Saturday, 18 April 2015

Fantasy: The Jemma Simmons 'Lovewich'

Every now and then, desirable food makes itself known in the shows, books, movies, games that I enjoy. Anyone that watches Studio Ghibli movies and the recent anime adaptation of Unlimited Bladeworks can attest to this. The only unfortunate thing about this is that it transcends into a form of taste fantasy, where its conception is probably better than anything you can recreate. But to anyone who's watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (or Agents of Pain, 100 shedded tears depending on how attached you get to characters) this sandwich has reached phenomenal status.

A proscuitto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with just a hint of pesto aioli 

These are the words that will haunt the fandom forever. It's now less about a sandwich than it is a symbol of love. It took one long arduous season, but now Fitz has the sandwich that he deserves. Look at the painstaking effort that goes into such a sandwich! A lot of people seem to enjoy entertaining the headcanon that Fitz grew up with humble roots, but a sandwich like this seems to indicate that he has posher tastes. This is not the sandwich of your childhood. Rather, it seems to be one you pick up at those artisan, hipster places in the hopes that those exotic sounding ingredients mesh together to be better damn delicious for its price. Verdict? It may be the sandwich that taunts Fitz' living memory but not mine. So for us unfortunate people that lack the loving hands of Jemma Simmons, this is how you assemble it as you cry over the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Now as I was making it, the stark absence of vegetables made me slightly uncomfortable hence the addition of basil. Headcanon time. It's not just aioli, it's pesto aioli Jemma, and it's green, hence fulfilling my vegetable requirement. Fitz, I can't believe you would spout such pseudoscience at me! But the lettuce gets in the way of the deliciousness! That way, it accomplishes the green requirement without comprised taste. A conversation between Fitz and Simmons at a point and whilst she still rolls her eyes she still begrudgingly makes the sandwich that lights up his eyes. 

Start with a baguette. 

Now split it in half and scoop out its innards!

Smear a generous amount of pesto aioli. Then more in righteous anger at why someone like Jemma Simmons isn't making this for you.

Layer proscuitto. 

Rechannel your self righteousness by adding almost an entire round of mozarella. 

Add basil as goddamit Fitz, at least delude yourself into healthiness.

Flavour the sandwich with your salty tears as you watch the Melinda episode. 

Optional but your loved ones like Fitz will enjoy it. Cut a length of baking paper that is just short of your sandwich half. Hold secure with a ribbon. 

Marvel at the fact that this is no longer such a sandwich..

It's love.. 

Conclude that it was fun to make, but solely belongs to Fitz. 




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  7. That looks so gourmet! And that was the most entertainment I've had watching someone (virtually) make a sandwich :)


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