Saturday, 22 November 2014

Excavating Newtown

Newtown is full to bursting with energy and vibrancy. It is a popular Sydney suburb that boasts numerous and diverse eateries, vintage stores and boutiques. What better way to kickstart the excavation series? As it's very close to the university, a lot of the eats are pretty affordable as well! In the future, we will come back to revamp this post as I've only experienced at best, half of what this incredible place has to offer!

If the stars had aligned a different way, the last thing on my mind would be to exist outside in 38 degree weather. It was obscenely hot. Despite that, it did nothing to incinerate our enthusiasm. Or perhaps just the common sense aspect of our minds. Anyway. These excavation posts will cover three topics, the food options in that area, the fashion aspect and any spoils of war. Now allow your eyes to be bombarded!

We had breakfast at Handcraft Specialty Coffee after turning down Satellite and Vargabar Espresso as options - which I am feeling regret that we didn't go to, but unlike the former, they were located at side streets and the silver lining was that it did situate us at the extreme end of King Street. Hah. And I was ridiculously giddy - I've never had breakfast outside before! 

Seoul Bite Burger with chips ($12)

Look at it in all its golden, glistening glory! 
Tokyo Bite Burger with chips ($12)
Fresh  toasted baguette with bocconcini, smoked ham, cos lettuce, tomatoes and pesto ($9)
Unlike today's victims, I can't really handle anything heavy for breakfast hence, I opted for the lightest savoury option. Taste wise, it wasn't anything impressive. Not nearly enough pesto for my liking but that in combination with the heat was enough to keep me contentedly full until late afternoon.

In keeping with that, I only had a single bite of each burger. As you would expect there was an earthiness from the Seoul burger due to its soy flavourings and a nice tanginess from the Tokyo burger, courtesy from the mayonnaise. Unfortunately, it meant that we were to full to try any other eating place which is a shame as Newtown is renowned for its fabulous eateries. 

Gormon was the closest stop and right away, we were assaulted with colour. But not in the typical tones that are familiar with. I would call it a controlled but distinctive explosion of colour. Although similar to each other in shade, that fall together not quite harmoniously that is quite striking.Case in point, pink against orange. 

163 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Whilst Gormon had a kind of refined elegance, the (self-depreciative [although I'm sure it's not supposed to come across as such haha]) Local Store carries a more casual style, with emphasis on denims. It also carries popular brands such as Cheap Monday and Lazy Oaf. But as you can predict, the Vinnies displayed in the first picture is about the place that I can afford to shop here.

The Local Store 
158 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

C's Flashback Secondhand Clothing 
They carry a lot of vintage items, I saw reconstituted Levi denim shorts situated at the back but still, with shirts selling at $20, and the aforementioned shorts at $50, it was nice enough to browse in. They were selling knits for $20, most likely in ready for the sweltering heat to come. 

C's Flashback Secondhand Clothing 
180 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Definitely anatomically incorrect but I couldn't help but associate it to a ribcage, a straightened out DNA helix, and the vertebrae, and with every association, my desire for it grew proportionately. Oops. 

It's almost as if all the designers are reconstituting themselves with a vengeance after winter. The assault of colour, does not end here. There was this most gorgeouuussss emerald green skirt in the window that had called to me in its wretched Siren voice. And I would've been so helplessly spellbound had it not cost $170. 

qiuck brown fox 
262 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

This store caught my eye due to it's building design. 

The style is very similar to the Local Store only it carries predominately styles for men. Although, it doesn't seem to differ from what Glue and General Pants holds. 

I ascertained to keep my eyes stuck to the roof in order to ascertain that I didn't miss any stores, when this caught my eye. Intrigued, it was a door that opened to a staircase. 
Now, I'm usually the one that proposes places to see and of course, I would be the designated tour guide to lead my friends to their doom - I mean destination. After one particular occurrence in which I led us into an ominous, defunct elevator, has led to the running joke that I have a 70% success rate with reading maps. But.. would you dare walk up the stairs with a sign that looked like that? ... *heart rate accelerates.  
Yes, if the staircase was as bright and cheery as this haha

To which we arrived at this interesting trove!

