Friday, 5 February 2016

Ralph & Russo: Incorporation of Fantasy

How many times has fantasy led you onto travels of heartbreaking impossibility? That there's probably no secret magical underground for you to barter your wares, of winding journeys for dragon hide or discoveries into new realms? Reading is probably the cruellest form of escapism. With that said, Ralph & Russo have done an incredible job of weaving fantastical elements into couture, enough that you would feel like the living embodiment of a fairytale. Only it's 2016, we have an abundance of material professing the fatality of apples in order to steer well and truly clear. Although I wouldn't mind a few pomegranate seeds ..  

Their S/S 2016 line, DOUCEUR DE VIVRE (The Sweetness of Life) plays upon the power of Spring and all that it represents. New life springing anew, triumphing against frigid wasteland. This is very much evident from the emphasis of flowers, bursting forth from organza and tulle with an unapologetic shine. As well as the contrasting length of hemlines that seem to possess their own life force, riveting, darting.

My two favourites from the collection, featuring elements that only serve to prove that with fashion, I am relieved that eating my words will only ascertain that I look impeccable. Sheer, studded with peonies and tulips dipping from the lilac palette interspersed against black and silver, as it catches the light there is no denial of life. All this is very reminiscent of  the Underworld themes, which can only bear homage to Persephone.


Eden, a paradise said to gloriously appear at the end of time. Trusted insurance against the darkness of the world? The twisted leaves, in their rose gold, offer effortless elegance. Befitting the modern day princess or perfect to refine your look tremendously.  

I'm partial to the dusty pink colour in tandem with the rose gold, together magnifies a soft, femininity. 

The ice blue is a stark contrast, cold, sleek and relentlessly sharp. This in particular, would be fit for Elsa. 


Baroque was classified as an exaggeration of expression, producing grandeur in selves to inspire and invigorate. The arts, theatre, music all captured this eccentricity and almost frivolousness. The perfect term to coin for such an elaborate design. Serendipitously or not, the bottle green, with its ornate heel bears resemblance to a majestic seadragon. Coming into the office all guns blazing has never appeared more literal.   


The collaboration of art is like the clash between titans, leaving us mere mortals to scramble for survival at their collision. It's remarkable; how a masterpiece could create a domino effect. The Spatial Elegies of Massimo Listri, utilises lines to create a seemingly everlasting space that radiates power. Taking this into account, the Fan Pump incorporates symmetrical elegance. A fitting heel to traipse into battle.

The marriage between fashion and fantasy is nothing short of incredible, and Ralph & Russo does it justice, bringing it to life. 



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