar and consume it with the berries. .. Not speaking from past experience at all. 

The consistency is incredible and essentially melts into the skin so the tiniest amount would suffice. Afterwards, you wash your face and apply 1-2 times a week. Sydney may be undertaking a stubborn refusal to freeze but this would be the perfect companion to last you through winter. 

Remember to stay healthy in addition to maintaining a consistent skincare regime!



Friday, 18 March 2016

Olympia le Tan Spring RTW 2015: Or How I Became a Bag Slave

Unless you're careful, an interest in fashion for a less than funded university student is painful. Very. I consolidated myself with the knowledge that I was never into accessories to begin with anyway, and the designer handbags that I did lust for could be reserved for when I was pulling a salary in the seven figures (see how the delusion begins?). Thus, I was comfortable with my comfort for clothes that were avant garde and unique .. then Moschino came out with their Barbie and Mcdonalds aesthetic, than Wildfox Couture had a Clueless inspired lookbook ..

Then Olympia le Tan waltzed in and dissolved my resolve in one neat, fell swoop. Goddammit. This is the kind of quirkiness that causes my world to spin and my heart to throb. To fashion, the love I possess that is the only thing worthy enough to make me spin horrid sonnets of contrived romantic novels. 

A miniature suitcase. Such a simple idea but ingenious.

Books. As. Clutches. Inside this book iisssssss... another book! Sure the most it could fit would probably be my phone but the head turns when you match your dress at a wedding would be hysterical.

And the globe because, why not? 

*Sigh, fashion I've given up. Just throw everything you have to offer right at me, I await with outstretched arms. 



Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Chanel Fall RTW 2016

Timelessness is an everlasting association of Chanel. The only thing that would outlast it would probably be a Twinkie, and even then, only just. If there's a recurring theme that I draw, its witch like vibes, light swan imagery swathed in a thick cocoon of pearls because restraint is overrated. 

I can not emphasise my appreciation for the shift in shoes in fashion for the past years. Particularly the shift in elevation to sea level. As gloriously elongated to legs appear in heels, practicality wins out in favour of the flats. I can't help but get a witchy vibe from the first outfit, perhaps its the tartan and wide brimmed hat, but if Hogwarts' uniform was thrust into Chanel's hands, this would be its stylish creation. Only this time, skirt lengths wouldn't be hitched up sooner than you can say 'first-year'. I can't even to begin to break down the second outfit and can only offer, it looks fantastic. If you like clashing patterns in a more toned down manner, dipping into the same palette is instrumental. For the third, we return to the simpler roots of tweed, with a slight trumpet hem that hints at modern touches.

How do you tone down metallics? The well-versed formula, throw a knit over it. Okay, I know, fashion is idiosyncratic and it will cause more harm to be a trend slave. It's hard to justify that when you eventually develop the pluck to experiment with a bold but past trend. But if Chanel does it, I am blinding passerbys with my metallic bronze pleated skirt! I love the second outfit in all its understated nature. Well, save for the generous layering of pearls, but excitement in life is always imperative. Everything about the trench coat/dress hybrid is awe-inducing. From the silhouette, the buttons and the definitely there, overt pockets. 

And here we conclude with the products of angels. Particular care was given to crafting the sleeves, and in the second at least, it does give the impression of a feathery wings, very fitting. Excess? Chanel? You lie! .. Someone.. hide the pearls, don't let .. them know.. 

Chanel is going to remain a far off fantasy for the time being, but at least, its imparted inspiration in spades. 



Friday, 11 March 2016

XS Espresso: The contract with the Dessert Devil

I did it. It only took a few years but I did it. I lived my destiny.

New and interesting places open in Sydney frequently, taking Instagram by storm. How could it not? Look at that crazy, over the top sugary behemoth of a creation. Only bad people hate desserts.

