Friday, 3 April 2015

Wonders of Hongdae

Everyday of this trip, I went to bed excited at the prospect of the next day's new stomping ground and each new day was an adventure. Hongdae was full of character that even my less than artistically inclined eyes could appreciate its beauty and zaniness. The streets are an art exhibition and as a place right by a university, there's fantastic eateries and affordable, quirky fashion here. I have found the town of my heart, this is a hasty declaration everyone! Alright, maybe Koenji.. no Shimokitazawa.. or Harajuku.. uh.. If I could my self in four and inhabit these four magical places at once, I'd sell my soul to the devil in a heartbeat.. If I had one that is haha.

This place is a thriving entity of colour, everywhere you turn is an excuse for art, it's almost as if a blank space beckons enticingly. A consequence of being the home ground to an art university I suppose haha. And it totally makes for great Instagrammable material and potential backdrops for outfit, I succeeded in half at least.

Today's breakfast! Soondae sauteed in a spicy sauce with onions and cabbage. Soondae is a blood sausage, blood isn't something I'm unfamiliar to (runs in everyone's veins afterall, *crickets chirp), my parents love to order it solidified to accompany pho, so I wasn't repulsed by it. My thoughts? Very bouncy, not my favourite, but I'm pleased to have said that I've tried it! Seaweed offers a nice saltiness to the fried rice and a mild flavoured egg drop soup that tied the whole meal together. I wish I had the effort to cook a feast like this every morning, makes braving the day a lot more easier.

Doesn't the one in the bottom left hand corner look like a creature from Studio Ghibli movies? Can you just imagine that shutter opening and closing like a mouth in glee as it writhes in content joy? The biggest enjoyment in Hongdae is the simplest - merely walking around.

Even shops and cafes are beautiful! As I said, the whole town is like an art exhibit! 

As if you needed another reason to come here.. the Style Nanda store! Immediately as you enter, you are enticed with a display of makeup, all sultry and seductive. The upper levels are dedicated solely to its fashion and there's a free photobooth! *must come here with friends, solo photoboothing is a bit lonely. 

I admit to being a touch terrified as I apprehensively walked through its door. Stitch hung from every inch, staring at me with soul less eyes.. imagine Toy Story taking place here! Hiiiii ~

Street Market, I didn't expect to find punk lolita fashion here! Although I shouldn't be surprised, this is Hongdae! Is that going to become a common phrase that's to be peppered through this post? 

High Street 
331-8 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 마포구 서교동 331-8)


I'm Here, made me feel like I had shrunk to the size of a thumb and was wandering inside a dollhouse. Definitely a fairy/cult party key kind style. I wanted nothing more than to pack everything into my suitcase.. if it was a bottomless blackhole. If only. They customise the items in store, so each has its own unique touch as if it was blessed by pixies. Pastels in all spectrum of the rainbow, each adorned with adorable collars.

I'm Here


These last three stores seem to carry the essence of Japanese fashion. And much like I'm Here, it carries a similar style. Sweet Pea like its name suggests is more sweeter, more lovely in a more wearable everyday sense. Imagine it as though it were the kind of style that fairies would wear to blend in with humans. Yes, we're busting out a lot of mythological creature analogy here hahaha. 

Korea and Japan are full of kitschy adorable stores that make customising your home space to be an extension of you a breeze... Nothing like that exists here - I purposely avoided them in favour of fashion and makeup .. a much necessary, evil sacrifice. 

Unlike Edae, Hongdae boasts of numerous vintage stores and for the entire duration of my stay, this store steadfastly refused to open! Which was a shame as from its exterior to this it promised of magical things. *cries self to sleep. 

A vintage store that looks like a cottage! 

I swear that window shopping here in Hongdae is half the fun. 

Shop fronts oozing with European charm. 

Left to centre flavours and the Milk tea flavour I got was delicious! And this spouts off the next round of bad decisions over the next hour.. 

Not going to lie, I had this as soon as I had the popsicle. HONEYCOMB OKAY. I HAD TO TRY IT. The ice cream itself is a mild milk flavour, something that doesn't seem to exist in Sydney. And honeycomb is definitely a gimmick, it's unnecessarily chewy and the honey is sticky .. eh..  blame Winnie the Pooh for making honey look like the elixir of gold. 

Vintage stores in Hongdae are the embodiment of vintage fashion in Europe, oversized denim jackets, suede, jumpers, bold prints and overall, a more masculine style. Sydney vintage is more of a swing style, but Korean vintage stores are much more affordable Sydney fashion believes that a slightly longer skirt hemline believes it's enough of an excuse to be ridiculously expensive. 

Part greenhouse, part tree itself!

Minimalist clutches with unapologetic attitude. 

Although the fashion in Hongdae can be a bit monotonous, this store is unapologetically unique. 

Odd that Captain America be thrown in a mix of DC heroes. Would I be clawed to death by purist fans? Ahaha. The bunny ear bag.. it beckons! God.. I WANT THEM ALLLLL.

Japan and Korea officially is crushing hard on Marvel heroes and One piece!

I was so prepared to buy pastel bunny beanies but unfortunately there weren't any!

Another quirky store through its bold patterns and structured silhouettes. 

A rack full of collars.. 

Accessories that are just as valuable and beautiful as jewels

Accessories that are the epitome of Harajuku. 

A minimalist and clean style. 

A cave of accessory wonder. 

Look at those prices! Can you believe it?!

Iphone cases by the unbelievable dozen. 

A feminine style that radiates with strength.

So uh, this was the third frozen dessert I had in less than an hour in weather to match. No judgement. And no I did not keel unconscious on the pavement, it was frozen yogurt, tangy which cut through the richness, and chocolate dipped fruit which we all know is completely healthy. The magic carpet of taste doesn't end there, there's red bean filling in its belly!

ARTBOX. Everything you could ever need in one place. 

A feminine and demure style, everything colour coordinated. Extremely diverse as well! Not limited to mere floaty, dreamy chiffons but even their hoodies are unashamedly girly! I think its a consignment store, but still so affordable! 

HELLO KITTY CAFE. I would've bought into the gimmick if the food were much more novelty and adorable! 

AHHH. How much are those clothes in the windowww, I'd willingly sell everything I own.

An indoor greenhouse? Wonders never cease. 

BIBIMBAP. The perfect lunch. And arguably healthy hahaha. 




  1. Wow! This is so amazing! I'm so jealous, everything here looks great!
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