Monday, 6 April 2015

Artistic Hongdae

You can not mention Hongdae without mentioning its amazing art. The streets are your exhibit. Let your eyes stray and be rewarded for your candour. Or, make this little town your playground and regard it with an overlord's eye, stomping around like Godzilla, hunting down the art like a monster. It may ruin the mystique a tad, the adventure of it all, but if anything, if you possess crippling determination, you'll be satisfied. The art is scattered but if you wish to walk amongst the bulk of its beauty, mid Hongdae is your best bet and the alleyways that hug Hongik University like overhanging snake fangs. I hope you enjoy my less than intellectual babble that peppers each photo, art isn't my forte, unfortunately, it all dwindles down to how pretty I find it.. despite the hard work my English teacher tried to instil in us to derive symbolism from a misplaced line or its colour to interpret that no, that is not a mere drawing of a common toad, it represents the society as a whole in ugly hideousness, waiting for a saviour that will not come.

Can you believe this is the kind of art that's just .. there.. even the graffiti, viewed through these lens could be hung in an exhibit if photographed.

The north end of Hongdae which incidentally is where the Style Nanda store is located incidentally. Here, art defies you to conjure a surface that it won't snake on. The stone walls? And wouldn't it be amazing if they came to life like in the Pagemaster? Would that beanstalk lead to a perilous journey that would lead to the plunder of the geese and the golden harp?

These graphics are like the ones that you'd set as your iPhone background. 

I'm sure Batman wasn't supposed to be considered esteemed art, but it's Batman, he will make an appearance whether dictated by bat signal or graffiti! 

Unsure whether to consider this vandalism or art.

Would it be considered if I lay across the dust strewn stairs in an attempt to appear as an Angel?

What do you do after an intense night with the bottles discarded haphazardly across the ground? Use their serendipitous green colour as Christmas decorations of course.  

Don't these hanging look so ethereally iridescent? Like orbed spirits that glow to lead the daring heroine through the next leg of her journey. 

 I found a doorway half your size in Osaka at the Alice on Wednesday cafe, here in Hongdae, I found a doorway twice your size. Well, I always wanted to be taller!

In line with height defying structures, a bird cage fit for a very stretched flamingo. 

Eggs in a state of eternal youth. 

The start of the Zombie Apocalypse. 

The Simpsons as the Avengers? Awessommmeeee. LISA AS THOR, I CAN DIE HAPPY.  

The marker to the alleyway excitement!

Evolution. Although I anticipate that for this century it will show growth in fashion style rather than bodily characteristic. 

Your art is not enough of a claim on the wall, if there's space, god dammit, I will leave my mark there too!

How could I deny the universe of the voluptuous legs of a banana? Surrealism at its finest.

I may have squealed upon seeing the Disney inspired art. We all know, Woody and Buzz are endgame hahaha. 

Would you believe me if I said that the planets are three dimensional? Such attention to detail!

A more softer kind of art. 

See what I mean about graffiti looking so magnificent???

This wall speaks to my very soul. I've yet to try playing it, hopefully it's an actual song that speaks from beyond the wall. 

AND OF COURSE THERES STAR WARS AHHAHA. Hongdae Wars, if you can draw, you can create it!

MONSTERS UNIIVERSITYYYY. I can't believe they omitted Mike's MU cap!

The locals are probably desensitized to the art, I hope if I ever have the luck to live in such a colourful bombardment of a neighbourhood, I can spend mere hours, gazing upon it in wonder. And the monkey is drinking the popular banana milk so you know it has impeccable taste!

The Lego characters reinvented in Korean garbs? Genius, 

Black Cats carry much stigma, a popular one are that they are the incarnation of witches themselves. With such a dastardly reputation, black dogs are able to exist peacefully, concealing their own magical potential.  

The very consequence of satisfying a pressing need before considering future repercussions, 

I have to say, this is amazinnggg. 

The inkblot test levelled up!

Adventure Time, Spongebob, The Simpsons all in one mural, life fulfilment. 

The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. This calls for a headcanon! So the scene in question where the Little Mermaid lurks behind a rock is after her rescue of Prince Eric, but what if it was Cinderella instead? Here she is, envying a girl who is very much trapped herself, in a family that sees her nothing but a mere servant. And as Mrs Potts is walking with her son Chip, she happens upon Ariel staring longingly after Cinderella and realises that their very own prisoner is in desperate need of a friend. So eventually, each work up the courage to be together, finding themselves less lonely and caged in their own situations - no longer in the need of a romance but flourishing in a supportive friendship. 

I swear if this was a Fairy Godmother meets reality kind of story, I wish that these art murals would be the portals to different dimensions, WOULDN'T THAT BE INCREDIBLE??




  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. These are amazing photographs! Such cool street art!

  3. A great collection! You have a good eye! :) Take care x


  4. omggg those murals! props to the artists! everything looks so amazing. i probably would do the same if i was there. endless picture taking! thanks for sharing


  5. Excelentes fotos!!

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  6. These walls and decor are just fantastic!

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  8. Really impressed! I already know that Hongdae is a street of art but I didn't think that Art is that much there. Thank you so much for precious photos.

  9. these walls are so pretty with all that color. great photos