Saturday, 23 May 2015

What to do in Seoul When It's Cold Beyond Belief

Basically.. when you force yourself outside to utilise your precious days rather than snuggling safely under you covers nursing a hot beverage in your hands. This time, I wised up and shamelessly asked the people I stayed with whether they had a particular coat that would be cold resistant seeing as my clothes from Sydney were worthless. They handed me a coat that bore the weight of clouds and lo and behold, much to my disbelief, it kept me unbelievably warm despite the fact that what I wore beneath was at most 2 layers. Hah. It was miraculous!

Breakfast is the secret weapon to conquering any day. A simple bibimbap with a light soup of beansprouts.. I was almost convinced that it wouldn't be another -10degree day.. 

Remember my earlier complaints about it being inexcusably cold without snow? Well it snowed! In Hongdae! An ordinary area! The excitement I felt was inexplicable! Back in Sydney, the only opportunity for snow involves long travel thus becoming a vacation in itself. And who wants to waste a vacation to visit such a mundane place? Look at that beautiful snow! I was teased a bit in Shinjuku.. although it could be argued that it was mere sprinkling of rain .. It's so unfortunate that as it's falling it's so ethereal and magical .. but the aftermath can be rather hideous haha. 

Fortunately, I took refuge in an all you can eat bbq restaurant right before it began to snow, so I was able to enjoy it smugly from the warmth as the people outside cried and ducked for cover. 

First thing to do! Stop for bbq! For 11000won, it was all you can eat, sure there aren't any of the premium items here. but it's the only way that I as a solo traveller could experience bbq at least once as most places require an order of at least 2 servings .. and who can eat that much meat in one serving ... This way, I get to preserve the act of cooking it myself too! 

In addition to meat, there were the typical sides like mandu, fried chicken, japchae, dukbokki etc. but there was a rule that frowned upon gluttony, so don't test your hunger haha. 

Everything gloriously cooked! It was only after I started cooking that I realised, aghast that the smoke would taint the coat I was wearing. This was another situation that gave birth to a 'I did not think this through' thought process. 

Second thing to do! Walk around to rid the smell of smoke and.. get hair dyed at Edae no less. 

Third thing, return home in shame and finally encompass the activity that sane people partake on a frigid day - have pound cake with plum jam and tea. 

Fourth thing, indulge in tres leche. HAHAHA. Bloody banana milk that I grew ridiculously addicted to. 

Is it possible to die from pesto overdose? What a thing to have engraved on the tombstone. Pesto risotto accompanied with a spicy soup! I must attest that once I've been back, I haven't really stimulated by spice tastebuds so any immunity I built in Korea has evaporated at this point. 

Fifth thing, explore Myeongdong. 

Sixth thing, venture into A-LAND, Pancoat and the MCM store. Cry accordingly. 

A-LAND is an unexpected heaven with Myeongdong notable for its products by young designers and the reverse inferno of Dante, every floor presents itself as a new shopping haven from vintage to strikingly minimalist.. and there's a flea market level.. as I said.. it's heaven. 

A denim shirt for every day of the year. 

Delightful brooches and kitschy accessories! A yellow M&M pin honestly! 

Edgier accessories. 

Simple yet timestoppingly elegant. 

Simple silhouettes, a dark colour palette all lends itself to intimidating sophistication.

A mickey mouse printed denim shirt!

Coats that behave regally, as nice as the people I stayed with were for lending me a coat, I had my eyes alert for one to call my own. And can I just say? If I was in Sydney buying such a coat, the price would easily be tripled... for something that would only guarantee half its warmth but fulfil aesthetics requirement. 

Coats in colour that defy the restrictions of winter! GIVE ME THEM ALL. If I could pack every shop in Japan and Korea in a suitcase, I'd do it.

Why come to Myeongdong? Cosmetics. Shopping. To this day, I'm not quite sure how much I spent... nor do I particularly want to.. but be prepared for a slew of review posts.

Bibimbap at a popular restaurant! .. And I'm sure I have no authority to say this, but it truly is superior to at least any here in Sydney. 

Next activity to do in cold weather? Wear a hanbok. 

Who is this person?

They gave me an accessory they had made themselves.. why are they so artistically inclined? In fact all their friends are! It's incredible! And you have I, Exhibit A who can't draw a straight line nor the 'right kind of circle' to save her life haha. Despite this being the best shot of my hair, you can't see the colour that I dyed it to.. granted it's a very dark shade of brown but still very unfamiliar to me. 

The earlier one I tried was definitely more regal ahaha. 

Another kind of dukbokki soup I believe in contrast to its spicier sister, this is more mellow and pleasantly chewy.. until your jaw dislocates. 

A cream cake to celebrate my last day! Until now, I had given up incorporating grapes into dessert, but look at this! Bisected and garnished as though it was a gemstone. Beautiful, from now on, if a thought like 'it can't be done' pops up, it's hurled straight out the window and the other thoughts are going to be pressed to produce something revolutionary. 




  1. These photos are so pretty! xo

  2. It looks so pretty in the snow! I am sad I didn't try bibimbap when I was there, it was too hard to avoid meat since I'm vegetarian :-( I tried a hanbok too, also pink! I still have to blog about that...

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