Thursday, 23 July 2015

Eat Japan!

So what do you do after returning from travel? Tearfully go through your food photos, weeping profusely that your stomach will never be granted such a luxury ever again. If there's one thing I regret the most regarding my Japan trip was that I did not eat enough. Seriously. If I could go back, I would not waste precious breaths, every second passed will be with food in either hand and teeth chomping through something else. So here, is a compilation over two weeks, I can't even gloat if you envy, I envy past-me far too much as it is.

Of course, supermarket bentos! A satisfying meal for less than $5 each. Sigh. I wholeheartedly believe that hunger is non-existent in Japan.

The standard breakfast when I was in Kobe. Green tea and avocado toast with egg and pesto. The bread is unbelievably thick, would've made for perfect french toast.

Miso ramen

Paying homage to numerous vending machines. Had it been fizzier and less sweet, I would've enjoyed this much more.

Lunch at Cafe Fish. Made even more recognisable with a large sclupture of a fish arching its back that tourists might mistake for a landmark. A rich chicken dish in a curry based sauce with mushrooms and cabbage. A peppery, fresh salad to spur your stomach further.

Sake poached pears with the most luxurious, unidentifiable cream. 

Virtuous vegetarian fare ruined with tempura. the healthiest of intentions always leads astray. 

Taiyaki, food bucket list making headway. 

The most creamiest, delicious takoyaki I have ever consumed. Japan has ruined me. 

Taiyaki parfait! It holds the world in its mouth

A Kobe beef lunch set due to obligation. Hype determined to be crushed

Hype inflamed - the first of ever. 

Pancake lunch set with a buttery cream, a rich gratin and a salad as a counterbalance against indulgence, hushed gently by generous lashings of maple syrup. 

It's possible, a chocolate and berry mille feuille pancake. 

Cookies and cream cheesecake crepe. 

Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve. The very thing that angels would eat on their clouds. 

Oden! Like a comforting hug on a cold day

Mochi chocolate glazed donuts because the regular kind are overrated. 

No your honour, I did not have a breakfast of brownie ice cream, cheesecake or green tea chocolates. don't be preposterous! 

Katsu Sando! I had to try it.. for science! You know you're doomed when you begin plotting ways to recreate this kombini treat into something more fabulous back at home..

Disney saw an opportunity and it gleefully ran with it 

Disney: How To Rip Off Customers 101

Another dessert laden breakfast of ice cream and a chocolate cornet. More and more food dreams accomplished!

A tea fit for the Red Queen.

Fruit fit for royalty.

Cakes disguised as works of art 

My greatest regret.. not consuming a thousand of these. Dango! WHYYY. WHYY DIDNT IIIII?

Every ramen is good. Every single god damn one. 

Okonomiyaki, brought fresh to order on a large table pan that you could delude yourself to believing to be a world class chef.

Sushi... now everything is ruined and Japanese food in Sydney will never be the same 

Wait til you see the eats I had in South Korea!




  1. this post should be banned from internetverse for making me excessively drool over each photos. damn. to eat japanese food in japan itself already fulfill the expectation. and after tasting one, your standard of japanese food became insanely high nothing can satisfy your hunger unless you come back to japan again.

    cries i'm going back to salivating now. your photos are perfect. you had me at takoyaki T_T


  2. This is food heaven!! <3 Really amazing photos! I'm hungry now haha

    Heba xx The Heba

  3. This looks DELISH! Great job on the photography. You've officially had me drooling! <3_<3

    Do you want to follw each other on GFC and Bloglovin'? Let me know!


  4. How dare you do this to us?? Huhuhu. I am now craving for miso ramen.

  5. wow so cool post:-)

  6. I LOVE your blog girl! You insprired me!


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  7. Got me hungry but I love it!

  8. Makes me want to go to Japan right now.
    I want everything in here.

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  9. That food is unbelievable. You are making me so hungry! I think the avocado toast looks so yummy!


  10. I love visting your blog :) Your style is always amazing! Thanks for inspiring me xo

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  11. YUMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY! I'm so hungry now


  12. It looks soooo delicious!!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  13. So many 'delicious' pictures! That reminds me it's lunch time in England! (mmmm that last photo!)

  14. Wow! Beautiful post my dear!!! This is my new posts Welcome! )