Wednesday, 10 February 2016

[Fiction Recreation] The one with too much Don

You have no idea how much I had to refrain from titling this 'don go breaking my heart'. I know, I'm impressed too. As it appears, part of the reason why I have a blog is to unleash my puns against mankind. Blogs have been started on less. Don or Donburi((丼) is a Japanese dish with meat, fish, vegetables etc, centred around rice. The types can differ by season, ingredients, region speciality and self-preference. As such, there is limitless permutation and the perfect foil to a barren fridge and pantry.  What I love about the Don is its simplicity and wholesomeness. All without comprising its cost. Time to abandon instant noodles as a poor student stereotype and adopt the don, it'd be far more healthier.

I won't go as far to proclaim that without rice I won't be full. From a visual standpoint, a bed of rice looks far more satisfying than potatoes. Ah yes, to me, rice is of utmost comfort. So when Shokugeki no Soma had an episode centred around the Don, I was elated. More combinations! New taste sensations with rice as its backdrop. It was perfect. I've found that with the recipes that serve as a background were easier to showcase on my Tumblr . It's also a place I've found to be more convenient to experiment without scrutiny or share something that intrigues me. As a consequence, it sacrifices cohesiveness for spontaneity. I've linked to all the recipes I've made there, to save from unnecessary clutter.

Hamburg Don
Loco Moco Don
Sukiyaki Don
Megumi's Don