Saturday, 18 October 2014

Be in the Black

Either location dictates it or my preference seems to flip like a Magikarp fished out of water. Irrespective of that I don't think its dependant on the price or to maintain a certain style. My modus operandi is simple. If it appeals to me, no matter how thin, no matter how borderline wacky, in the cart it goes. Perhaps this is why shopping with friends isn't my cup of tea, it's rude to ask for an opinion only to seek validation for yours after all. Plus, I'm awesome company, I talk to myself and everything, much to the chagrin of those in my immediate vicinity haha. But it's so therapeutic so although I'm alone, I'm not particularly lonely. I get to listen to my background soundtrack however loud and long I wish. I get to spend however long as I wish without worry that I'm burdening others. So whenever people sigh sympathetically when I say I'm going with no one, I shrug. 

That being said, there are times when I do crave social interaction but those moments are far and in between and dies as soon as someone whips out their phone. Rambling and egotistic, oh the perils of having a platform that makes it far too easy to simmer into one's thoughts. 

Left to Right, Collared Indigo Shirt Dress - $5, Cyan Collared Dress - $8, Nacy Collared Dress - $7
Like I had lamented in my previous post, I seemed to have come bizarrely full circle. Now I wish that the indigo shirt dress was of a peach colour instead haha. That said, I absolutely adore it and I'm so relieved that I found it in a thrift shop as I've been on the prowl for one for the longest of time. The quality is incredible and even evident in the picture, that collar is as distinctive as Angelina Jolie's cheekbones. Ah! What more to say really? Fantastic drape, perfect length and in motion? Ah! I don't really have dresses in my wardrobe but these three round up my collection quite nicely. I love how bright the cyan is, on the brink of disappearing from the picture entirely, it even has an inner garment which is a useful touch. The navy's skirt seems to possess it's own gravity (or skeleton), seemingly dismissing our own gravity and flaring out impossibly. 

Leather Pencil Skirt - $14.90, Topshop Colour Blocked Skirt - $5, Black Dress Shorts - $5
Hmm, perhaps I was too hasty in signing my heart away to the dresses, as in strutted this. My jaw dropped to the floor, and for the moment, I felt like the amount of patrons in the thrift store had tripled and were ready to snatch it from my grasp. I jest. And hyperbolise. But the point being is that ever since I saw Christina Applegate (I think??) wear it in an episode of Friends, I've been lusting after one. Paired with a crisp, white button down shirt it was the magnificent amalgamation of class and edge. Admittedly, my jaw wasn't the only thing that dropped, my heart alongside of it, rattling against the base of my ribcage upon seeing the price but.. even on eBay it was pricey. And it sits so perfectly on the waist and the length.. as you can see, I am helpless in the jaws of death. Allow me to shake myself out of my stupor before I proceed. The Topshop skirt was a fun way to break up all the darkness, and a colour I don't possess.. and pleats.. sigh. Collars, pleats, pockets, I swear the universe knows that I crumble in the face of these. The black shorts due to its versatility and formal edge that would juxtapose graphic shirts for a lazy day. 

I've omitted pictures of three things, spot them! as it was a bit difficult capturing them at its finest. A black chiffon peplum top with a white zipper running down the front - I thought that it was interestingly quirky. A black chiffon skirt with the most amazzzinnnnggggg drape. And yes, had to be elongated.And hah, Black Milk Galaxy leggings that were immensely popular circa 2011 I think. To me, why define yourself with a trend? Wear whatever you wish if you believe you look so good, that Medusa would be the one turning into stone if she laid eyes on you. Plus I like colours, colours make me happy. And that wraps up this post. Only two more locations left to plunder! 



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  1. I love the centuated collar dresses and the leather pencil skirt! Great buys!

    xx, Marky