Saturday, 20 February 2016

New York Fashion Week: Zimmermann Fall RTW 2016

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To see Australian brands make their definitive stamp on the world of fashion fills me with unbelievable pride. Our designers are known for their particular quirks and unique embellishments that make every piece one of a kind. Zimmermann brings is everlasting summer. A break from your humdrum life and allowing you to displace yourself into paradise. How it achieves this is from bold departure from monotone, playing with different textures to result in a prismatic effect and dipping into patterns such as paisley for maximum impact. So it's to no surprise, that this year's theme is maximilist. Prints upon prints without hesitation, a statement to be heard from the top of skyscrapers. A wonderful severance from minimalism with a vengeance. And it does this whilst maintaining its distinguishing femininity.

Ombre Tights
The idea of maximilism is to be as unapologetic as possible. But having a coordinated set appears paradoxically dissonance.  I feel that nothing emphasises a bold print more than a muted backdrop. But of course, it wouldn't be my taste if it wasn't the slightest bit unusual now would it? With this particular piece, as paisley itself can be slightly jarring, complementing colours would work best. A pastel pink instead of fuschia would be far more harmonious.

And this is how you bring casual glitter and glam to the office. 

I love oversized coats but they do have the magical ability of height thievery. What an ingenious reinvention. The fashion world is like a phoenix, continually reincarnating into a better version of itself. I just love how it manages to float across the hips in this cropped style! And with motorcycle jacket re-imaginings? Uh, someone kindly donate this to me please. A fainter print on the tights allows the entire look to meld more cohesively. 

Long coats carry power. Why else are capes worn by superheroes?

The details of this ensemble literally leap from the page. 

And if you feel tentative experimenting, knits are always a safeguard. I don't normally gush over shoes on the runway, but someone get me those boots STAT. I've been on the hunt for the perfect combat boots and it's clear I've been looking in the wrong place. I love pastel, o it should've been obvious. 

Just when we thought Zimmerman was getting a bit tame. 

Probably not suited for anywhere but Australia's mild winter.

With Zimmermann's stunning collection, I do hope it prompts people to seek out more Australian brands, there's certainly more ingenuity where that came from. 




  1. Great post! ;)


  2. Great looks. I'm loving the multicolor tights.

  3. Great review of Zimmermann collection! We obviously hear more and more about Australian brand these years and we absolutely love it!
    And this collection is absolutely gorgeous! Our favorite piece is the "kind of white" dress with the floral print!
    Thank you for this great article!

  4. Such a beautiful collection. I love the short detailed dresses with the floral print. They are impactful and so beautiful.

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  6. The new collection is amazing
    Lovin the prints and colors

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  7. I also adore Zimmermann's collections recently, looks so boho yet feminine!
    For this fall collection, somehow reminds me of India looks, superb!

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  8. The shows look amazing!



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