As much as I would love chasing down cafe after cafe to eat to my heart's content, my waist will only grow in response. And I'd like my exercise to be more than just allowing me to consume obscene amounts of food as delicious as it may be. One look and you can probably understand the hideous delay. They demand a certain occasion and stomach capacity. Mine has been programmed to a 90/10 and its inverse to a savoury to dessert ratio. Unless that is satisfied, discomfort is guaranteed. But even lifeheld restrictions are gracefully hurled out the window in moments of fuck it. Are you in the habit of saving things for a special occasion only to realise from an objective point of view you've become a hoarder? Perhaps its that fancy wine you've set aside to age, or that really rich aromatic candle that you  swore to burn only on your dying day. Why though? Why reserve them for a special occasions when such special items themselves can turn mundane days into special ones?

I've decided to make a pledge. To hell with conservativeness. Tiny joys break up the bleakness of life. You and I, we're going to treat ourselves and be guiltless about it.

This is indulgence personified, infinity cubed. There were many accounts of the bottom of the jar being a fabled existence. yes... I too.. struggled to catch the elusive unicorn. The drink in itself is a salted caramel and nutella milkshake which despite its sinful name isn't as rich as you'd assume. Yes, that is a cronut atop of the jar. Freshly fried. I take back all my scorn for the cronut. It's goddamn delicious because the dirnk was already lacking in calories. Ahaha. Served atop a plate with haphazardly swiped chocolate and sprinkles, easily make it the highlight of my week. 

The XS Surprise
A pretty and fun drink to appeal to the kids but the very last thought you will be having in a positive light after watching them bounce uproariously off the walls. A serene cloud of fairy floss, sprinkles in their thousands, an ice cream cone nursing a kinder surprise (which my friend eagerly swiped before the camera could) and you can't forget the crunchie. The shake itself is ah, memory fails, but I recall the honeycomb playing a generous role. The bottom of this will forever remain a myth. Al the misery in the world couldn't urge me to finish two. Ah, it looks so sweetly innocent, but that beguiles a sinister facade.

I'm ecstatic for the existence of XS espresso, truly. For starters, it's a rare, magnificent place that isn't in Sydney or its surrounding suburbs and it's fairly close to home .. for better or for worse. I can happily say, its an experience that I wholeheartedly indulged in. Well, it's all going to snowball from here, no cafe will be safe from my purge.



Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Alexander Mcqueen RTW Fall 2016

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No list is ever complete without Alexander Mcqueen. Under Sarah Burton's directive, this fall's collection captured the softer elements of the night. Dreams. With the fluttering butterflies, horseshoes and pocket watches. It's remarkable how that it mirrors the symbols utilised throughout this year's Dolce and Gabbana's collection whilst providing an all too different interpretation. 

But despite the theme, it isn't Alexander Mcqueen with its tailored lines and overall toughness juxtaposed unconventionally with chiffon and an ostrich skirt. This season places heavy emphsis on the minute details, brooches and pins for added individuality. Something that is very translatable to our wardrobes and an easy way to rewear the classic blazer or motorcycle jacket. 

Herein lies the sweeping gowns emblazoned with the promised dream motifs. The two presents contrasting silhouettes. A streamlined look to a flare, the other the reverse. Trumpet and peplum, both cuts that have taken the world by storm.

I loved the contrast here between the dreamy chiffon against leather. Right down to the shoes, it embodies its individual theme. Settling delicately against the frame versus power shoulders and defined lines that jut to invade additional space. Never apologise for what you occupy in this world.

These dresses are beautiful beyond belief and full of exquisite detail. Hard pleats softened with see through patterns, power shoulders softened with lace, and the connecting collar details remain harmonious with the complementing tone of pink and butterflies. Emphasis lies on the lace bra on the next with an undercurrent of black that's mellowed due to the nude. The black piping allows its shape to be maintained and to keep it from almost melting into the skin. The last is more conservative. A bustier that is oft worn alone for the daring but paired over chiffon allows it to stay true to the theme. 

And inarguably the epitome of the collection. Against the jacket, the butterflies appear to be taking flight. It's amusing how butterflies in recent context can be construed malevolently. But even then, they still retain their delicate, weightless quality. Fluttering to land on your arm and an infection is spread. The dress itself twirls into a wispiness that is reminiscent of clouds. Who never had that fantasy of clouds being immensely soft to lend itself to being the most comfortable and luxurious bed? Evidently, the person that coined the phrase as soft as a cloud, believed so too. This is the creme de la creme and the final objective is achieved. It's enough to put one to bed serenely. 



