Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Eat Seoul!

I don't know who's hurt more by this summation of travel food photos but, even I, myself, can't believe that such delicious made itself home sweet home in my stomach. If you can visualise it, it becomes reality right? Right?

Samgyetang. This is fairly similar to my parents' cooking so it was soothing in a heartwarming sort of manner. Or maybes it was the middle of winter and nothing is a better remedy than a steaming bowl of soup.

Hotteok! I hit up the stall so often I'm pretty sure they committed my face to memory. And then you remember the amount of oil required to cook this and feel slightly queasy. 

My eyes widened to the size of coins when I saw this. Ice cream.. macaron sandwich? My whole life was buildup in anticipation of this moment. So how did it fare? Very disappointingly. The ice cream was almost a powder. 

And a samgyupsal party thrown before I left for Seoul. Note to self, if I ever host dinners, this needs to be executed immediately. 

Meat.. glorious meat

Adding kimchi to be fried alongside the pork belly magnifies its taste!

The clash of worlds. On one hand, we have fatty, luxurious pork belly and in the other we have beansprouts which would probably be its nutritional foil. Quite possibly, the easiest for me to relive back at home. 

I was expecting a clear soup that would probably be gentle on the tongue..

What it was instead was a fiery tteokbokki that threw off its facade and clawed at my throat furiously. Spiciness is said to be a pain response and in that case, that must make me a masochist. 

Gyeranbbang, one of the frontrunners for my favourite street food ever. Costing only about $2 at most .. what on earth?

Thai milk tea flavour popsicle at Molly's Pops, Hongdae branch.

Finally fulfilled another food bucket list item! I don't know what I expected haha.. undoubtedly it's a honey flavour. 

Alright. no judgement, I ate the last three frozen concoctions all within the hour. I'M ON VACATION, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS SELF-IMPOSED RESTRICTIONNN. And this was frozen yogurt, so it's totally healthy.  

Bibimbap! Another favourite of mine. Is it being low maintenance or possessing simple tastes. Regardless, my friends then have no excuse to refrain from cooking on my behalf!

Kimchi Jiggae at Insadong! The first thing that needs to be made clear is that I'm not nearly as gluttonous enough to be able to consume an entire meal at a restaurant by myself. If I could, I would download my friends via an app.  

I consider this half crossed off my list! If it was spicier and tongue searing hot, I would've been reduced to a puddle on the spot. 

A cheerful tea stop at Banana Tree cafe in Itaewon. Ripe bananas are imperative! Am I crazy enough to buy a mini flower pot and shovel spoon for an accurate recreation? Rhetorical questions are only challenges!

My entirely vegan lunch at Plant, Itaewon. Alright Sydney, get on this level! It was fantastic and utterfly satisfying. The serving was a struggle for one, but given a mountain I would only conquer it. 

Yes, this is a vegan carrot cake. I know, my jaw dropped simultaneously with yours. It was heady with spices as well, and I was given my first ever brush with Thanksgiving. 

THE BEST DINNER EVER. A cream stew that then transforms..

Into a risotto! Drop by stew'n in Gangnam to feast to complete bliss and satisfaction. 

A temple cuisine banquet.. entirely vegan. I know, what is this? A cuisine that notoriously incorporates meat products one way or another and yet, I've managed to eat vegan more there than here. 

Alright, hold onto something, you might collapse! Street food at Myeongdong, beginning with daifuku!

Seductive strawberries that faces its heavy laden, fat competitors with  tantalising plumpness and shininess. 

Fries have never looked so fancy!

Tick off the food bucket list. Yes, it was freezing, and yes that is over 30cm. You can't live if you're scared to be frozen from the inside out by your ice cream!


Fried, sinful heaven in the form of endless tempura. 

Jajangmyeon! Another half tick, it's street food so don't expect it to blow your mind. But if you were short on time, it would do in a pinch.

Tteokgalbi modified for streetfood in the form of meatballs! 

So what do you do when the weather hits -10C? Go cafe hopping and gorge on desserts of course! A caramel cake and strawberry tiramisu. Honestly? They're more suited to be eating distractedly opposite your friend in the middle of a life crisis conversation that have your undivided attention focused upon it. Deus Amis Patisseris at Sinsa. 

THE MOTHER OF ALL DESSERTS AT PASSION 5, ITAEWON. Don't believe me just watch!

Snow White's Apple crossed off ticks I never knew existed. The lightest sponge, harbouring the creamiest of apple.. 

Shameless carb overload. 

The mixed berry custard tart in the front was the undisputed besttt. Squid ink foccaccia made me remembered just how delicious cheese was. In fact, they were all pretty and just as scrumptious to eat. 

And finally, as a foil to gluttony, a refreshing grape sorbet! Alright, so the question that's about to be answered in everyone's minds. Passion 5 is posed to be your one stop place to heaven, a bakery, cafe, patisserie, chocolateer and gelato .. all of them equally delicious and it sells cheese! AND LARGER SIZED CAKES! This is the Ikea equivalent of an unescapable trap. 

All you can eat samgyupsal at Hongdae.. and I definitely did. 

Budae jiggae, comfort in a pot. 

Look at that blueberry ooze! 

Traditional tea at Insadong! tick!

... I really need to avoid all you can eat places.. 63 building. 

Chicken skewer glistening with the light from the heavens

Stubbornly back at Passion 5 for the berry custard tart! 

Hungry yet?




  1. This is making me hungry! I think I would like the risotto or the huge ice cream!


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  6. Well now I'm absolutely starving and it's only 8 in the morning here! ;)

    x Sarah

  7. OMG all of them look so good!!! It should taste so good!


  8. It looks like you ate so much amazing food in Seoul! I was so excited by the possibility of the macaron ice cream sandwich, what a disappointment that it didn't live up to what it could have been.

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