Monday, 2 February 2015

Underwater, Fit For Royalty

A big enough hint of the day's activities? Before I ramble, I've recently created a new Instagram, where I've been gradually uploading the tiny snippets of my day onto. The wonders never cease to amaze in Japan and South Korea! And if you're keen, my Twitter, in which I am way too vocal about my failures as a human being and pointless shenanigans that arise through my inadequacy. Oh, and my Tumblr, where I reveal a deeper insight into my thoughts that are far too nonsensical and lengthy for this blog. Alright, enough about me, let's bask in the wonders of aquatic critters. Osaka Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world.  

Ferris wheels deeply amuse me. Impressive in size but unimpressive in thrill.

.. Does this count as having to been at the Great Barrier Reef? I know, how shameful as an Australian. But hey, no where in Australia is worth spending money on to travel, I'd rather save my money for more wealthier places of travel, case in point, how the blog post manages to exist. 

I love this photo way too much. Because although fish tend to band in a school, a predictable and shaped formation, this mimics to how we exist in the world. Each of us occupying our own space whether or not we interact with the other. And just look how vast it looks, an obvious observation but you can't help but feel you are one with the aquatic animals, almost comparable to such mystique creatures.. there's a kind of reassurance in that.

Ignore the people in the glass - probably wasn't the brightest of ideas to go to the Aquarium on a weekend, but look how they glow. They are the ones to be feared not fear, so why hide? So bravely luminous. 

Lunch at a nearby vegetarian buffet. For 800yen and you divine your stomach! For shameless and continuous gluttony, the secret is the occasional, subjectively healthy meal. I didn't think I' enjoy seaweed so much! The texture is immensely appealing! And aside from the kinpira, it was nice to have vegetables undresses and tasting like themselves rather than suffering from a bout of existential questioning at their nutritional content. I know, I know. Tempura? Well hey, I was curious! The pasta gratin was on the bland side, not necessarily a bad thing, if everything that entered your life was excitement that you wouldn't be able to call it that anymore. 

Onwards to Osaka Castle!

Spot what caught my eye! The weather was a tourist's worst nightmare.. short of a typhoon of course. Wet, wet, wet. 

But on a day like this gave the forest a メルヘンティック (meruhentikku) feel to it. As you can assume, its a borrowed word, hence the Katakana for the German word 'Märchen' which means to exude a 'fairytale like atmosphere' - a notion that's almost romantic. 

Osaka Castle is yet another proud physical manifestation of a man's desire to one up the other in history.Modelled after Azuchi Castle.. only it was designed to be superior to it in every conceivable way. In doing so, it made it a formidable visage to potential enemies. But of course, a proud declaration begs for attack as a consequence of hubris and it befell a number of tragedies as time progressed.

I was meant to visit the Umeda Sky Building and Organic Building but .. eh.. I got lost, in summary. The sun was waning due to winter so I scrapped up the remaining hours of daylight and hightailed as quickly as I could to explore Osaka's vintage scene. Watch out for that post!




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