Saturday, 18 October 2014

Be in the Black

Either location dictates it or my preference seems to flip like a Magikarp fished out of water. Irrespective of that I don't think its dependant on the price or to maintain a certain style. My modus operandi is simple. If it appeals to me, no matter how thin, no matter how borderline wacky, in the cart it goes. Perhaps this is why shopping with friends isn't my cup of tea, it's rude to ask for an opinion only to seek validation for yours after all. Plus, I'm awesome company, I talk to myself and everything, much to the chagrin of those in my immediate vicinity haha. But it's so therapeutic so although I'm alone, I'm not particularly lonely. I get to listen to my background soundtrack however loud and long I wish. I get to spend however long as I wish without worry that I'm burdening others. So whenever people sigh sympathetically when I say I'm going with no one, I shrug. 

That being said, there are times when I do crave social interaction but those moments are far and in between and dies as soon as someone whips out their phone. Rambling and egotistic, oh the perils of having a platform that makes it far too easy to simmer into one's thoughts. 

Left to Right, Collared Indigo Shirt Dress - $5, Cyan Collared Dress - $8, Nacy Collared Dress - $7
Like I had lamented in my previous post, I seemed to have come bizarrely full circle. Now I wish that the indigo shirt dress was of a peach colour instead haha. That said, I absolutely adore it and I'm so relieved that I found it in a thrift shop as I've been on the prowl for one for the longest of time. The quality is incredible and even evident in the picture, that collar is as distinctive as Angelina Jolie's cheekbones. Ah! What more to say really? Fantastic drape, perfect length and in motion? Ah! I don't really have dresses in my wardrobe but these three round up my collection quite nicely. I love how bright the cyan is, on the brink of disappearing from the picture entirely, it even has an inner garment which is a useful touch. The navy's skirt seems to possess it's own gravity (or skeleton), seemingly dismissing our own gravity and flaring out impossibly. 

Leather Pencil Skirt - $14.90, Topshop Colour Blocked Skirt - $5, Black Dress Shorts - $5
Hmm, perhaps I was too hasty in signing my heart away to the dresses, as in strutted this. My jaw dropped to the floor, and for the moment, I felt like the amount of patrons in the thrift store had tripled and were ready to snatch it from my grasp. I jest. And hyperbolise. But the point being is that ever since I saw Christina Applegate (I think??) wear it in an episode of Friends, I've been lusting after one. Paired with a crisp, white button down shirt it was the magnificent amalgamation of class and edge. Admittedly, my jaw wasn't the only thing that dropped, my heart alongside of it, rattling against the base of my ribcage upon seeing the price but.. even on eBay it was pricey. And it sits so perfectly on the waist and the length.. as you can see, I am helpless in the jaws of death. Allow me to shake myself out of my stupor before I proceed. The Topshop skirt was a fun way to break up all the darkness, and a colour I don't possess.. and pleats.. sigh. Collars, pleats, pockets, I swear the universe knows that I crumble in the face of these. The black shorts due to its versatility and formal edge that would juxtapose graphic shirts for a lazy day. 

I've omitted pictures of three things, spot them! as it was a bit difficult capturing them at its finest. A black chiffon peplum top with a white zipper running down the front - I thought that it was interestingly quirky. A black chiffon skirt with the most amazzzinnnnggggg drape. And yes, had to be elongated.And hah, Black Milk Galaxy leggings that were immensely popular circa 2011 I think. To me, why define yourself with a trend? Wear whatever you wish if you believe you look so good, that Medusa would be the one turning into stone if she laid eyes on you. Plus I like colours, colours make me happy. And that wraps up this post. Only two more locations left to plunder! 



Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Colour Explosion

Admittedly, I have a very small area that I frequent for thrifting. Every now and then it swells slightly to encompass a new location but never is it entirely inaccessible and left of centre. But one of my friends lives in this place called Toongabbie, interesting already isn't it? The place was an absolute gem. The prices were incredible, easily half of any place that I had been to and magically oh so unique.  Why am I rambling when pictures can paint a picture so better than I can input?

Wish Cropped Cargo Jacket - $4
Despite the fact that its a boxy fit and a shade large I quite like it. Plus there's little you can say in the face of a price like that!

All $4
Oh I just love that lavender sheer shirt, finally a colour I now possess! And the additional fact that it's a dual colour and longer in the back has allowed it to chain itself to my heart. Just in time for spring! I didn't expect to like the short sleeved check shirt as much as I did, perhaps it's the colours. More plaid shirts to add to my collection, and its not like it's a common colour combination!

French Kitty Skirt $5, Topshop Floral Skirt, $5
As childish as it may appear, I was drawn to just how bizarrely kitschy it is. And it has two deep pockets! Double breasted with non-matching, multicoloured buttons! A great length and yes, splattered with prismatic hearts, still can't believe I found something like this haha.The Topshop skirt is just a tad more toned down but perhaps spring has lured me under the delusion that I require floral items. 

Review Grey Cardigan $4, Alannah Hill Cardigan $4
Now these two are the main stars. The Review cardigan is an impossible paradox. Its existence, its price, the fact that it is ridiculously without a flaw and as soft as how clouds are depicted in cartoons. Just how? Everything right down to its beads and crystal buttons are intact. How? The Alannah Hill Cardigan on the other hand is obviously missing a bow, but who's going to cry a river of tears over that? I certainly didn't, It actually has functional pockets, albeit the only thing it can hold are coins without dying but it will save you from dying when you just desperately need a hit of sugar in the form of an ice cream. These two are perfect worn with dresses and give it that cosiness. Things like these that I find just boggles me, about the incredible things people are willing to part with. In addition to factors like original price .. ah. I'm going to have to stop myself before I launch into a long tangent about fate. Fate that I happened to be there when until that moment I've never heard of that place. Fate that it had been overlooked on its hanger. Fate that it was donated in the first place. Was that detracting? I apologise. Blame it on the bargain hunter euphoria. 



