Sunday, 7 February 2016


Ralph & Russo combined fairytale elements with modern couture, a unique twist here, another there. Acting almost like a good luck charm that if you click your heels thrice, you'll receive a surge of strength. Fairytas is magic itself. I'm crying. Externally rather than internally, breaking a cardinal agreement I made with myself. Every piece seems to breathe wonder. That gorgeous Star Cloak... is merely the primer.

Fairytas is a portmanteau of the latin word 'Veritas' which means truth and fairy.  The incredible designer, Jolien-Rosanne, designs all the costumes and accessories. Rather fortunately, she takes commissions. So if you've got the funds and a mere grasp of a idea, you have it. This.. this is all your dreams come to life. Have you always wanted to be Sailor Venus? Done. Sakura Kinomoto? Give us a harder one. A literal goddess? Is that even a question? Or how about, your very own fairytale?

I feel that there is a little of Jolien-Rosanne in all of us. Someone who possessed the talent, hope .. and determination to see past her discouraging initial result to make a name for herself. Her success I feel, is very seductive to our generation, in a time where we fear the dark unknown that is the future. Knowing this, I can't but feel even more endeared to it.

If I possessed the Stark Cloak .. I'm wearing it everywhere, including to sleep. It would make walking away in a huff far more theatrical and dramatic. Only, I think I'd have to lament the end 30cm to save it from the elements. Can you just imagine skimming your fingers across the fabric and feeling yourself blend into the night sky? Along with killer high heels, it'd be such an instant power boost. No one would be able to intimidate you. And you get to look like the overlord of the galaxy. I'm calling it now, the next century of fashion will be everyone looking like a mythical creature thus confusing the hell out of future historians trying to grasp an understanding of our era.
As I said.. this is only the primer. We're only at the tip of the iceberg with her jaw-dropping creations. 

Real. Life. Fairy.

A more softer and subtler Red Riding Hood. 

Which if anyone has seen Once Upon a Time could be far more elaborate. Who knew that being a peasant would allow such fine garments?

... A Lady Loki commission. Which was based upon the work of Deviantart artist Medusa-dollmaker. Consider me goddamn deceased and bury me in any of these creations.



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