Sunday, 23 August 2015

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher and Escalator Mascara Review

I tested the long standing notion that I couldn't draw a straight line to save my life. As it turns out, I do possess a creative bone within my body. Check out the paper city scape I made!

What do you do when you can't afford a ticket to New York? Build one of course!

Hello Kitties milling about to socialise. 

Too Cool For School

Alright, you can't build a cityscape without making it overrun by dinosaurs.. now let's begin the DIY for you to build your own cityscape. 

Just kidding. Here is the real intent behind this post. Too Cool for School is a Korean cosmetics brand that aims to be exactly that. Right down from its quirky packaging (which promotes designers!), that I couldn't help but take advantage of. It aims to be your one way stop, embracing a number of styles regardless of generation or preference of aesthetics. Whilst I was in Seoul, I hit Myeongdong, basically, the makeup haven where your life savings take a holiday. I hit up Too Cool for School and was overwhelmed by its selection of products. 

Alright, one more, I couldn't resist! Sora enjoys being the mayor of this city. 

The Cushy Blusher and Escalator Mascara from its Dinoplatz line. The packaging is like your kindergarten nostalgia, transformed in a very mature, minimalist way. But when they do makeup, they ensure that you're a slave to the brand.

So this mascara has a unique trait that lives to its origin.. 

At the end of the wand, is a knob that allows you to adjust its length in accordance to the shape of your eyes. And here I thought 'elevator' was just for pretentiousness. Such an innovative spin on the regular mascara! 

In addition to the earlier states feature, it provides an extra voluminous effect and coats each lash evenly. And yes, it also lengthens. Fortunately or unfortunately, as it's not waterproof so I would avoid applying this for 8am classes where the birth of yawns occur. It was approximately $25AUD when I bought this, so the golden question.. is it worth it? The cute packaging and its decent results are not able to overcome that.  

Of all the products I was most excited about (excluding the CC cream from Banila and Co, and the oh my god, magical eyeliner from Clio) the cushion blusher was one that I most desired and was intrigued by. The box also comes with an additional cushion head to answer our hygienic woes. 

So how do you apply? Lightly squeeze the tube until the blush appears at the top. Be cautious with the initial amount then brush across your cheeks and watch it transform to matte. 

My sister told me to smile so I gave her this... Oh what's that? Just Batman's sirens, ready to chase me down. 

As I bought the safest, most conventional pink, it mimics your natural blush thus, if you're looking the slightest bit peaky I highly recommend this product. The line also involves one of an orange tone that sounds most intriguing! Like having summer reflected in your face. But this pink in particular is perfect for an everyday look to give yourself a bit more youthful light and even at special occasions for that glow. A natural pink is the best for multi-purpose situations. At around $18AUD, it again, isn't the most affordable product, but I love the notion of these cushion blushers and how they have a matte finish! I do highly endorse scoping one out so that you can add to your makeup repertoire. As the result is very subtle, it is much more forgiving and perfect for those beginning to dabble and practise makeup (like me). 

And you've probably assumed that there will be more makeup reviews. Yep you are right, I spent wayyyy more than I should have on my trip. My new series, Korean Makeup Reviews from a Noob. Ahahha.




  1. the packagings are so cute! damn the cushion blusher damn. i'd love to try that.


  2. This is adorable, I have never heard of this line but will check it out.

  3. This is so cute! Hopefully you get to visit for real one day!
    I love Korean (& most other asian) beauty products. The packaging always draws me in with their cute designs but then they keep me coming back because they always work so well!


  4. Such a cute line!! It is pretty expensive, but it's practically worth it just to have the tube sitting on your counter!

  5. Such a cute line!! It is pretty expensive, but it's practically worth it just to have the tube sitting on your counter!

  6. I love your paperscape & the packaging of these products. They are freaking adorable. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  7. Look so cute!! Love this post!!!
    Kisses and hugs from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}