Monday, 13 October 2014

Bite the Bullet

From Left to Right: Desire, Orange Too, Rose Rush, Delightful, Sinful, Henna
I apologise for breaking up my planned thrifting posts, but my order from Ozsale finally arrived! Shall I spell out the woes of purchasing lipstick in Australia? Never have I seen a good brand cost under $10 and yes, that includes drugstore brands (Revlon is a shocking $16 here, and I've been informed that MAC lipsticks cost $14 in the US. What? I purchased mine for $32 a few years ago and its only more likely to be higher now. Outrageous!). These Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme were only $3 each plus shipping. What? What? Not only is that mind bafflingly ridiculous, they are disproportionately high in quality. Gliding on like a dream, highly pigmented and the tiniest hint of shimmer. Really, I'm already ecstatic about the price 

I have a dream, possibly a foolish one of being that girl on the street that catches eye immediately from the strength of her eye liner and the intenseness of her lips. I feel like that in addition to bb/cc cream would be ultimate way to cheat looking fabulous. It's amazing just how simple a look changes with a tiny splash of colour. 

You desire the world to apprehend fear? Darken your lips. Ooze confidence? Opt for the scarlet. Feeling like embodying your femininity? Reach for the soft pink. Professional setting? Nude's your safety net. Want your outsides to match your sunny insides? Dip a paintbrush into the sunset and slather it on. 

Not the best job at the swatches but I do think they give an idea of their shades. Excuse the messy handwriting, I was riddled with immense paranoia of smudging. 

Henna, a nice nude lipstick, perfect for job interviews or more professional environments. 

Sinful, true to name, as scarlet as the blood of your enemies. Only less misery involved and legal. 

Delightful, a nice simple pink for girlier days. 

Rose Rush, a gorgeous muted berry colour, for less adventurous moments.

Orange Too, unfortunately not as orange as depicted. I was hoping for something bright, and eye catching as much as a diamond catching in the light. Unfortunately, it's more of a red which although makes it more functional doesn't hold as much impact.

Desire, a more toned down version of MAC's Media which I love for those vampy looks. Fortunately it isn't as drying if a touch less dramatic.   

And that concludes my haul. And overnight my lipstick collection swelled from a grand total of one to .. seven! My main desire was to have a shade that would embody a variety of looks, I am so relieved that I finally have a cohesive collection without the need to spend so much money on it. Anyway, the next thrifting post will be up in a few days so keep your eyes peeled for that!



Friday, 10 October 2014

Retail Therapy Has Never Been Truer

Vinnies Special: 4 things under $10 for $10. Total: $20.
Rather than beg for forgiveness, I give my apologies with a promise of life! Over the previous couple of weeks, I've been hit with a relentless avalanche of assessments. And every assessment calls for decompression! And my idea of decompression is to thrift my heart away. So uh, yes every completed assessment meant being very liberal with my money .. in the way that thrifting can bring anyway. For some reason I won't bat an eye when I buy a cardigan for $50 at say Bardot but my hands begin to tremor when I spend that exact amount at the thrift store even if I manage to find at least 10 items. I have one more assignment so I am quite looking forward to one last trip!

Oh and one last thing. I don't think I've ever mentioned it here buuutttttt, I booked my flight and accomodation to Japan a while ago! EEEE! I'M SO EXCITED OMG. I CAN'T WAIT TO GOOO. I am still in goddamn disbelief but omg... I will be divvying up my time between Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Kobe and Tokyo. A perfect balance between culture and shopping hehe. All that's left is to book my follow up trip to Seoul AND I AM GOLDEN AND OMG. OKAY, someone get a hook and yank me off the stage from my neck, this monologue has gone on long enough!

A simple black dress. And as I had picked up 8 items, everything totalled up to $2.50 so it seemed a steal. 


Arghhh. WHY DOES IT INSIST ON BEING UPENDED? I love the play on the varsity/sports luxe trend by way of the floral and of course the 'I <3 sleep', playing on as much irony as it can. I don'y know whether I should crop it or keep it as a t-shirt dress as it's just the perfect length! And colour! The grey is just my ideal shade. 

Button downs! Oh how I love thee. You can't go wrong with striking jewel tones in a nice solid colour! And the floral because eh, why not? It's spring, I'll live and let live a little. 

Topshop Trousers 

And the awesomest finds of the day! Could it be more serendipitous? I was actually trawling through eBay in search of high waist trousers! And of course, my heart kind of wept a bit at the price tag. So when I stumbled upon it, my size, Topshop, the most gorgeous colour, And $2.50? Oh god, there must be one. The black ones didn't capture my heart as much .. perhaps because the pink? ones had already stolen too large a portion of it, hah, but seemingly like everything in the universe, once you tap over a domino, the collapse follows. As for the beige trousers, I think I'll turn them into high waisted shorts as they had an interesting top quarter! and somehow keep the ribboned bottom..

So thats it.. for one post assignment euphoria.. ahaha. Keep checking back religiously for the others!