Sunday, 8 March 2015

Explosive Shibuya

Unquestionably, Shibuya by night is dazzling. You can't help but wonder if you've been transported decades into the future as your eyes strain to handle such brilliance. It almost feels alive, that the buildings are pulsing with its heartbeat. Perhaps I have too much of a flair for the dramatic. Just a tad. But this is definitely why it reigns supreme over Sydney.

So this is how I spent my last day in Tokyo, with a little (subjective) shopping and hoping in vain to absorb its essence via osmosis. What can I say? I've fallen in love with this city, and I've fallen hard. 

Back at home, I've always endeavoured - fruitlessly at times to maintain a healthy-ish Lifestyle. And I attempted to carry on that effort here, so for most mornings, I had my usual - wholemeal toast with egg and avocado. But the thing about Japanese supermarkets/convenience stores is that they sell in very small quantities so of course, I finished the last the day before, and alas, had to resort to eating konbini pastries.. every person's dream to have a very nutritiously dense breakfast of ice cream and a chocolate cornet right? 100yen single serve rum and raisin ice cream (was under the impression it was cookies and cream, it was meh, I'll take it as a sign that I'm old once I begin to like it) and a chocolate cornet for 100yen. Finally lived out my Lucky Star fantasies, and yes, I eat from the tip down, for maximum chocolate enjoyment of course! AM I KONATA YET?

One last stop at Harajuku for one of my favourite thrift chains. Just look at that knit jumper rack at Kinji. Just look at it. I weeped. Because knits contribute far too much luggage weight that I couldn't afford, and I'm not enough of a masochist to willingly peruse those racks.

Hachiko! The canine who possessed the loyalty that transcended death. It was only this year that the University of Tokyo erected a statue of Ueno reuniting with Hachiko (About bloody time!), so at least, there's a happy ending for them in one aspect, eternalised in bronze, his loyalty finally repaid. Really, I'm surprised Disney hasn't made a film of this, it writes itself. But if they set this in Sanfransokyo, I will riot. 

Such gorgeous, flawless fruit. Believe me when I said I suffered an inferiority complex looking at them. Rockmelons for almost $150?? As pretty as they are, they better be earth-shatteringly delicious to the point where everything that succeeds what I put in my mouth taste like dust in comparison!

Nobody does French pastries better than the Japanese .. or the Koreans. Edible pieces of art at a shockingly low price. 

Mitarashi Dango! 108yen... WHY DIDN'T I BUY ONE?? Oh right, because shyness got in the way again. 

I'm thoroughly convinced that this is what the gateway to heaven looks like and you can't convince me otherwise! Oh my god so.. being from Sydney, not only am I deprived of resistance to the cold, but also appropriate winter clothes that are actually aesthetically pleasing, warm and affordable .. (apparently in Sydney, you can only fulfil one criteria.. want to guess which one? Hint, it's not the last two), in addition to the crazy sales that Japan has during January, oh my god, the most gorgeouuussss coats from Emsexcite ... for .. wait for it.. $30 .. what. Take. My. Bank Account. But I talked myself out of it because I was going to Korea afterwards and coats are bulky and .. and.. oh what's that sound? Just the sound of my soul crumbling to pieces. And the placement of some stores cracked me up due to their stark contrast. Case in point, google the brand Swankiss (adorable with unique twists thrown in) and Emoda (which is more of an off duty model look), envision them as neighbours. Astounding haha.

Just a brief idea of how populated Shibuya is on just a regular weekday. 

I also firmly believe that Shibuya goes through something of a magical girl transformation at night. The difference is as flicking on a light switch (ha, ha, see what I did there?) and it definitely does exude a futuristic vibe. 

Possibly my last affordable bowl of delicious ramen. I'm pretty sure I just cried Australia a new water source.. shame that it's saltwater.

And that finally my travel segment on Japan.. Finally (in a heartwrenching kind of way), we can move onto Korea.. although I'm going to be extremely depressed when I finish those slew of posts, spoiler alert, they're glorious.




  1. Great post! I am so jealous!

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  2. Love! amazing <3

  3. Fantastic photos as always !

    With love from London,
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  5. Great shots! hopefully to be there someday!

  6. Cool!

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  7. Lovely post and pictures. Your blog is one of the best ones I've seen lately!
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  8. I love reading about people's travels, and seeing a part of the world that I might not get to see with my own eyes. I have followed your blog via bloglovin', so i'll be back to say hello again very soon! x

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  10. Darling, I like your blog very much! I like your style of writing and your photos! Everything is so beautiful!
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    Diana Cloudlet

  11. Those pastries look delicious, love all these photos.

  12. Ummm.. I can’t believe how much those melons are??!!!! Great photos. I loved Shibuya. It’s always so lively & full of energy & of course has amazing shopping. Love this post. I got back from Japan in December & have been posting up some travel diaries too, so maybe you’d like to check it out? Hope to see more from you!


  13. Oh thanks for sharing.
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  14. Japan is the 2nd on my list :)