Thursday, 27 August 2015

[Fiction Recreation] Yukihira Souma's Apple Risotto Recipe

I'm simply astounded by Morisaki Yuki's endless creativity in formulating most if not all of Shokugeki no Souma's recipes. You know that ice breaker? Not commonly used albeit but, 'Who would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive?'. This woman shatters my list and I would love to serve her a slice of cake and listen to her in utter rapture about her knowledge of food and her creativity (afterwards, I would beg her to pass on her skills, of course). Discovering someone like her, gives me additional incentive to really inhale Japanese so that I can understand the nuance of the language without it being bastardised with Google Translate. 

She creates two gems in this mini arc, an entirely vegan ramen if you could believe it, not only is it that, but it's so incredible simple and mouthwatering delicious, seriously.. I am salivating at the mere memory of it. An apple risotto. This is ah! Indescribable. The flavour itself isn't sweet, I believe it is meant to be consumed as a savoury dish which sent my tastebuds for a tailspin. Refreshing and rejuvenating.. curious. And as addressed in the anime, it is not filling so have it as a very indulgent side to your lunch! It is most certainly unique, however, And why not? The total cost for the recipe isn't much and if you're having that dinner party, why not make it to inflict gobsmacked wonder onto your friends?

Dice onion finely, apples into 1cm cubes, mince parsley and shave parmesan

Saute onions with 1 tblsp butter until translucent. 

Add rice and toast for 1 minute

Add ¼ cup wine and cook for 2 minutes until alcohol evaporates

Add apple juice 1/3 cup at a time, stirring until the liquid is absorbed by the rice before the next addition of liquid. Continue until all the apple juice is added, approximately 15 minutes.

Stir in parmesan, diced apples and 1 tsp lemon juice, season with salt. Serve with bacon, parsley and cracked pepper.

Now, purely for aesthetics, and to confuse even more flavour confusion, make candied apples!

Reduce a liquid made of apple juice, cinnamon and sugar. Cook sliced apples until it becomes syrupy

Yukihira Souma's Apple Risotto Recipe

1 onion
1 apple
½ cup arborio rice
2 cups apple juice (fresh is always most preferred of course)
1 tblsp butter 
¼ cup white wine 
1 tsp lemon juice
salt, black pepper, parmesan, bacon, parsley

  1. Finely dice onion, dice apple into 1cm cubes, shave parmesan and mince parsley. 
  2. Melt 1 tblsp of butter in a pan and saute onion until translucent 
  3. Add rice and toast for 1 minute 
  4. Add 1/4 cup of wine and cook until alcohol evaporates
  5. Add apple juice 1/3 cup at a time, stirring occasionally until the liquid is absorbed by the rice before adding the next addition. Continue until all the apple juice is added, approximately 15 minutes 
  6. Stir in parmesan, diced apples and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Season with salt and serve with bacon, cracked black pepper and parsley. 
  7. To make candied apples, reduce sliced apples in a liquid of apple juice, sugar and cinnamon 
  8. Enjoy this rejuvenating and refreshing take on a risotto!



Sunday, 23 August 2015

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher and Escalator Mascara Review

I tested the long standing notion that I couldn't draw a straight line to save my life. As it turns out, I do possess a creative bone within my body. Check out the paper city scape I made!

What do you do when you can't afford a ticket to New York? Build one of course!

Hello Kitties milling about to socialise. 

Too Cool For School

Alright, you can't build a cityscape without making it overrun by dinosaurs.. now let's begin the DIY for you to build your own cityscape. 

Just kidding. Here is the real intent behind this post. Too Cool for School is a Korean cosmetics brand that aims to be exactly that. Right down from its quirky packaging (which promotes designers!), that I couldn't help but take advantage of. It aims to be your one way stop, embracing a number of styles regardless of generation or preference of aesthetics. Whilst I was in Seoul, I hit Myeongdong, basically, the makeup haven where your life savings take a holiday. I hit up Too Cool for School and was overwhelmed by its selection of products. 

Alright, one more, I couldn't resist! Sora enjoys being the mayor of this city. 

The Cushy Blusher and Escalator Mascara from its Dinoplatz line. The packaging is like your kindergarten nostalgia, transformed in a very mature, minimalist way. But when they do makeup, they ensure that you're a slave to the brand.

So this mascara has a unique trait that lives to its origin.. 

At the end of the wand, is a knob that allows you to adjust its length in accordance to the shape of your eyes. And here I thought 'elevator' was just for pretentiousness. Such an innovative spin on the regular mascara! 

In addition to the earlier states feature, it provides an extra voluminous effect and coats each lash evenly. And yes, it also lengthens. Fortunately or unfortunately, as it's not waterproof so I would avoid applying this for 8am classes where the birth of yawns occur. It was approximately $25AUD when I bought this, so the golden question.. is it worth it? The cute packaging and its decent results are not able to overcome that.  

Of all the products I was most excited about (excluding the CC cream from Banila and Co, and the oh my god, magical eyeliner from Clio) the cushion blusher was one that I most desired and was intrigued by. The box also comes with an additional cushion head to answer our hygienic woes. 

So how do you apply? Lightly squeeze the tube until the blush appears at the top. Be cautious with the initial amount then brush across your cheeks and watch it transform to matte. 

My sister told me to smile so I gave her this... Oh what's that? Just Batman's sirens, ready to chase me down. 

