Sunday, 21 June 2015

Mimesis Art Museum: White Interspersed with Colour

With an extra week to burn, as serendipitous as it may be, perhaps it was lethargy brought on by a mild case of homesickness but I wasn't feeling as adventurous. The people I stayed with were rather artistically inclined, one being a graphic designer, the other write art reviews (!) so it was only inevitable that they would take me out to an art museum. Art. like maths is perhaps only slightly hindered by the language or cultural gap and like I've mentioned so many times before, despite my lack of understanding, it was an activity I didn't mind undertaking every so often. Although I do wonder if international films are dubbed over here or provided with subtitles.

I plan to do an extensive review with my experience of Airbnb, more with the intention of providing a glimpse of its hidden gem benefits that it holds over a hotel. So for now, just bear with me and nod that time skips rather unexpectedly.

A breakfast made from the leftovers of yesterday's party. 

Sides of kimchi, rice cakes with a pumpkin layer that greatly resemble lamingtons. 

Unsurprisingly my favourite dish. An even gloriously unhealthy repurpose of fried chicken baked in a pesto cream sauce with melted luscious cheese. No shame. 

How friends behave in reaction to long trips via transportation can be rather telling of their personality. Are you the kind that sleeps it away? Waking refreshed or annoyed for the destination. Or are you the flurried thumbs, texting away to other friends at every second? The gamer? The reader (if so I envy your constitution!) or the landscape starer? 

You know you're getting close to an art museum when the way paved decidedly looks as if the town is the museum itself..

The Mimesis Art Museum in all its minimalist glory. 

Has anyone watched One Piece? Particularly that episode regarding the Long Islands where every single one of its inhabitants are considerably elongated? Well, this dooooooggggg, will fit right at home there.. or perhaps it secretly already is, shhhh. 

If actual rhinos possessed horns like these, they'd probably be long hunted into extinction. 

Signing into the guest book. My name as it appears in english and hangul. And also katakana at one point. 

Do not mimic these poses unless professionally trained. Or if you're a yoga instructor.. or if you naturally possess freakishly high latent flexibility .. or if you have the pride of your ancestors to uphold. 

So I recently watched Daredevil (you must be cringing at the level of references haha), but it did get me thinking, how would you describe artworks to someone who possessed less than stellar vision? Would you weave a web of descriptions in a clipped manner, incorporate a personal edge by a tangle of emotions derived from how it makes you feel? If anything, it's a good writing exercise that prevents from falling into the ' it's pretty' description. 

Imagine your weeknight routine. Blue depicts your genuine mellowness and nonchalance regarding life. But come Friday, you wake and you see the world in its full colour beauty, free from routine and obligations. 

A congo line of people from all walks of life, joined together in harmony as it should be. 

Picture yourself engrossed in a simple activity. You're probably relaxed, winding down, but in your brain is never relaxed. It continues to spew and spit out calculations, observations as your body is still - reminding you that you are full of endless potential if your apply yourself. 

A tranquil forest that holds the soul of every unfortunate being that had the misfortune of being confused by the misdirections of spirits who long to have friends, wandering until their legs give out and their bodies decay to become one with the forest. 

The relieved survivors of a horrendous fire. 

Channelling intense Alice before she steps through the Looking Glass vibes. 

A cold, blue universe where technology finally triumphs over every aspect of humankind. 

Winnie the Pooh written in Korean! I didn't expect to find a book that I would be familiar with!

Mimesis Art Museum 
Paju Book City, 253 Munbal-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Next stop, not quite bargain shopping at still much too expensive prices at the Lotte Premium Outlet.

Windmills with country flags within. It seems you can leave your mark anywhere in Seoul.. which I totally should've done, otherwise I would've been able to create a dot to dot of where I've been, Gamcheon Village in Busan, Insadong, Paju .. 

If you're far too lazy to walk..

Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

So instead of machines threatening the future, we have the work of an ecologically concerned scientist who's attempt to protect humanity goes awry. 

Bibimbap at the foodcourt for lunch. 

A bakery cafe, wait for it.. 

I recently learned that Doraemon was supposed to be a cat shaped robot .. eh? That has an 'Anywhere Door' .. sign me up. 

The most pleasing thing of all. a Macaron tower. Carby goodness galore. 

Finally got my hands on a sweet potato latte and it was wonderful. 

A simple dinner as a remedy for a long day. A kimchi kind of slaw that contained apples and garlic chives, a glorious plate of roasted sweet potatoes and ..

A seafood pancake that would've cost me $15 in Sydney. Oh god, why did I have to leave?




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