Wednesday, 17 June 2015

[Fiction Recreation] Yukihira Style Chaliapin (Shalyapin) Steak Don Recipe

I possess what I dub 'selectiveness competitiveness'. Then again, I'm sure lots of people have this trait. I attempted this recipe far too many times in order to match the efforts who have already attempted this recipe, I am not one to be outdone in something that I consider a hobby! I suppose it can be cut-throat to have a friend like me, but fear not, it is only for things I deem worth my time, so challenge me to any sporting activity you wish and bear witness my reluctance for enthusiasm! And that's a beauty of a blog isn't it? They troubleshoot things you would't dare to accomplish without a reference and provide exactly what not to do. 

I love the concept of a donburi, that the entire meal lies in the bowels of a single bowl.Fish, meat, vegetables simmered together and then served with the unifying blanket; rice.. exactly why I intend to make every donburi that made a 3 second cameo! A little bit of history as explained in the manga/anime, The Chaliapin Steak is Japan’s original concoction made in 1939 for the Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin when he visited Japan. At the time he was afflicted with toothaches and requested a tender steak, and thus, the Chaliapin Steak was born! Onions are a good match with steak in order to tenderise it thus disregarding the need to, oh, own the butchering empire for A5 grade meat. So basically, bless this anime for not being elitist and providing recipes that can be accomplished from the aisles of a supermarket. Everything that has come out of this anime has been gold. 

Steak (sirloin) [Do I get bonus points for the reduced steak like Souma? haha], 2 onions, 4 tblsp red wine, 1 tblsp soy sauce, 2 tblsp butter, bowl of rice, umeboshi plums, potato starch dissolved in water, spring onion

Dice the onions finely. Beat steak with a meat tenderiser (or in my case, the end of a rolling pin). Score the meat. 

Cover meat with diced onions, leave for 30 minutes.

Remove the pit from the umeboshi. Mash into a paste. As it’s very soft, this can be accomplished with even a spoon. To me it was a bit of an acquired taste, interesting and most certainly adds to the flavour and another dimension of the dish. 

Mix into rice. Set aside

Remove onions and season.

Melt 1 tblsp of butter into a frying pan and cook the meat depending on thickness, remove.

Deglaze pan with red wine. Add soy sauce to the rim and let burn slightly before mixing together with potato starch until thickened. Remove.

Add remaining butter and caramelise onions.


This is what attempt no. 1 looked like, the onions were virtually raw as I added them directly to the sauce without sauteeing them first. *shudders to the moon and back. And presentation-wise.. to put it mildly, it looks horrendous haha.

Attempt number two looked slightly better. But as you can see, the onions are far too soupy, and the rice... I'm going to go apologise to my rice cooker for cooking it over the stove as I thought it would be quicker haha...

Bam! Attempt three. Not perfect but more pretty at least ahha. Rice, steak, layered with caramelised onions, drizzled with sauce and sprinkled with spring onions. Enjoy!

Yukihira Style Chaliapin (Shalyapin) Steak Don

Steak (sirloin)
2 onions
 4 tblsp red wine
 1 tblsp soy sauce
 2 tblsp butter
bowl of rice
umeboshi plums
 potato starch dissolved in water
spring onion

  1. Finely dice onions 
  2. Beat steak with a meat tendiriser, score the meat. 
  3. Cover steak with diced onions and sit for at least 30 minutes. 
  4. Remove the pit from the umeboshi plums and mash into a paste. Stir into rice. 
  5. Remove the onions from the steak, season.
  6. Melt a tablespoon of butter in pan and cook the steak depending on the thickness. 
  7. Remove and add remaining butter into the pan, pour in the red wine and the soy sauce to te edge of the pan to burn slightly. Mix in the potato starch dissolved in water to make a sauce. 
  8. Remove from pan and caramelise onions. 
  9.  Assemble in this order - rice, steak, onions drizzled with sauce and garnished with chopped spring onions. 
  10. Enjoy. 

Did I nail it? Ahaha




  1. Oh i want to try this.
    So yummy

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  2. Oh i want to try this.
    So yummy

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  3. It looks so yummy! Thanks forma sharing :)

  4. This looks so good! I can't wait to make it :)

    Becky |

  5. Ive never used potato starch before, how much do I use?

  6. Have you tried using a bit of honey on the meat after you remove the onion? I glazed mine with a thin layer before cooking at it seemed to really help soften the steak