As I bought the safest, most conventional pink, it mimics your natural blush thus, if you're looking the slightest bit peaky I highly recommend this product. The line also involves one of an orange tone that sounds most intriguing! Like having summer reflected in your face. But this pink in particular is perfect for an everyday look to give yourself a bit more youthful light and even at special occasions for that glow. A natural pink is the best for multi-purpose situations. At around $18AUD, it again, isn't the most affordable product, but I love the notion of these cushion blushers and how they have a matte finish! I do highly endorse scoping one out so that you can add to your makeup repertoire. As the result is very subtle, it is much more forgiving and perfect for those beginning to dabble and practise makeup (like me). 

And you've probably assumed that there will be more makeup reviews. Yep you are right, I spent wayyyy more than I should have on my trip. My new series, Korean Makeup Reviews from a Noob. Ahahha.



Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Seoul's Kitchen

The best kind of food is one that you don't cook yourself. The other, is food someone else cooked for you. And no, I don't mean on the spiritual sense, that oh, they poured their soul into ensuring that the food is fit for angels. Basically, when you can pull your seat in at the table and have someone slide a hot steaming meal in front of you after a long, arduous day. Food is the antidote to adversity that nothing else can achieve. So of all the food that I had in Seoul, hands down, the best came out of the kitchen out of the wonderful people I stayed with. I was spoiled rotten. For 3 weeks I did not raise a nail to cook my own meals, I know, this sounds increasingly self entitled doesn't it? Haha? I need a break from my own cooking every so often you know! It was like the ultimate palate cleanser, and who could best home cooked meals by Korean people? Hence why I love recreating Shokugeki no Souma recipes, they allow me to break through the mould, and try flavour combinations at their most orthodox. At times it's a reassuring hug, at other's it's an enlightening walk through a museum. Why am I talking? Let the food do all the talking.

My first ever dinner, the first blissful sign of the heavenly meals to come. I almost cried when they served me seafood jeon. This thing costs me $12 back at home, and here it's a typical dinner. Please don't wake me up from this blissful dream. 

Much enjoying the unspecialness trend of expensive dishes here! I loved the sweet and tangy dressing they used on the chicken, I had never enjoyed a salad more!

Yes this not a homecooked meal, but a snack consisting of a warm, mysterious fruit tea and macarons? Who would complain? 

I love that Korean cuisine is accompanied by banchan. Who knows the plethora of kimchi I sampled. I actually developed a liking to spice. Then I returned home and that eventually diminished to finding a shake of cayenne pepper too spicy. A pumpkin and seafood quick risotto. Any recipe that uses rice in new ways, feels me with inexplicable joy. 

Soondae has an interesting texture. It's somewhat spongey, it's pleasurable to eat, but I'm not overly fond of the taste. I never thought to add strips of seaweed for a sea essence and crunch, it's fantastic. An unexpected flavour is introduced. And I have simple tastes, give me stupendously cooked vegetables and a clear soup and I'll be content. 

Another recipe I intend to recreate! A simple home staple? Good, it'll use ingredients that already exist within the confines of my cupboards. 

Radish kimchi annnndddd kimbap. The beauty of fussfree tastes is that I'm easy to please and content with anything that anyone serves me. So long as it's not cucumbers. The devil's vegetable.

I never thought of merely cutting mandarins in half to serve as a garnish, nor sliced strawberries to spruce up a carrot cake, Being here taught me the importance of particular crockery and little twists to transform a plebeian dish into something that proudly steals the Instagram top posts.  

The best supper ever! How can you say no to cake and a luscious serving of fruit?? The strawberries are like desserts themselves, an impossible vessel of sugar! In addition, there was yubu chobap, kind of like a Korean inari, a pouch of tofu skin filled with rice and topped with a cucumber and crab salad. Yes I just ate my words, and it was delicious. No one hand me a watermelond unless under threat of death.

JAPCHAE. No how matter times I try, my attempts fall pearshaped. Whyyyyy. IS IT THE AIR? IS THAT WHY I CAN'T MAKE IT BACK HOME? Bulgogi was the star of the breakfast. Everything they made me was on the same tier of godly but there was always standouts. 

Bungeoppang, similar to Taiyaki. In summary, you can't go wrong and imperative street food. 

I should snack so unrestrainedly so often. Or live with people that consider a second I'm not eating is a second wasted. A seed bread that I ate by channelling the inner child, dipping it virtuously in the hot chocolate of course. 

The breakfast of the gods. I don't need to wax more poetical concerning the cream stew anymore do I?

Supper of potato bread! MUST. REMAKE. 

A breakfast bibimbap! I do love me a low maintenance version of my favourite food

The key to happiness, a sweet bread slathered gratuitously with fruit jam. 

Tres Milk! Banana milk was there for me when I was lonely. Banana milk was there for me when I didn't have breakfast. Banana milk was there to protect me. 

I asked for pesto and received a pesto risotto!

Spicy clam soup, seaweed!! SEAWEED1!! I could eat a gallon of this. 

Japchae, japchae. I'm almost scared to recreate this and destroy the fond memories I've built. 

As it turns out, leftover party food is so much better. 

I'm so relieved I can buy the rice cakes in Sydney!

Because you can slather spicy fried chicken in cream and cheese and bake to create something ethereal.

Even lazy meals are wonderful. Alternating bites of jeon, roast sweet potato and a fresh, spicy apple slaw. 

Every as bit as spicy as it looks. 

A curry that's much more on the milder side. Late night dinner friendly. 

Boozy cake that made us all drunk at the first bite 


A focal point of a soup with a comforting base. 

New Year noodles and kimbap of course!