Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Colour Explosion

Admittedly, I have a very small area that I frequent for thrifting. Every now and then it swells slightly to encompass a new location but never is it entirely inaccessible and left of centre. But one of my friends lives in this place called Toongabbie, interesting already isn't it? The place was an absolute gem. The prices were incredible, easily half of any place that I had been to and magically oh so unique.  Why am I rambling when pictures can paint a picture so better than I can input?

Wish Cropped Cargo Jacket - $4
Despite the fact that its a boxy fit and a shade large I quite like it. Plus there's little you can say in the face of a price like that!

All $4
Oh I just love that lavender sheer shirt, finally a colour I now possess! And the additional fact that it's a dual colour and longer in the back has allowed it to chain itself to my heart. Just in time for spring! I didn't expect to like the short sleeved check shirt as much as I did, perhaps it's the colours. More plaid shirts to add to my collection, and its not like it's a common colour combination!

French Kitty Skirt $5, Topshop Floral Skirt, $5
As childish as it may appear, I was drawn to just how bizarrely kitschy it is. And it has two deep pockets! Double breasted with non-matching, multicoloured buttons! A great length and yes, splattered with prismatic hearts, still can't believe I found something like this haha.The Topshop skirt is just a tad more toned down but perhaps spring has lured me under the delusion that I require floral items. 

Review Grey Cardigan $4, Alannah Hill Cardigan $4
Now these two are the main stars. The Review cardigan is an impossible paradox. Its existence, its price, the fact that it is ridiculously without a flaw and as soft as how clouds are depicted in cartoons. Just how? Everything right down to its beads and crystal buttons are intact. How? The Alannah Hill Cardigan on the other hand is obviously missing a bow, but who's going to cry a river of tears over that? I certainly didn't, It actually has functional pockets, albeit the only thing it can hold are coins without dying but it will save you from dying when you just desperately need a hit of sugar in the form of an ice cream. These two are perfect worn with dresses and give it that cosiness. Things like these that I find just boggles me, about the incredible things people are willing to part with. In addition to factors like original price .. ah. I'm going to have to stop myself before I launch into a long tangent about fate. Fate that I happened to be there when until that moment I've never heard of that place. Fate that it had been overlooked on its hanger. Fate that it was donated in the first place. Was that detracting? I apologise. Blame it on the bargain hunter euphoria. 



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  1. I love these clothes! <3 Especially the cargo jacket.
    Haha i just chanced upon your blog, I love it!:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart