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[Fiction Recreation] Yukihira Souma's Revamped Mackerel Onigiri Ochazuke Recipe

Everyone has those days, the day where everything that goes wrong simply does. Your fuse is a tad bit shorter, someone is a bit slow to comprehend .. eloquently put, it's a day when life is on the prowl and emotionally, you just want to shut yourself away in a box and slide it high onto a shelf where it won't be touched. Those days. This recipe, this ochazuke, is the perfect remedy. It's warm feelings in food form. Every hot spoonful feels like liquid strength. It's the perfect hot meal to cradle between hands, curl up just a little bit smaller so that you get passed by unnoticed and be left in blissful peace. The perfect thing to come home to after pretending you care about the demands of a difficult customer, of riding your boss' tirade who's looking for someone to pass their anger to, it's coming home, nearly the hour of midnight, positively starving and somehow whipping up something magical.

Ochazuke is simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi or hot water over cooked rice, (with the same mind as preparing cereal) and with savoury toppings. Unsurprisingly, it has the markings of a comfort meal, particularly at the end of a gruelling day where all you want is something warm to help you forget the hideousness of your day. Plus, it’s easy on the stomach, making it the perfect cure for misery or the common illness. Or study encouragement. Or when you get home so late only the moon is up and even then it’s blanketed in stars. 

Shokugeki no Soma's variation uses thpoêlée method which I was very eager to try! Used in French cuisine which unanimously involves holding down the ingredients with a palette knife whilst continually spooning over hot oil. This locks in the juiciness whilst ensuring a crispy skin. I ended up overcooking mine but it's all too interesting! This method can also be used for salmon as well, by far this has been the most educational manga I've read haha.  

Let us first prepare the broth! In keeping with the anime, this is a konbu based broth, but if you're short on time, try it with green tea! It would be fragrant and instill you with strength! Bring 1 cup of dashi stock, 1 tsp of mirn, 1 tsp soy sauce and a pinch of salt to the boil. 

Pour into a teapot or a vessel that allows for easy pouring. Set aside. 

Do as I say, and not as I do. Merely shape the rice into a triangular shape that we know as onigiri without mixing shio kombu into it. 

Heat 1 tblsp of olive oil and set it with the skin side down, continually spoon over the hot oil until opaque. (Unlike me, make sure your mackerel or salmon matches this description!)

Arrange everything into a bowl with the onigiri. Sprinkle shio kombu, mackerel pieces and parsley. 

Pour over the dashi stock and enjoy!

 Revamped Mackerel Onigiri Ochazuke Recipe

Mackerel fillets, 1 Tblsp olive oil, shio kombu, parsley, rice
Dashi Broth: 1 cup of Dashi stock, 1 tsp mirin, 1 tsp soy sauce, pinch of salt

  1. Prepare the dashi broth by bringing 1 cup dashi, 1 tsp mirin, 1 tsp soy sauce and a pinch of salt to the boil. Pour into a teapot and set aside.
  2. Shape rice into onigiri and place into a bowl. 
  3. Heat up 1 tblsp of oil. Place your mackerel skin side down and continually spoon over hot oil until opaque. 
  4. Arrange ingredients in bowl. Sprinkle shio kombu, parsley and mackeral pieces. 
  5. Pour the hot broth to halfway up the onigiri. 
  6. Enjoy, eating this is like feeling as though someone cares for you.



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