Thursday, 19 February 2015

Outerworldly Harajuku

Am I allowed to hyperventilate? I'm sorry, this must be so trite now. Travelling was always something that seemed to be a distant, fickle guilty pleasure to indulge. To have it be a reality? To leave your footprints in a place that you've fantasised about for so long? Incorrigible. Fashion has always been liberation and to be at the doorstop of a place that is the epitome of exactly that? I pinched myself until I bled before I resigned myself to delusions. Harajuku.., you did not disappoint, in reality, your grandeur was evermore splendid. 

Let us wander down my memory lane together. 

The entrance whispers of Harajuku's wonderlandness. In soft pastel shades, in shapes and characters that long abandon rules of the norm. 

I relish subtlety. In fashion, it creates large waves and shrieks volumes. Adding a bowtie to your collared shirts? Why, don't you look dapper? Likewise, feeling too monochrome or boxed in? Nothing like unassuming, patterned or pastel socks can't addle. 

Extremely affordable shoes in all spectrum of styles and tones that your imagination doesn't dare conjure. 

Soft, sweet and prim. 

Boldly feminine. 

Kitschily preppy. Oh how I'm regretting not picking up the cat tie! An adorable twist on your typical collared shirt pairing. 


Unapologetically ostentatious. 

Tentatively chic.

Taking a break from continuously straining my visual senses, crepe is imperative. What did my uncontrollable glutton desire? Of course, a cookies and cream cheesecake crepe with additional ice cream and strawberries. The time for indulgence restrictions is not on vacation. 

Takeshita-dori itself is aesthetically picturesque. Even just casually strolling through, my endorphins rose through the roof, settling on a pleasant buzz that had me overly giddy from sheer happiness. 

A very sweet style that I totally regretted not picking up the pinstriped, tuxedo socks. 

Brightly daring. 

The embodiment of the harmonious marriage between spring and autumn. 

Photos were prohibited internally but on the lolita floors especially, imagine if a unicorn was to make the land of Oz its permanent residence. I especially love the dynamic shift upon the gothic and punk floor, the aura flips from diabetic sweet to coldly regal.

Quirky prints abound! Bicycle? Upright bears? Spoons?? DONE.

Dare to shatter your own self imposed boundaries and live unapologetically. 

On the quieter Harajuku Street, lies distinctly wacky vintage and distinguished styles that acutely made me curse the restriction of luggage weight once more. 

On this street, away from the bustle, a calm permeates the air, and unbeknownst to you, your pace decelerates radically. 

I quite like lilLilly. Unquestionably feminine but tougher, avant garde. 

I attest to being drawn to these styles, fiery but kept in check with sweeter, classic elements. Dimension intrigues, depth astounds.

A branch exists in Shimokitazawa, a store dedicating itself to American style vintage. I much prefer Japanese style vintage myself, with the resulting image projected as demure or directly from the pages of a storybook and plucked from a different era. 

OMOTESANDO! Which I'm sure would look more glamorous by night with its branches illuminated, the perfect romantic backdrop as you gradually wear the lining of your bank balance. 

I believe this was the acclaimed Cat Street, a pleasant place to meander aimlessly around.

Frozen merchandise everywhere! Let it Go was blasted far too often for my preference. 

Ironically, this resembled much of the chaos inside AHAHAHA. 

CRAZY, CRAZY SALES. AND THE NOISE. Now read this part softly. It was insane! If you plan on shopping, come nearer to the end of January, the prices.. oh my god, I was sure I was hallucinating lesser zeros. 

6% doki doki! As cute as advertised, as though the accessories within were fashion from unicorn tears! I apologise for the over abundance of unicorn based imagery, but really, what else is a better description?


The most gorgeous vintage store ever. It looks like the setting to a woodland fantasy and deers may come, shyly picking their way through the trees to nestle against the clothes. 

And that was Harajuku! I hope this post allowed you to gain a tiny snippet by proxy, and that your desire to visit such a wondrous place magnifies at least by ten fold! 




  1. Nice shops!
    I love it :)

  2. Amazing place!


  3. so awesome! this makes me want to visit harajuku SO much
    xx Sarah
    Russian Dressing

  4. Love this! ♥
    Want all the pieces too!
    You are making me jealous, pretty!

  5. Amazing place! Japan has really huge number of sophisticated retail fashion accessories shops. Wish I could visit there again soon.

  6. That is soon cool !!!!! I wander how many great things they have for scrapbooking hahaha
    btw I am a fashion blogger as well

    Rafaella Nicoletti

  7. Looks like a great place for fashion finds!

  8. The colors in these photos are amazing!

  9. loves those photos, looks like those are cool places to shop