Saturday, 8 November 2014

What's Cooking?

I think it's been said multiple times but as enjoyable as cooking is, I much prefer quick recipes as opposed as to the more involved projects. Sure they're fun and all but it gets to a point where you develop unrealistic expectations and do I really need to sap the joy out of a task I once found so invigorating? So here are various things I've cooked over this past month.Oh and I'm more of a let's throw everything in a pan that is healthy and gamble that it tastes good kind of cook. I only follow recipes for desserts and even then I still cut so may corners it ends up being quite spherical in form. And my cravings are motivators, no surprise there right? 

This is what a typical meal looks like. Carrots, broccoli, roast chicken and brown rice flavoured with soy sauce and honey.

And here's what it looks like when I'm a prisoner to my cravings .. and sales. Blueberry scones! They were originally going to be glazed with lemon but I found them indulgent enough on their own, buttery, bursting with blueberries and slightly crispy from the sugar sprinkled on top. I deviated from recipe and ended up substituting greek yogurt for some cream, but eh, I wouldn't say it made that much of a difference.. especially since they were enjoyed with strawberry jam and whipped cream.. oops.

Broccoli, Corn, Roast Chicken
Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Cherry Tomatoes, Roast Chicken
Work lunches. After sitting so long on my high horse, getting down from it was immensely painful. I am a sweet potato and kale convert. Evil laughter resonating from fitblrs. Not pictured but, kale sautĂ©ed with lemon and olive oil is insanely palatable. Eating things like these for lunch, completely eradicated any sluggishness that would've persisted during a shift, for which I am immensely grateful for. 

 Garlic cauliflower alfredo with broccoli
My sister can digest the most unhealithiest things without batting an eye whilst I would writhe for the duration of the day, wracked with immense self loathing. The good thing is, I can cook these fun indulgent recipes that cravings are born from and offload them to her to spare me from the guilt of consuming it myself. Not to say I don't crumble and eat them myself but for the most part, this arrangement works. I kind of roll my eyes when some people believe that veganism is synonymous with healthy. True, they can be lighter than their carnivorous incarnation, but not in all cases. Many vegan recipes require an alarming volume of nuts and when they cost $25/kg, the idea of processing cups of it per recipe makes me slightly queasy. In rolls in the cauliflower! A fraction of the cost and much less calorific. I made this by blending 2 parts of tender, cooked cauliflower to 1 of almond milk (again, almond milk, makes my stomach churn a bit, at least the ones you purchase that can languish for months in your cupboard - but I'm pretty sure it's all in my head. I make almond milk by blending 1 part almond meal with 2 parts water) along with salt, minced garlic, caramelised onion and lemon. And voila. Ridiculously creamy alfredo sauce. 

My sister is fairly easy to please. As it should be since she can't cook to save her life, quite literally. Ha ha, morbid humour. Anyway. Perhaps I take the definition of yakisoba, 'as you like' to the most extreme. But, like myself, she loves broccoli and seeing immense greenery does put me at ease a bit, or at least ascertains that I'm somewhat fulfilling my duty is the caring older sister that provides adequate sustenance and nutrients for her younger sister. If I was less lazy I would also saute onion, but eh. Instead she gets pork belly that was marinated in brown sugar and salt, and mushrooms! And of course, an egg with okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise which I seriously believe is the highlight of her day. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Cheesecake Icebox Cake 
What better way to wrap up a food orientated post than with cake? Or well, dessert. I like to take advantage of discounted ingredients (when they're approaching their use by date) at Woolworths to buy more premium things that food blogs and hah, Masterchef continually spout. And this is how I developed a love for pancetta and an immense dislike for Camembert cheese and prosciutto. It's also the only way I can afford to make my sister creamy salmon pasta. And to probably ease alarmed concern at this point, no my sister is of a healthy weight and possesses a body I can only dream to achieve. Ahem. And no this is not sabotage to ruin it LOL. I digress. There, I picked up mascarpone with the utmost intention of making a tiramisu in some form. Instead I made this beast. Icebox cakes are now my downfall. They are simple, and delicious and quick. Oh. My. God. Why? You line cookies with sweetened whipped cream (and because I loathe myself mascarpone)allow it to soften into luxuriousness and you have a dessert?? Unacceptable. I managed to use up an entire packet of chocolate chip cookies that had been sitting so lonely on the shelf. You know the kind, the ones that would still hold up to an atomic bomb, disintegrates into powder in your mouth, that kind. And this stupid icebox cake turned them into something delicious. BAH. And as we're on the topic of self loathing, I just had to make the bottom layer nutella flavoured. And garnish the top with oreo crumbs. Yep. I also took this opportunity to whip up a no churn cookies and cream cheesecake (yes I picked up that much mascarpone) ice cream which was oh so good. And far too easy to make. Sigh. 



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