As it turned out, we had stumbled into Yoshi Jones. Upon entering, we were greeted immediately by the sales assistant with the following manifesto: Yoshi Jones fuses Australian designs with Japanese fabric. Incorporating silk kimonos into garments that encapsulate Australian style, resulting in a fusion which are contemporary and bold through upcycling. Perhaps not for everyday wear, but they would make exquisite gifts. 

Yoshi Jones 
134 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Of all things that I have a fetish for .. it's socks. Socks of all lengths, of any tacky print.. give them all to me. Or bury me with them then cremate me. Whatever option works. 
Really regretting not taking advantage of the sale, I tend to oscillate between classy and colour obscenities but I appreciate most is careful amalgamation from subtleties.  

Could it be more aptly named? Monsters, monsters of colour, of intrigue, trapped within threads, who now shine upon our bodies. Haha. That poetic interpretation aside, the shirts are ludicrously soft and unique enough to garner instantaneous pin pointing within a crowd.   

251 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

I feel like this picture best aptly describes the focal point of the store. Classic styles in confectionery tones. 

I don't wish to boil down an entire nation's fashion into one type, lest I'm incorrect, but, this encompasses the majority of Korean fashion in Sydney. And not all too ridiculously expensive and fairy decent quality. Sure we're talking $40-$70 for the most part but compared to some places where it can be ludicrously $100+, you won't be outrightly weeping here. I feel that style in Korea has been boiled down to the mere dreamy, floaty chiffon with a sweet femininity. But here, it incorporates modern styles, a line skirts, ruffle skirts in more softer colours which retains the femininity and involves the element of vibrancy. 

313 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Sundae print, raindrop print, cherry print, bird print, bicycle print, car print ??

Raccoon and flamingo print??

Of course you need a sitting room fit for a king right outside the changing rooms haha
Major lust item! Only it was $149 *gulp
'Origami Doll is an everyday girl with unique style that never leaves behind her aspirations having high tea with the Queen'. I feel that not only is it an immensely humble way of describing itself, it also adds that hint of quirkiness that a brand carrying flamingo print what?? could provide. The styles are retro/vintage but kitschy to keep it modern and inventive. 

Origami Doll 
315 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Cream on King
Another vintage store that's nice to browse in until you see the price tag. Actually, that's applicable to probably every place I'm going to showcase haha. But still, pants for $49? I'm going to have to stick to Salvos or Vinnies. 

Cream on King
317 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Vintage styles and unique jewellery. Individuality has never been easier to harness. 

Kaboodle Designs
228 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

The day's spoils from the only place I can afford.. Vinnies AHAHAHA. 
Total: $20
I crack myself up. But in saying that the location severely affected the prices. Dresses, Jumpers.. anything so much as daring to tiptoe over the norm in style was astronomical in price. Not too downhearted, it's been awhile since I've found worthwhile shirts. The one on the far left is a midnight colour with studs. The cotton is nice and thick.. as is the entire chiffon back! I like the loose fit to contrast with skinny jeans for that effortless casual. Vintage pupil-less Mickey deciding to stray into provocative territory with leopard print! The final shirt is actually from Monstersthreads furthermore it was only $6-7 and it was still selling in the actual store for $35! Totally worth the everlooming threat of dehydration. And here I was just relived that I was starting to reduce the ratio of black shirts that I owned lol. 

And that concludes Newtown! I wonder if, from all the kitschy stores, it's to the point where it's the usual style and not so unique anymore haha. Of course, there are more stores, ones that aren't so colourfully offensive and are muted, calm and orientated on cuts. Still, what a great way to begin my active summer! One down, only a bajillion more places to document. 




  1. Wow, thanks for the tour! these shops look fantastic - and that burger place <3

  2. You managed to capture some great images, those places looked like Aladdin's Caves! The food and the ice cream heels looks amazing <3

    // xx