Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Excavating Surry Hills

After sooo lonnngggg, I am finally here! Finally, here. Surry Hills is simply put, the place to be. Vibrant and alive, one will not perish from hunger nor boredom walking down this street. Oh no. Prepare to have your taste buds stimulated, and your eyes bombarded. It is a neighbourhood, that spawns and preserves creativity through its numerous array of boutiques and galleries. And it's the place where Instagram was made for. Fashion here is immensely diverse, satisfying high street and vintage tastes simultaneously. But before we embark on this visual adventure, breakfast is imperative and to skip would be ludicrous.

Pork Belly with poached eggs, avocado salsa, radish $16, additional hollandaise (+$3) 
Potato Rosti with poached egg, roquette, haloumi and avocado salsa
Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce over wilted spinach and portabello mushrooms
I confess to not remembering the exact names of the dishes. In all, my friends and I concluded that the food was average. This being the first instance that I had tried hollandaise, I was far too excited, only for it to resemble mayonnaise far too much. Yes, I know. They're both emulsion based sauces but with the way it is raved, I expected nothing less than for my tongue to be exploded through my brain. But it was affordable-ish and a good way to begin our day. 

le Monde cafe
www.lemondecafe.com.au/83 Foveaux St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 

Urban Bandit carries high street brands such as minty meets munt, finders keepers, keepsake and shakuhachi. Except for the midi polka dot skirt worn by the mannequin, the style isn't really to my taste. Emphasis on the complementary pairing of blue and orange, as well as simple, bold black seems to be a recurring trend in the boutiques we've visited.

Urban Bandit
227 Crown St, Surry Hills

U-Turn Recycled Fashion, my personal kind of heaven. This I feel, is the most affordable of vintage clothing that Surry Hills has to offer. But I've been spoiled by the intrigue and affordability of thrift stores so I can only gaze mournfully through each rack. This is the place to go for trendy items in typically smaller sizes, thus compromising price for time spent perusing each item listlessly. In saying that, I absolutely fell in love with this pair of high waisted, light wash, distressed boyfriend jeans. But alas, with your $59 price tag, like tangent lines, we were tragically destined to meet once then part ways forever (unless of course, I return, but that's beside the point haha). Spot the quirky piano print bag in the background!

U-turn Recycled Fashion
277 Crown St, Surry Hills 

Cream on Crown, if you recall, I briefly visited its sister in Newtown. I feel that anything that's fallen out of trend a few seasons ago will be labelled as 'vintage' and severely marked up.. although.. the alphabet printed, high waisted jeans did undeniably grip my heart for a brief affair. 

Cream on Crown 
32/277-285 Crown Street, Surry Hills 

The yellow and blue printed playsuit caught my eye, but it was the $169 price tag that caught my attention..Still, we enjoyed the visual pleasure.

Route 66 
255-257 Crown St, Darlinghurst  

Commanding attention from the exterior to its interior, and designed to resembled a maze, this place is taking anyone that ventures a prisoner into its colourful labyrinth. The store specialises in styles from the 70s and 80s but also modern brands such as Sass and Bide and Jeffrey Campbell.

Zoo Emporium 
180 Campbell Street, Darlinghurst

The fashion of celebrities, bold, powerful and attentionholic. The heels are killer, literally. You can't help but feel your spine straighten several metres, allowing your fingers to skim across the fabric.

Krown & King 
326 Crown St, Surry Hills

Playsuits in all their beautiful glory
A vintage store, determined to outshine all the others. Re-purposing each piece in order to ascertain anything but a carbon copy, mass produced product. Not only that, but it has the longest rack of gorgeousss playsuits that I had ever seen, I could almost justify paying $60 for them.

Miss Brown Vintage 
328-332 Crown Street, Surry Hills 

In a single word? Beauty. It seems to transcend its very own existence and encompasses all styles to unapologetically bold, soft and dreamy and firmly casual. The front of the store carries dainty jewellery that you can spend hours ogling, whilst at the back are homeware. 

540 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Sydney is now in the unrelenting hold of summer, and it only makes to refuel with as much gelato as humanely possible. Stix is adorably kitschy in its concept and design. Basically, choose a gelato flavoured popsicle, your preference in the lusciousness of chocolate and a topping, all for the neat price of $4.50. And what a smorgasbord of flavours! Anything from Thai milk tea to biscotti, to tim tam to tiramisu to day dreams realised. In a clockwise direction, my friend went with a coconut and rose with a white chocolate shell and desiccated coconut, I opted for biscotti offset with dark chocolate and marrying with the saltiness that pretzels embodied (And it was delicious), salted caramel with dark chocolate and hazulnut with white chocolate and desiccated coconut. Stix itself is rather small, and very easy to pass on by none the wiser that such a gem existed in the wall!

Stix Desserts 
620 Crown St, Surry Hills 

Now here is something that encompasses the other range of my fashion spectrum. Anything that betwixts the bold and bizarre with modern silhouettes rides in to victory to trumpet-fare upon horseback. Midi skirts emblazoned with that abstract, graphic floral print with a single mesh pane quivering at its edge? A black mesh floral shirt? Things like that make me wish I was truly more like my namesake so that I can possess the ability to manifest anything I desire from a mere wish or elaborate finger flick. 

Eden on Crown 
531 Crown St, Surry Hills 

As far as I could tell, the most affordable place offering vintage clothes! This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill. There is no time in this century to be a shrinking violet. I like that it exudes confidence and brashness that you wouldn't think polka dots and floral would be capable of. As it so happened, I found a potential dress to wear to a wedding here. It was geometric, floral and captivating. Why, on why did it possess flaws that we couldn't meet halfway on? Far too transparent and clingy, my romances always seem to born from the devil himself.

From what I could garner, it was the embodiment of minimalism. A clean, striking trend in its simplicity. 

483 Crown St, Surry Hills 

Casual without compromising edge. The very epitome of casual luxe.

Collector Store 
473 Crown St, Surry Hills 

Iced Coffee 
Mad Spud Stack (crispy potato cake, haloumi, avocado, roast onion, spud skins, sweet potato and mint yogurt) - $15 
Twice Cooked Taco Potato Skins - $15 
So many food fantasties were brought into reality today. For the longest time I anguished about every place in Surry Hills that graced my Instagram feed. And this? Definitely worth it. And I know the appeal of haloumi. And I'm not saying the events are related but there may be a haloumi shortage soon. But as we all know, correlation is not causation. Thankfully for the friend who is currently healing from having her wisdom teeth removed, the softness of the potato skins were a welcome treat. They were warm and inviting with just a hint of spice.

Mad Spuds Cafe
479 Crown Street, Surry Hills 

From left: Mint choc chip, lychee, salted caramel with white chocolate chips 

And of course, it's only right to wrap up out day with a trip to Gelato Messina!

Gelato Messina
389 Crown Street, Surry Hills 

My spoils of the day! Of course as we were stumbling down Crown Street, there existed, to my immense disbelief/relief, a Vinnies! So of course, I took advantage of it! Every article of clothing was priced at $8 unless it bore a red tag which the cardigan did at $5. Finally, my seemingly disillusioned hunt for the perfect pair of cargo pants has ended in no heartbreak! And at $8 as well?! Oh and shocker, the lavender stuffed flats were acually purchased at the $20 everything store whose name eludes me. I know, shocker, I bought something, brand new, full price... who am I??

So that wraps up a very tiny portion of the magic that Surry Hills has to offer.. I will be back for the market, Yullis, maybe the jeans, and the skirts.. uh.. next shall be maybe Bondi or Potts Point! 




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