Monday, 9 February 2015

Vintage in Osaka and Kobe

You can imagine, given how swoon-worthy Japanese fashion is, their vintage/second stores.. are amazing. As is the case with vacations, it is an occasion to be slightly more liberal with spending. Or at least that was the mantra I abided by. Japanese fashion is just so quirky experimental and pushes the norm that other fashions strictly confine themselves within. So in essence, I thrift in order to adopt more unique pieces that have made the Japanese style their residence. In following with this logic, it can be presumed that I would have no need for thrift stores here in Japan.

Wrong! Japanese thrift stores, are amazing. Amazing. Not only that, but had you stumbled into one, you would've assumed that you'd just ventured into a regular store given how clean, and well cared the garments are. I'd say compared to American thrift stores, they'd induce cardiac arrest but compared to Sydney ones they're just slightly more expensive. Seriously, I may have squealed a bit at the myriad of Japanese brands. Obvious, yes. But suddenly, right at my fingertips are brands that are only accessible through the internet and at prices like these to boot? Oh my god. I want to stay here forever!  

The Jumble Store is something of a thrifting chain and the one I discovered first happens to be in Shinsaibashi. Imagine that, a thrift store standing strong against regular brands. 

Stores in Japan are deceptively larger than they appear to be. 

Another thing I love about Japanese thrift stores is that they're all organised by style and colour! So convenient! Don't be intimidated by their elegant appearances, they are all about 20% of their original price! Outrageous!

Shoes in their armies! The biggest issue about shoes in Sydney is just that, literally. Here, it's the opposite problem haha. 

Opposite the Jumble Store is the Thank You Mart, inside everything is 390yen! The clothes inside aren't to my taste but if you spend awhile diligently sifting through each rack, I'm certain you will be favoured beyond measure. 

Near Chinatown in Kobe is an entire street full of vintage and secondhand shops! Although fun to stomp around and explore in, they are most definitely of a consignment store calibre. 

A major thing I learnt is that perhaps due to maximisation of space, many stores are located up several floors, tucked and squeezed away. So keep your eyes alternating between the ground and windows for signs!

The music note shirt! I only noticed it after I was looking through my photos unfortunately!

The cutest store front!

They are like the messengers of gods. 

Another known hotspot for vintage/secondhand fashion is Amerikamura! Or America Town, landmarked by the statute of liberty in the background. Predictably, the vibe is very youthful with American hip hop music blasting in the background haha. 

After I spotted this, I was overcome with tunnel vision and single track determination. I may have parted a few crowds or that may be pure hyperbole. Like the Jumble Store, Kinji is another chain of thrift stores. 

Oh.. my ...god. It was two massive stores side by side and it was beautiful. And the prices.. I wept for happiness. 

An Alice in Wonderland themed cafe! I saw photos of it on Tumblr, and marvelled at how beautiful it was, but resigned myself to never being able to locate it due to the nature of how novelty cafes are often tucked away. So imagine my amusement when I came across it. Look at that door! You physically have to crouch in order to enter and exit! Nice attention to detail. But the line snaked around the corner so uh.. next time. 

This store is Near and I think it's the equivalent of Closet Child in Tokyo. It may be secondhand but the prices were still at the point to enlarge my eyes to the size of coins in less than a second. 

Wego is a popular Japanese brand that much like Spinns, has an Used component to it as well.

I have to say, vintage and secondhand clothing in Japan, although more expensive than what I'm used to in Sydney, is essentially my greatest dream materialised. In Sydney, I either walk out with armfuls or nothing. Here? I wanted to buy the store if I could. And let me tell you now.. Tokyo is so much better and I can not wait to share it with you all.




  1. Awesome photos ! I would love to visit here someday :)

    With love from London,

  2. Such a cool selection! xx

  3. THOSE YELLOW ADIDAS SHOES. Holy crap, I need to get myself over to Japan for these stores alone. How did you find the sizing? I think I wouldn't fit very well into Asian sizes.

    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. Mm, the vintage style tends to lean towards a more oversized fit so I think it's rather forgiving. As for regular retail stores, it depends on the style that it centres around. i found dresses and tops easy to wear but slim pants were no hope haha

  4. There are no vintage shops where I live, and looking at all of these makes me really wish that there were! The photos are lovely.

  5. So pumped, going to be in osaka next month thanks for showing the amazing place, mind following each other? xox

  6. You must really love shopping :)
    Hope to hop there one time :)

    The bliss brand is awesome!
    Nice hair btw :)

  7. I wish I colud be there! Wanna visit Japan so bad!


  8. KINJI <3___<3 I spent so much time in those two shops hahaha.
    Also could you imagine a cafe like the Alice in wonderland one existing in Sydney, with that entrance! Such a workplace and safety nightmare haha, no chance! Where's the fire exits at? :O

    1. Oh my god, fan girl moment ahaha! I could! And unfortunately I can imagine it closed down as that seems to be the tragic fate of novelty cafes here! As far as I'm concerned, heaven is one large Kinji store. I also documented Koenji and Shimo as well, are there any places I mised? I'm missing Tokyo so much it, it hurts like a stomach ache ;__;

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