Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Outfit Algorithm: Skirt

MNG Dusty Rose Striped Skirt (Anglicare Opshop $8)
Why hello, hasn't this been awhile? As fun as these posts are to conceptualise, they are the biggest pain to accomplish. My room always looks like a bomb has hit it following this, and I don't know about you, but cleaning your room is one of the most mind-numbingly tedious tasks to endeavour.. which only wins you a few days of squeaky clean before it's a mess again - in my case at least. But after much reluctance, I bring you another post in the series, featuring this 'oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-I-stumbled-upon-this-beauty' skirt! I had already waxed poetic about this in an earlier post, so I'll spare you my fractured attempts of magic with words.

Level 1: Shoes 

Cream Converse ($25, eBay), Dusty Rose Helga Deandris (eBay), Black Suede Litas Jeffrey Campbells (eBay)
So shall we play up every factor made tangible by this skirt? With the rose tones, to elevate its dreamy quality. With black to play up its classic colour. For awhile I had been experimenting with subtle changes that alter the aesthetics completely, here, against the black, the rainbow looks evermore striking. Whilst white or even the dusty rose would've been the more obvious choice to tie in with the timelessness, the rainbow adds a slight playful and quirky edge. The converse on the other hand, brings it to other end of the spectrum, relaxed and comfortable. The suede more so softens the look despite its colour so even just leather shoes would introduce the edgy look.

Level 2: Socks/Tights

Striped Socks (Daiso, $2.80), Mid Thigh Length Cream Socks (Liz Lisa), Black Patterned Socks, Grey Dangerfield Over the Knee Socks ($15)


Alright so obviously I have a problem. After finishing therapy for collars, I would be shipped post haste to the hosiery one. But how can something so simple provide such a understated, tasteful, risqué edge? How? In addition, they are the perfect security blanket if you're insecure about the appearance of your legs. My sister, bought me the Liz Lisa socks from her recent trip to Japan, it is crazily so elaborate and intricately detailed. Ah! I so can not wait to dawdle listless hours away in Harajuku. 

Level 3: Shirts

Checked Dangerfield shirt ($13, eBay), Bardot Contrast Collar Sheer Shirt (eBay), Cue White Shirt ($8, Opshop)
With the long sleeved shirt, you emphasise the prim and proper quality of the skirt. Of course, to tone that down, unusual or cuter prints like polka dots are utilised. The displayed shirt is a paradox upon itself. An almost dragon overlord like collar? Balance that with a tie! Checked pattern? Wrong! Neutral colour! And I particularly like how the tie is doubled, with a shorter length atop. It makes layering with jumpers an absolute dream. But of course, traditionally, white shirts are often preferred. A solid shirt rather than a sheer one, accomplishes the elegance far better.

Level 4: Tops

Graphic Shirt ($1.45, Opshop), Dusty Rose Sheer Top ($8, eBay), SES Mint Collar Sheer Top 
Now this, dances upon the skirt's versatility. Whilst long sleeves add an elegance, short sleeves lend a casualness. Pair it with converse or docs and you're golden. So here we have mild pastel colour blocking with the mint against rose. And of course, colour matching. 

Level 5: Outerwear

Zara Navy Double Breasted Blazer (eBay)
I'm very particular about clothes. It has to fit the mould that my mind has envisioned and even one minor flaw would detract its entirety from me in its absolute. Unfortunately. But I figure, if I'm going to be spending money on it, it had better be, perfection. Why settle for anything less? With navy blazers, it must be double breasted, a structured lapel, preferably functional pockets (But let's not get away with ourselves here) but it must be around mid thigh in length. I am rather partial to that length, perhaps because it looks more formal in my mind? Emphasise that with a long sleeved shirt, and the outfit is set. Trench coats would lend itself to a more elegantness whilst cardigans for a lazy, casualness.

Level 6: Jumpers
Umbrella Jumper (eBay), Red Plaid Liz Lisa Shirt ($5, Opshop), Black Contrasting Sleeves Grey Jumper (Opshop, $8)
And here we come full circle to my favourite things to wear in the world. Jumpers. Collars. Sigh. The simplistic casual ease is its main draw and to cover all grounds I provided the more simple counterbalance to the kitschy umbrella print. The jarring colour and patterns call to me, but to make it more wearable, they are offset by the black.

Whew, and we are done! I apologise if this post appears rushed. now off to clean the mess that I call my room! Until next time!



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  1. Beautiful skirt! You have a lot of interesting pieces in your wardrobe. I love the outfit with the blazer the best. (^ ^)