Sunday, 21 September 2014

Harvest Snack Review

I was intrigued about the concept of the Graze Box in the UK, a delivered box of healthy snacks? It would've been the perfect solution. I have long 3 hour seminars with only a 10 minute break to cram whatever you can into your mouth. Thus, it eliminated most lunch items and fruit wasn't exactly the most filling. At first I anguished that it was based in the UK but then I found the Australian equivalent.. Harvest Box! But at $8.95 .. it was quite a hefty price. Plot twist, they sold some of their snacks in Coles for $2.50 each so I decided to buy a few to see if it was worth the investment! I chose the most diverse for a more valid review. 

There's something a bit odd about dried berries, perhaps it's just hard to wrap my head around the concept. The main underlying issue with these snacks is that they're not exactly the healthiest despite the fact that they're marketed as such. I'm sure that they use oil in order to dry their fruits. Sure if you juxtapose it against a packet of chips but comparing anything to that is counter-intuitive. The yogurt balls? Definitely not healthy but sinfully delicious.  

I liked this for the dark chocolate and the chewiness of the goji berries and seeds. But the bananas had that extremely artificial taste yielded from esters and most certainly used oil. Other than that, it was fun enough to eat but again, not the healthiest snack. 

To prevent reiterating myself to the point of a broken record, how about we feign ignorance on the presence of the dried fruit? Other than that, it's healthier compared to the other two if less palatable. Rather bland but expected. 


As it doesn't accomplish what it advertises, I'm going to have to give Harvest Boxes a miss. They'll do in a pinch to delude yourself into being healthy and its a fraction of the price of most granola bars. However, it's quite costly as a regular fallback. So the only alternative is to create your own mixes and your own fruit through use of a food dehydrator. Ahh, and here I thought I was on the brink of a solution to my hunger woes. 




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