Monday, 13 October 2014

Bite the Bullet

From Left to Right: Desire, Orange Too, Rose Rush, Delightful, Sinful, Henna
I apologise for breaking up my planned thrifting posts, but my order from Ozsale finally arrived! Shall I spell out the woes of purchasing lipstick in Australia? Never have I seen a good brand cost under $10 and yes, that includes drugstore brands (Revlon is a shocking $16 here, and I've been informed that MAC lipsticks cost $14 in the US. What? I purchased mine for $32 a few years ago and its only more likely to be higher now. Outrageous!). These Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme were only $3 each plus shipping. What? What? Not only is that mind bafflingly ridiculous, they are disproportionately high in quality. Gliding on like a dream, highly pigmented and the tiniest hint of shimmer. Really, I'm already ecstatic about the price 

I have a dream, possibly a foolish one of being that girl on the street that catches eye immediately from the strength of her eye liner and the intenseness of her lips. I feel like that in addition to bb/cc cream would be ultimate way to cheat looking fabulous. It's amazing just how simple a look changes with a tiny splash of colour. 

You desire the world to apprehend fear? Darken your lips. Ooze confidence? Opt for the scarlet. Feeling like embodying your femininity? Reach for the soft pink. Professional setting? Nude's your safety net. Want your outsides to match your sunny insides? Dip a paintbrush into the sunset and slather it on. 

Not the best job at the swatches but I do think they give an idea of their shades. Excuse the messy handwriting, I was riddled with immense paranoia of smudging. 

Henna, a nice nude lipstick, perfect for job interviews or more professional environments. 

Sinful, true to name, as scarlet as the blood of your enemies. Only less misery involved and legal. 

Delightful, a nice simple pink for girlier days. 

Rose Rush, a gorgeous muted berry colour, for less adventurous moments.

Orange Too, unfortunately not as orange as depicted. I was hoping for something bright, and eye catching as much as a diamond catching in the light. Unfortunately, it's more of a red which although makes it more functional doesn't hold as much impact.

Desire, a more toned down version of MAC's Media which I love for those vampy looks. Fortunately it isn't as drying if a touch less dramatic.   

And that concludes my haul. And overnight my lipstick collection swelled from a grand total of one to .. seven! My main desire was to have a shade that would embody a variety of looks, I am so relieved that I finally have a cohesive collection without the need to spend so much money on it. Anyway, the next thrifting post will be up in a few days so keep your eyes peeled for that!



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