Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Fashion of the Small Screen: Joan Watson

One of my favourite outfits she dons
So it's been awhile since I've invaded this space, I blame the readings but nonetheless, I apologise. Now that's done and dusted shall we address a typical response to the question, 'Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?' which is usually 'Everywhere'. It is only so contrived due to the truth of that statement. We constantly process things from the environment encapsulating us and of course, involves the people. What regular people wear on a day to day basis is interesting, it allows you insight of their tastes as well as how a particular fabric articulates with movement for example. Without meaning to, sometimes I take notes 'Oh? I never thought of pairing it that way before!' and even re-evaluate a previous dislike. This only extends to what we see in media. Enter, Joan Watson.

I never expected to like Elementary as much as I did, well, the second season was a bit of a let down, but its still a solid adaptation of the original books particularly in its representation of its characters. I don't know whether it's Lucy Liu's acting but admittedly Joan Watson can be a bit bland but I suppose its because she's juxtapositioned against the larger than life acting of Jonny Lee Miller. But what I do like most about her, is her style. We should aspire to dress like her, furthermore.. is her wardrobe Narnia?? I'd like to think that Sherlock uses his inheritance to subsidize her style haha. 

What I love about her style the most is that it's elegant in its simplicity and feminine. But the addition of prints allows a more quirky personable factor to it. 

Can we all agree to just love Joan Watson? Not particularly interested for Season 3 with news of Sherlock getting a new protegee, however. They seem to be entertaining the petty route by encouraging comparison and competition, bleh. What they had going for them was the Watson x Sherlock dynamic so they better have grander plans for this! Or bring back Ms Hudson in a greater light! 



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