Saturday, 5 March 2016

Dolce & Gabbana RTW Fall 2016 - Fantastical Fairytales

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For this year, Dolce & Gabbana modelled their Fall collection after fairytales. I was already prepared to be whisked off my feet but the theme left me breathless. I love fantasy but perhaps not for the most obvious reason of escapism. I don't love it for the contrived romance or the inevitability of a secured happy ending. I live for the magic and the astronomical nature that sets it apart so adamantly from our own. Although I wouldn't turn down a gifted tiara. But in this case, homage is thrown to the uplifting spirit of fantasy with clear motifs running throughout the pieces. The reassurance of familiar characters is a comforting embrace and it's astounding to see them translated for the modern age. The result is polished, sophisticated garments adorned with playfulness from the emblazoned fairytale symbols, in glitter! for that extra hint of bibbity bobbity boo. 

Ah, I grew up with Disney so this collection already has a place in my heart. My favourite was always Mulan and the voice actress, Ming Na Wen is currently playing a character in a show that I'm currently watching. Oh Mulan, still saving the universe as I grow up.

These looks are the quintessential of a university student. How many of us had a 'not today' moment where we growled ferociously at the sun beaming innocently at our window, followed by grumbling, rolling out of bed, and fingers seeking that reassuring knit? And then thrown over a crisp button down shirt in an attempt to mask our inner laziness. Perhaps it's time I upgrade that look by swapping the denim for tailored trousers instead. Anything that results in a more put together feel despite my mood is always a bonus. And perhaps a pair of boots that give off the appearance that I've run through a field of flowers in a mad attempt to catch the bus. If I didn't loathe the heat too much, it'd cause me to be racked with sobs over the desire of the idea of spring. 

The only thing that was missing was the pumpkin! I love the attention to detail Dolce & Gabbana employs. Intricate collars on dresses, or ornate bows to keep necks from appearing too bare. Did anyone just place an order on Cinderella's dress in 2016? It also comes with the patented glass shoes.

The velvet dress looks a bit unbalanced with the placement of the Snow White motifs. Like someone had haphazardly carrying the icons in their hands before they tripped and landed squarely onto the dress. At least they had a nod to the classic downfall of the Evil Queen's vanity, Who is Most Beautiful? An apple dress. And with a highlight on the apple hips. This is definitely one of the more tongue in cheek pieces, and yet it seems almost summery. Pineapples were a big thing at one point, are apples combing back?

But if you find yourself a little too mature for the overt, almost heavyhanded fairytale theme, here they are in shape alone. Houndstooth is always a classic and keeping true to the theme, there's a nutcracker here, the absolute need for a sense of time and the tragic fate of the frog prince. I just love the effect of a crisp white shirt in its impeccable glory. Add a few bows, extend the length and I'm already contemplating the future of my bank balance. 

Lace is the modern girl's transformation to a princess. No one can refute it's femininity. But it echoes with resounding power when paired with like elements just as combat bats and a well tailored skirt.

Princes are always a familiar part of the story. Moreso as they signify that a happy ending is imminent. Whatever. As flimsy of an excuse they are, there's never one to be had when the military look is involved. How can anyone ignore the strength and impact of a military jacket? 

A more subdued look in contrast to the rest of the collection. With the effect of being the epitome of a tea party in a garden overflowing with flowers. 

Cinderella's white dress will never be iconic as the blue. But there's no reason to let it languish! Dolce & Gabbana incorporated the bouffant sleeves and with the modern bedazzled peterpan collar, segments it as a sweet dress for special occasions. 

It's not Dolce & Gabbana if there isn't a show stopping dress. Arguably the most contemporary piece to grace the collection. The colours of the roses, vibrant individually, practically leap against your skin with the sheer fabric. The thorned roses at the hem, possible an unintended homage to the barrier that ensnared Sleeping Beauty, condemning her to a state that was essentially death. 

How else do you end a show with a parade of beautiful women with their final, fairytale dress transformation?