Wednesday, 4 March 2015

2 Worlds of Lolita, Shinjuku Marui Annex and Closet Child

Lolita I'm sure is a fashion subculture of Japan that's widely known. I find myself admiring it from afar rather than convert my wardrobe as a dedicated follower. That said, I can see myself incorporating various elements from different styles whether it be the sweet lolita's wildly eclectic printed skirts and prim blouses, to the toned down, regal air of the classic lolita and the toughness of the punk lolita accessories. Lolita fashion is just so beautiful, and darling, we all deserve to be pieces of art.

Marui Annex is a department store with several floors dedicated to Lolita fashion. . I'm providing instructions from lacarmina to save time.  To get there, get out from Shinjuku Station East Exit. Turn right, and keep walking down Shinjuku Dori, sticking to the main street. Annex is a tall modern building on the right side of the street, right before Armani and is distinguishable by the red OlOl sign. 

Marui Annex
3-1-26 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

Forget your department stores back at one, Marui Annex is what dreams desire to become. It doesn't hurt to poke around the Marui building preceding this, Japanese fashion seems to transcend common styles, forming its own unique being. 

It's nice to poke around if you have the funds for it.. I stuck closely to Harajuku and Kinji though haha. Presenting to you.. Marui Annex. The first store you'll happen across is Milk, a Sweet Lolita brand!

Jane Marple, a Classic Lolita brand. One that won't garner snapped necks from stares. I quite like the Classic style, I won't go as far to denounce the other styles of Lolita by calling it refined and elegant, yes it can be, but I feel it is more demure whilst still playing homage to its dolly heritage.  

A steampunk-esque kind of style. And completely beating myself up for not picking up such a gorgeous collar. 

Alice and the Pirates, a Gothic Lolita brand.. and the carrier of a Maleficent skirt! Oh my gooddddddd, it was to die forrrrr. 

Shoes, being so casually eclectic. 

The Wa and Punk style, something that would require a bit more daring on my part before I consider dabbling within it. 

Another Sweet Lolita brand whose name eludes me. If I could, I would've bundled everything home and hauled it back to Sydney through superhumanly means, I don't care about physics. 

Walking through this place was exquisite torture. They were beautiful, gorgeous, made every picture on the Internet look dull in comparison.. they also had heavy price tags to match.. thank goodness for the existance of Closet Child, a famous branch of used Lolita fashion.

To get to Shinjuku Closet Child, take the West exit from Shinjuku Station, turn right and follow the street. Eventually, you'll have to cross to the other side. If you pass a Uniqlo on your right at a certain point, you are going the right direction. 

Closet Child Shinjuku
〒160-0023 Tokyo, Shinjuku 西新宿7丁目10−20 ワセダSTビル, Japan 

Look out for this! Closet Child spans across several of the upper floors. One dedicated to Vivienne Westwood, Sweet and Classic Lolita and Gothic and Punk.

I dare you to lower that hand that's raised to protect yourself from the bombardment of colour. I swear I uttered one long sigh that only ended when I left with my purchases. Just look at those accessories, they're like a rainbow imprisoned in pieces of jewellery. Remember when I said I couldn't find myself adopting the more ostentatious Sweet Lolita style? I could envision myself tangling it with braids, to have it peep out cheekily from beneath the tresses of my hair... travel as it turns out, is marvellous at unlocking and prompting inspiration in more than just the culinary means. I'm an avid thrifter so the prices were still the slightest bit steep, but in saying that, I wouldn't hesitate to empty my wallet here without regrets. I walked away with seemingly insignificant pieces but when played correctly, can change the definition of an outfit thrice over. 

And the Punk/Gothic section! The amount of black may appear intimidating but it's all a facade. Upon perusal, treasures make themselves known.The accessories on this level range from regal to definite attitude. Although Closet Child is secondhand, honestly, the garments are so well cared for that they're virtually brand new, which make your potential finds even more astronomical in worth. As mentioned previously, there are a few chains including the popular Harajuku branch (the easiest to find) and Ikkebukuro (which is smaller but apparently studded with gems), all the more reason to return, eh? 

Two places that make it possible for anyone to exist as a Lolita, if you live in Tokyo that is. So unbelievably tempted to move here, not like that's the end of the world huh? Time to hit the textbooks and become fluent in Japanese!

And what better way to unwind with the spoils of the day and sushi so perfect, it should walk the runway. How am I ever going to ever eat Japanese food back in Sydney? Not when it was gobsmackingly delicious and cheap over there? *cries self to sleep.



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