Friday, 10 October 2014

Retail Therapy Has Never Been Truer

Vinnies Special: 4 things under $10 for $10. Total: $20.
Rather than beg for forgiveness, I give my apologies with a promise of life! Over the previous couple of weeks, I've been hit with a relentless avalanche of assessments. And every assessment calls for decompression! And my idea of decompression is to thrift my heart away. So uh, yes every completed assessment meant being very liberal with my money .. in the way that thrifting can bring anyway. For some reason I won't bat an eye when I buy a cardigan for $50 at say Bardot but my hands begin to tremor when I spend that exact amount at the thrift store even if I manage to find at least 10 items. I have one more assignment so I am quite looking forward to one last trip!

Oh and one last thing. I don't think I've ever mentioned it here buuutttttt, I booked my flight and accomodation to Japan a while ago! EEEE! I'M SO EXCITED OMG. I CAN'T WAIT TO GOOO. I am still in goddamn disbelief but omg... I will be divvying up my time between Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Kobe and Tokyo. A perfect balance between culture and shopping hehe. All that's left is to book my follow up trip to Seoul AND I AM GOLDEN AND OMG. OKAY, someone get a hook and yank me off the stage from my neck, this monologue has gone on long enough!

A simple black dress. And as I had picked up 8 items, everything totalled up to $2.50 so it seemed a steal. 


Arghhh. WHY DOES IT INSIST ON BEING UPENDED? I love the play on the varsity/sports luxe trend by way of the floral and of course the 'I <3 sleep', playing on as much irony as it can. I don'y know whether I should crop it or keep it as a t-shirt dress as it's just the perfect length! And colour! The grey is just my ideal shade. 

Button downs! Oh how I love thee. You can't go wrong with striking jewel tones in a nice solid colour! And the floral because eh, why not? It's spring, I'll live and let live a little. 

Topshop Trousers 

And the awesomest finds of the day! Could it be more serendipitous? I was actually trawling through eBay in search of high waist trousers! And of course, my heart kind of wept a bit at the price tag. So when I stumbled upon it, my size, Topshop, the most gorgeous colour, And $2.50? Oh god, there must be one. The black ones didn't capture my heart as much .. perhaps because the pink? ones had already stolen too large a portion of it, hah, but seemingly like everything in the universe, once you tap over a domino, the collapse follows. As for the beige trousers, I think I'll turn them into high waisted shorts as they had an interesting top quarter! and somehow keep the ribboned bottom..

So thats it.. for one post assignment euphoria.. ahaha. Keep checking back religiously for the others!



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