Saturday, 2 May 2015

Travel Gastronomy: Spicy Cream Stew (매운 크림 스튜/리소 토)

Do you ever have those instances where you're at a restaurant when you are overcome with the urge to recreate the dish you've just consumed? That was me. I was dying to come home to resurrect it. And what is this particular dish you ask? Why its the spicy cream stew (매운 크림 스튜/리소 토) that I had at Gangnam in stew N! I greatly recommend that you order this dish and bring a companion! The beauty of this dish is its simplicity, it's homey and the perfect thing to throw whatever you have in your fridge together to incredibly form a cohesive, delicious meal. Plus, bonus easy risotto! And nevermind the marvel of this dual recipe, it yields immense servings that doubles up splendidly as lunch and dinner. Let's begin!

Caramelise onion and garlic in a large frying pan. Yes, large. 

Add the vegetables of your choice. In this case there were kale, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Variation 2#: Tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin here!

Variation #3: Broccoli and pumpkin.. see what I mean? Versatile!

Add pesto generously. 3 tablespoons?

Add equal amounts of gochujang and tomato paste. The holy grail of the spiciness and flavour! Or more, test your spice tolerance!

Add a cup of cream or half milk/cream. Although the one I had at stew N contained pasta, I opted for a less carb filled option with sweet potato. Season with salt and pepper to your liking!

Savour. And although the sauce is delicious, abstain from satisfying your gluttony. 

Use whatever grain you wish, (brown rice, quinoa, lentils etc), sauté with remaining sauce along with seaweed.

Add additional protein like chicken if you wish. 

Ta da! Easy risotto from your sauce! 

Add parmesan because no one can control your stomach's destiny. And because you've missed having good cheese at your fingertips for a month.. that too. 

Cry, and wish you were in Gangnam again, eating at stew N. But at least now, you won't be missing it as much!

Variation 2#: added pasta, chicken

Severely underestimate how pumpkin collapses to mush when cooked and end up with a sauce far too thick, oops. 

Variation 4#: with proper pasta! Although penne would be a better option for better sauce absorption. Carrots, potatoes ( which added a nice starchiness to it), zucchini, broccoli and carrot. 


Yes, food should fear me. 

Using quinoa for a healthier option. and added sautéed mushroom. 

It's not an option, it's obligation.

Spicy Cream Stew (매운 크림 스튜/리소 토)

onion & garlic (diced)
vegetables of your choice (broccoli, kale, peas, tomato, potato, sweet potato, mushrooms, zucchini, pumpkin, etc.)
protein of your choice (short ribs, pork belly, shredded chicken breast, beans, tofu, etc.)
3 tblspoon pesto
3 tblespoon gochujang
3 tblespoon tomato paste 
1 cup cream or 1 cup of milk/cream
pasta of your choice (or additional sweet potato)
grain of your choice (rice, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas etc.)
Optional toppings: eggs, cheese, etc. 

  1. Caramelise onion and garlic in a large frying pan. 
  2. Cook pasta and grain separately. 
  3. Add vegetables and stir fry until softened. 
  4. Add pesto, gochujang, tomato paste, cream and protein until well incorporated. 
  5. Stir in pasta. 
  6. Enjoy tremendously. 
  7. Use remaining sauce to form a quick risotto from your grains. 




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