Thursday, 6 November 2014

5 Thrifted Outfits

Sportsgirl Shirt Dress (Salvos) - $2.50. Contrast Satchel (Smith Family) - $12, Bardot Boots

From the eye of exam period, I bring something that will liven up my blog. Unsuccessfully. Despite the bounty of the last thrifting sessions, I have come to realise a massive flaw. Not only did it lack cohesive tops but many of the shirts can simply be worn with a bottom and the number of dresses did limit the flexibility of it as a whole. Oh well. 

As well as my propensity for numerous colours that would bombard the nearest onlooker with seizures, I've been drawn to simple outfits lately. Namely, as demonstrated in the above, any dress-like top that comes to approximately mid thigh, a satchel bag and ankle length boots, maximising exposure of the legs. Perhaps it's because its spring, and after long seasons of hidden under layers, they must dance!   

Wish Cropped Cargo Jacket (Vinnies) $4, Black T Shirt (Vinnies) $4, Topshop Colourblock SKirt (Anglicare) $6

Evidently, contrast are my stock and trade. 

Review Ruffled Cardigan (Vinnies) $4, Multicoloured Plaid Shirt (Vinnies) $4, Black High Waisted Shorts (Smith Family) $5

This was more interesting and a tad difficult to showcase. But I think it flows together cohesively no? Reserved on the outside, a contained, prismatic explosion within. I like how the neckline of the cardigan isn't too restrained so enough colours show through to pique your interest. 

Cotton On Lavender Sheer Shirt (Vinnies) $4, French Kitty Skirt (Vinnies) $5

Can I pass this off as fairy kei/cult party kei? Ahaha. For me, a fairly monotonous mix of colours from neighbouring palettes. One does appear light enough to float upon clouds in something like this. This is how My Little Pony characters would look if they were liquidised into clothing items. 

Topshop Dusty Rose Trousers (Salvos) $2.50, Alannah Hill Bow Cardigan (Vinnies) $4, Plaid Shirt (Vinnies) $4

Something more prim to tie everything together but again with jarring or a brighter, atypical colour contrast. 

Not that much commentary to be done on this post, I feel like they speak more for themselves, just 11 more days and I can thrift again. Sigh. 11 more days and I bend to the whim of summer. 



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