Saturday, 13 February 2016

Accents: Spine Necklace by Eero Hintsanen

Picture your typical female villain. She never sullies her hands, she's the brilliant, unassuming mastermind. She operates kilometres away from the rumble, fulfilling her role as the needle in the haystack. And when suspicions arise, they come, knocking at her doorstep where she is always in a state of carefree confidence, dresses magnificently in a loose gown that trails across the floor like a serpent. This is what this jewellery is. Or to sum up, the ultimate Slytherin aesthetic. 

Accents like these, render a wardrobe the size of a mansion meaningless. Wear this with a mere t shirt and jeans .. and find yourself filled to the brim with unflinching strength. Versatile and transformable, that is my aesthetic. 

Eero Hintsanen, a designer from Finland, has extensive experience working with jewellery. There's a recurring theme in his work. Borrowing from nature, drawing within oneself, to act as an impenetrable fortress. Paradoxical, the nature of bones. Exposed bones are the furthest imaginable definition of a safehold, but here, they beguile power.    

Forget about seeking the perfect matching shoes or clutch with your ballgown and fetch yourself, this. 

Essentially becomes one with the dress and adds a macabre twist. Perhaps a more tamed version of wearing the bones of your enemies. But I'd imagine that greeting your adversary whilst donning it hardly suggests that coffee dates are on the table.




  1. Wow, stunning piece! Not sure I would wear it but its very striking. LOL @ 'Wearing the bones of your enemy'... I actually like that concept, I wonder if that makes me a sociopath.
    La Sugarlace

  2. Great piece. I love your content and topic. Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  3. it looks amazing on the photos even though not really suitable for real life ;-P

  4. This hideous 'fashion' is ugly and so is your chub face.

  5. Love the fashion!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  6. So beautiful! xo