Saturday, 14 March 2015

Vintage in Nampodong

I apologise for my short absence! It's just this particular leg of my trip incurred as strong shutter happy tendency, and editing photos can be a bit tedious, but how could I not be? The places I've been to in South Korea were so picturesque, even a nondescript corner would make a fabulous postcard. Quick background story. Although my Japan trip was always intended to be solo, my trip to Korea was meant to be undergone with a friend. Initially, she scorned my desire to stay in Seoul for the entire two weeks, calling my desire to shop shallow, so I indulged her her insistence of tours. The tours I found would bounce across Korea like hopscotch and I was eagerly anticipating it when tragedy struck and she informed me that she was unable to come. So I was left with a ticket to Seoul and no accommodation. But annoyed, and spurned by my desire to at least see Busan, I booked 4 days there, and I am so glad I did. Of course I missed the company due to Korea's very strong cafe culture but eh, what can you do except have fun right? I stayed at a place that was very literally, at the edge of the beach but I wouldn't say it was most enjoyable as it was the peak of winter haha. 

The first stop? Nampo-dong! And it certainly has it all! Storybook side streets, affordable food and vintage clothing up to your and befuddling the eyeballs. I loved it. 

The side streets were very reminiscent of those in Tokyo, have to admit, I felt a pang of loss as I walked around. 

Nampodong hosts to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) and in commemoration, winners of the festival contribute their hand and foot prints imprinted in copper. 

There's no excuse for hunger here. This place is where cravings are formed consecutively after the other without pause. Check out that crazy fairy floss! The sweet potato filled waffle was strangely bitter and did not enjoy being consumed. Who, unless they're a python can dislocate their jaw enough to take bites of it?? I know, an ice cream macaron sandwich .. why? Because it was blueberry and .. I've never seen it here in Sydney, okay! Orrrr, it just looked unspeakably, crazily indulgent that I had to have it .. and regretted it as the ice cream was kind of powdery and overbearingly sweet. The hotteok on the otherhand.. oh the hotteok. Filled irresistibly with a mixture of mysterious nuts and seeds that allowed for grazing as they cooked .. it was delicious. Crispy and wonderful. So much better than the ones in Seoul but I'm pretty sure its a texture preference. Still.. still.. And 1000-2000 won? Kill me. Samgyupsal..stir fried pork belly and beansprouts and I only paid 5000won.. what.. I'm pretty sure this played a part in how I just hopped from place to place on an insatiable quest of eating.

But where is this amazing vintage you promised for, you ask. Now as I heavily endorse looking like a halfwit as you wander around aimlessly,exploring a town, the very vague area that you should key into Google maps is  Junggu-ro, 40 beon-gil. You're welcome.

And you shall encounter something of a closed-ish labyrinth. Even if you aren't seeking vintage, there are plenty of stalls any tiny boutique-esque places that sell incredibly affordable fashion. Really, if I wasn't going to Seoul afterwards, I would've happily bought to my heart's content.

Pay attention to the ground or the skies! You never know what signs you could be missing and it would be a travesty if you did! This one is more of a consignment store but with that kind of sale? It's hard to argue against common sense.

When you see signs like this, your blood begins to accelerate. That is the sense of the treasure hunter tingling.

Check out this amazing floor guide and what it contains! Incredible isn't it?

The clothes here were extremely beautiful yet oddly affordable! The coattttsssssss... 

Look at that mass of pins! And I was getting severe Cave of Wonder vibes as I stepped in. Everywhere you look seems to be an excuse for art ahaha. 

I could live in this kitcshy wonderland that would sit snugly and supremely in Harajuku, as if the cans of apple weren't a crazy enough print, it's set on a backdrop of brazen zig zags. WHY DID I LEAVE IT BEHIND?? The greatest thing were the familiar characters of my childhood, now eclectically splashed in experimental and bold ways  

As the name suggests, a more softer side of vintage with cozy knits. 

Not sure if vandalism or artistic ahaha. Up the stairway to a greater heaven of vintage!

Tiers of badges in every colour conceived by humankind. 

Stores bursting with character themselves. 

It was with mild disorientation when I stepped out of that marvelous building so I might have been overexcited when I spotted another building of promised untapped wonder! So much that I uhm.. stepped thoughtlessly onto the path and got hit by a bicycle. Uhh.. Hilariously, I develop a one track mind when excited and pain became secondary, So after shouting, I'm sorry, and are you okay, multiple times, nothing could halt me in my dogged pursuit. Although, I suppose it's less determination than dogged stubborness. 

I wept real tears, totally worth getting run over by a bicycle. 

It really is like excavating caves, the decor of this store transcends time itself!

Honestly, they should charge an entrance fees, these stores are just so pretty!

I fell in love immediately at its retro gaming sign. 

> What do you do?
>... Walk into store. Take three steps, receive instant cardiac arrest at the deceivingly large and gorgeous store. 

A store more dedicated to more mature women for lack of better words. 

It find it fascinating that One Piece memorabilia is numerous here in Korea as well! I see Chopper's measly bounty is still unchanged HAHAHA. 

The name? Vintage Monroe.. the interior? Very horror movie, attic, doll coming to life.. delightfully creepy although I may have suffered numerous heart attacks every time my eyes settled on a new portion of the store. 

A boutique-like store that has heavy Harajuku influences. 

Honestly, doesn't this have a very European kind of feel? So even if you forget your wallet, you don't feel starved in the least .. unless you walk by a food place .. (not like that's ever happened to me before.. ahem..)

Undoubtedly, Nampodong was my favourite place in Busan, and it's taking all I can not to hope that my fingers can slip through the screen to be there again. 




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  2. This post is so LOVELY! Makes me want to go back to Asia. I was in Japan and it is just unforgettable experience. The fashion there!! xo

    Enjoy your Sunday! (:
    ❤ ❤

  3. These pictures are very beautiful.
    I really want to visit there!

    Agnes x

  4. I never had the good fortune to visit Corea, but from your picture it seems amazing! Have a nice day, kisses,

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  5. Wow, beautiful photos, seems you've had a great time! xx

  6. Amazing pics. This is just the travel of my dreams!

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    And the food looks tempting

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  9. Looks like such a fun place! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Wow the trip looks amazing, and I'm always so jealous of the food you post!

  11. OMG!!!excelentes fotos y la verdad que se siente como si uno de este lado estuviera ahí!!!

    Saludos desde Rep. Dom

  12. Beautiful photos, South Korea is lovely. I went last year for the first time and would love to visit again :)

  13. Such a great Spring look I love everything about this! You are too adorable!

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  15. Beautiful pics!!

  16. Wow, one of the coolest things about blogging is finding so many incredible bloggers from all around the world- I feel like this blog post really took me on a trip to Busan with you. Thanks for sharing, Jeannie!

    xo Mary
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  17. Never apologise for blog stalking - I have just returned the favour, hahaha. And holy holy heck I think this post alone has convinced me that I NEED to visit Korea. And you are also describing exactly how I shop (heart attacks, total stubborn determination to see EVERY part of the shop even if I'm deathly tired/in pain, haha). This place looks amaaaaaazing! I'm so glad that you found koenji because of me :)

  18. love it ,love it simply awesome,went to busan few times never came across such area ,great information ,great post.will check out this place next year .